Kisling, Nestico & Redick Turn to High School Students to Solve Texting and Driving

For young people, few things are more exhilarating than earning the privilege to drive, but in today’s world simply traveling down the road can become dangerous thanks to our numerous distraction. Texting while driving has become a serious problem among young people, resulting in crashes and serious injuries, at times even costing the lives of drivers and passengers. Personal injury firm Kisling, Nestico & Redick have taken stock of the problem and are looking to young people to help come up with a method of ending distracted driving for good.

A $5,000 scholarship was offered up to any high school student who could propose a compelling method for getting people to give up texting while driving. An 18 year-old, Elianna Norin from Hudson, Ohio, bested 400 other entrants with a proposal that turned to public service as a way to get people to be more mindful when behind the wheel.

It was Senior Partner Joshua Angelotta who delivered the scholarship check to Elianna at school after naming her the winner. The high school senior is looking forward to putting the award money toward her tuition at Savannah College of Art and Design.

Submissions my be over for this year, but Kisling, Nestico & Redick will keep the search going for the time being. High school students who are preparing to continue their education in college in the coming year will have a chance to submit their proposed solution to distracted driving until March 2020.

Since 2005 Kisling, Nestico & Redick has been an intrepid personal injury law firm in Akron, Ohio. With more than a hundred members of their support staff and 30 attorneys with a collective 400 years of experience, this firm manages ten offices in all corners of the state, working to get justice for the injured.

Organizations like the National Trial Lawyers Association have identified attorneys with this firm among the best in Ohio. A reputation like this has made them the subject of may referrals that’s built their reputation as one of the best in the state.

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The Century Old Gump’s Store To Be Re-Developed And Re-Launched


Since 1861, Gumps in San Francisco, California, has been well known as having the most exquisite luxury brands in the United States. Founded by Solomon Gump and family, the store has been acquired, and will reopen in the fall under a new leadership.


Originally noted for the beautiful, exotic jewelry and gifts, the store’s new owners plan to continue with the ambiance of the store as it re-launches it and the online offerings that have benefited millions of clients over the last 150 years. The new Gumps website, which retains the company’s former logo, also promises a re-opening in the fall of 2019. The site also offers email signup and links to Instagram and Twitter pages. However, the company will keep with the tradition of being a family owned company.


The new owners are a couple who began investing in the company in 2007. Once the new launch takes place, the newest owners will be their children, Anne, Jack, and Christopher Chachas who will hold the majority interest in the company. This includes leadership in the Gump’s brand in Europe as well as in North America.


For well over a century, Gump’s was known for their fine collection of pearls, jewelry, and jades from Asia, exquisite furnishings and home wares, and eloquent tabletop crystal and china. Unique gifts have been purchased from the store by by residents, and tourists to the San Francisco area. In the redevelopment of the store, the new owners plan to stay with the rich Gump family history, and continue to maintain the distinguished reputation that surrounds it. See This Page for more information.


The new Gump’s is scheduled to reopen in the Fall of 2019. The exact date will be announced on the Gumps website. Gump’s also has a location in New York City, New York that is also a part of the North American network under the new leadership. Clients can expect the same fine service as before with much more available to them. The digital market will be a vital part of the company. Additional reference can be read on This Link.


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Steve Lesnard Emphasizes the Universal Tenets of Marketing in Today’s Digital Campaigns

Steve Lesnard Emphasizes the Universal Tenets of Marketing in Today’s Digital Campaigns

When considering the benefits of marketing advantages brought by the internet, Steve Lesnard points out some fundamental elements of marketing to keep in mind. Simply cleaving to social and digital platforms can miss the points of interest most important to potential customers: benefits, role and sense of identity.

To illustrate the benefits, Steve Lesnard considers a clear product story a necessity. This means bringing down attributes of the product or service to a simplified expression of the most relevant and innovative parts. As an example, Lesnard cites Apple’s iPod campaign, which eschewed the current industry’s clamor for technical advantage and instead went with the iPod’s innovative core benefit most important to the user: a portable music resource when on the go. Apple’s iPod campaign was centered on “10k songs in your pocket”.

To illustrate a product or service’s role in the user’s life, Steve Lesnard utilizes the customer’s experience, solid examples of the part the product or service would play in daily life. This is where Steve Lesnard believes digital media campaigns should start, with a clear idea of the benefits that are subsequently brought to life with the enhancements of the digital medium. An example of this is Yeti’s use of digital media’s dynamic effects to give an impression of the product serving its purpose in context: in this case, coolers at work keeping drinks at temperature while in the field.

To bring a sense of identity, a campaign needs to rely on customer counterparts or ambassadors, people engaged in customer-relatable activities or lifestyles, while delivering testimonies of their experiences with the product and its direct benefits. This was also a part of Yeti’s campaign, which was founded on outdoor lifestyle ambassadors working with Yeti’s product line.

Steve Lesnard believes the new advantages of digital and social media play a key part in current marketing, but only when aligned with a clear product campaign based on its benefits and the part it plays.

Sujit Choudhry on Supporting the Development of Constitutional Law

The Center for Constitutional Transitions was launched in 2012. It’s one of the world’s university-based organizations that share and mobilizes vital knowledge based on supporting constitution building. The organization assembles as well as leading international platforms of experts in completing thematic research projects aimed at providing evidence-based policies and case studies. Over the years, the Center is also one of the most reputable firms that disseminate vital knowledge in support of constitutional building through Sujit Choudhry, who is not only the founder but the manager of the organization. He is also a notably authoritative figure focused on constitutional law as well as politics. Over the years, he’s visited more than 20 countries to spearhead expert-led topics. He has also served as an adviser of the constitution and other related issues including in Ukraine, Nepal, and Tunisia.

Having an extensive background of over two decades, Mr. Sujit Choudhry has covered a significant range of issues including political violence, public discussion facilitation, in addition to ceasefires. He has also garnered experience in delivering motivational talks to capitals that need the input of a political disintegrator. His experience has connected him with revered politicians, technology companies, along with multiple other entities. From creating reports to developing various engagement strategies, Mr. Sujit Choudhry’s background covers almost every facet of building the constitution. He has a unique ability to utilize his skills and knowledge in multiple cultures with a focus on insightful suggestions. Mr. Sujit Choudhry is an acclaimed lawyer specializing in the creation and design of constitutional law. Having worked with several states and experts, Sujit has ensured that his knowledge for the constitution is evenly distributed in the fields he has touched. To ensure this, he sits on the board of different organizations, including the International Journal of Constitutional Law where he also serves as an editor.

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Ted Bauman’s Financial Literacy

People all over the world are in need of financial advice that can help them live better lives off the income that they do have. Ted Bauman has used his position at Banyan Hill Publishing as Editor to help people make better financial decisions. He has three different forums that he spreads information through. He had found ways to intrigue his audience so that they are able to take in all of the information that he is giving out. The more information the readers are able to retain the better chance of them applying what they have learned to their lives. Bauman asks questions that make people think about the financial decisions that they have been making. He makes sure that people are able to realize their patterns even as simple as not using cash. He makes sure that his readers keep up with their financial doings, whether they be positive or negative. Visit his facebook to learn more about his platforms.

Ted Bauman has been helping people make choices that can help them financially for a very long time. He provides his readers with information that keeps their financial doings safe. Bauman also offers ways to invest without potentially losing it all. He makes sure that the investment that he suggests is not going to lead people into financial loss. He gives people options that work for their good. He has proposed to his readers, who are investors to make good with PayPal. Ted Bauman recommends Paypal because PayPal has a history of success. The decline of cash uses allows for users to make smoother transactions.

Ted Bauman has been a great help to people looking to find good ways to invest their money. He has also helped people develop the skills to save enough money to hold them during their retirement. He gained all his knowledge through research and putting what he has learned into practice. His dedication to making sure he completes his task at hand is why his readers are able to continue in the path of financial success. He takes the work that he does seriously. Bauman makes sure always to give his best.

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Betsy DeVos and Wishes

Betsy DeVos doesn’t like vulgarity. She’s a woman who has class in droves. Her husband has it, too. People who want to emulate elegance frequently look at the pair. They’ve been behaving elegantly for years and years. Elegance is something that’s not lost on them at all. DeVos doesn’t ever want to let her devotion to sophistication wane. She grasps that there are so many elements that go into authentic sophistication. Compassion is just one of them.


No one can ever say that DeVos isn’t compassionate. She’s constantly thinking about people who essentially have nothing to do with her. Since she operates as the United States’ impressive Secretary of Education, she contemplates issues that involve youthful people in the country. She wants these kids to be able to take advantage of openings. She wants them to have educational paths that are logical as well. She feels frustrated any time she remembers that unjust educational approaches are often par for the course.


There are so many people who are keen on the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. This isn’t a standard not-for-profit group in America, either. It’s an organization that has the backing of its incredible namesakes. Dick and Betsy never ignore the foundation and all of its approaches. They fuel it on a daily basis. They give the group donations all of the time. These donations can benefit people in many ways. They assist people with all kinds of family matters. They assist people with all kinds of cultural pursuits, too.


Is Betsy DeVos a dull person? No. Is she a spoilsport? No. She’s a person who possesses all kinds of pleasant and enticing qualities. People all are able to spot a light that exists within this woman. It’s a light that never goes out, either. She views human beings as all being equal to one another. Acting unfairly is something that never even occurs to her. It never occurs to Dick, either.


What makes DeVos such a nurturing individual? It may be her maternal background. Since she’s a mother who has reared kids who are currently adults, dealing with youth isn’t strange to her. She deals with youths in America with significant regularity. She speaks to young people in the country at schools of all varieties. She knows how to connect with young people all over the nation. She knows how to tap into their desires and wishes.


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American Addiction Centers Files Lawsuit Against Industry Professional Organization Regarding Online Advertising Restriction

American Addiction Centers (AAC) is a company that provides addiction treatment services. They recently filed suit against the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers(NAATP), alleging that this trade organization performed anti-competitive and defamatory practices against them.

In the lawsuit, AAC says that the NAATP coordinated an effort to manipulate its Google search results. This trade group misrepresented AAC to the organization that is responsible for certifying for Google which companies qualify as an addiction-center advertiser.

American Addiction Centers has a network of addiction-treatment centers in the United States. They also have a collection of websites that share information about addiction and where to get help. Their website is Recovery Brands. They also operate Addiction Labs of American where they conduct testing. The National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers has over 900 member organizations.

ACC alleges it as well as its websites, and were unable to do advertising on Google because the NAATP blocked them from doing so. The NAATP, they say, convinced Google to prevent bad actors from engaging in advertising directed at addicts. In turn, Google created software called LegitScript.

The purpose of LegitScript is to police the addiction providers who can advertise on the Google platform. This software’s goal is to stop deceptive and unethical marketing practices. There are companies in the addiction sector that would present themselves as an unbiased addiction helpline.

In actuality, they had received compensation to send people to specific addiction-treatment facilities. Some of these companies would even hack the web listings of other providers and change phone numbers so that users would call them instead. Read more: American Addiction Centers | Crunchbase and American Addiction Centers New Docuseries Unveils The Realities of Recovery

American Addiction Centers states that they never conducted their business in a deceptive or unethical manner. They say that the NAATP used their influence to convince LegitScript and Google that AAC was one of the “bad actors” in the industry. They said in their complaint that the result was that AAC was unable to work with LegitScript. Additionally, the lawsuit says that Google created a subsidiary named OneFifteen treatment center which allowed Google to both provide leads and act as an addiction-treatment provider.

Since AAC couldn’t advertise using the Google platform, they had a large decrease in the number of third-party addiction-services providers who advertised on their websites. They also saw a decline in their diagnostic lab testing business and a reduction in the number of patients going to one of their treatment centers.

Some of the advertisers on AAC’s network left because they were deeply concerned that LegitScript and the NAATP would discriminate against them if they remained, the lawsuit claims. Additionally, AAC wasn’t allowed to remain a member of the NAATP after an unannounced change in its ethical standards.

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Stratford Shields Always Puts His Clients First

One financial expert takes a unique approach when it comes to his clients at Loop Capital Markets. As managing director of the company, Stratford Shields finds unique financial strategies for his clients. The businessman researches the most up-to-date information and news to stay on top in his industry. He uses many news outlets to achieve this goal.

When talking with clients about their financial future, Mr. Shields discusses both pros and cons on any particular investments. This way clients can make an informed decision when it comes to their financial future. Stratford is excited by a new wave of major healthcare systems and universities using privatization when it comes to their finances. Mr. Shields is very careful to follow up with every clients when any changes are made. He also pays very close attention to everything. This way no mistakes are overlooked.

Stratford Shields has taken a lot of lessons from his experience and youth, and implements them as of today. One thing he recommends other entrepreneurs to do is to not give up ever. If you get knocked down, get back up again and don’t give up. This is essential to success. One thing that sets the financial experts from others is his dedication to clients. He really gets to know them, their needs, who they are, and what are they looking to get out of this experience.

He attended Ohio State University where he received a Bachelor of Science degree in history. Not satisfied with only a Bachelor’s degree, Stratford continued on his educational journey. His next stop would be at Columbia University. He earned a Master of Business Administration degree in political science, rounding out his education. At the height of his career, Stratford Shields made some very successful deals for clients, doing over $30 billion dollars in transactions.

Paul Mampilly Discusses How Wall Street has Changed

Few entrepreneurs get to make money and help others at the same time. It takes a special kind of business person who has the know-how and the willingness to make helping people a priority. However, that is exactly what Paul Mampilly has done. Mampilly is currently Senior Editor at Banyan Hill Publishing, where he oversees a number of investing newsletters which put specialized research into the hands of individual investors. He got his start as a portfolio manager at Bankers Trust, which later became Deutsch Bank. At Kinetics Assets Management, Mampilly began his career as a hedge fund manager, later growing Kinetics to a $25 billion fund. Visit

For Paul Mampilly, research is the key to success as an investor. The analyst is a sought-after expert appearing on several media outlets, such as Fox Business News, CNBC, and Bloomberg TV. Over 90,000 readers subscribe to his Profits Unlimited newsletter, published by Banyan Hill, which features a model portfolio in each issue. Mampilly spends the better part of each day conducting painstaking research to ensure that his readers are able to maximize their profits.

When asked by about how the stock market has changed since he began investing, Paul Mampilly answered that nowadays it is much easier for a stock with considerable growth potential to do well, even if the company is not turning a profit. As an example, Mampilly offers Amazon, which began with a somewhat different business model than today, and has gotten involved in a number of different businesses over the years. Mampilly points out that this lack of definition, coupled with the firm’s inability to turn a profit in its early years, led many to conclude that Amazon was just another casualty of the dotcom bubble. However, Paul Mampilly points out that that companies such as Amazon and Tesla, which have high growth potential and which are centers of innovation, retain their value on the market regardless of their profit margins. Read more on


Getting to Use the Agera Energy Company

With so many customers switching over to the Agera Energy company, it’s never been easier to save when you need a service provider you can trust. Read more about Agera Energy at

There are lots of different people who are choosing to make use of Agera Energy and are thrilled with what this can do for them. You can get to know more about this company and all that Agera Energy can do for you by visiting them on Facebook as well as their main Twitter page.


You can also see many different reviews online which give you a feel for what Agera Energy has done for them and why a lot of customers have already switched over to this amazing service provider. Get to know the company by looking through their website or checking them out on social media. You can also contact them if you would like to set up an account for yourself. Follow Agera Energy on Twitter.