Ted Bauman: The Economically Insightful Editor Of The Bauman Letter

Ted Bauman is an economist who has been working within the financial industry for several years. Bauman was born in the United State but decided to move to South Africa because of the immense amount of development potential that existed within the country. He moved there in the 1980s and decided to start working in the area of economic planning. He believed that his knowledge of this sector could greatly benefit the work being done which is why he decided to set base there. Over the next twenty years, Bauman worked with a number of different industries and a number of different companies who were involved with numerous projects within this sector.

In addition to working with private companies, Ted Bauman worked on various developmental projects with governmental organizations. He particularly worked with European and African governments who wanted to develop their societies and cities. He also worked on several projects with the United Nations to be able to foster a better developmental environment for the growth of a number of different sectors. During this time, he also traveled to various countries and continents to study the manner in which people lived and the process that was experienced across a number of sectors. Ted Bauman developed a keen understanding of the correlation between the policial and economic scenarios within these places and analyzed the consequences that these two sectors could impose onto society as a whole.

Research has been a big part of the work that Bauman has done through the years and is one of the reasons why he has been able to establish himself so well within this industry. He has published several of research works and articles that he has written in notable magazines throughout the world. He has been featured in publications such as Small Enterprise Development, Environment and Urbanization and The Journal of Microfinance.

Currently, Ted Bauman is the author of his own publication that he releases under the brand of Banyan Hill Publishing. The publication is known as The Bauman Letter and is a publication that is meant to educate audiences across the world about economic development.

Ted Bauman’s social Media: twitter.com/TedBaumanGuru

A Look at Nicolas Krafft’s Professional Bio

Nicolas Krafft is one of the senior executives at L’Oreal, a personal care brand that develops and manufactures various beauty products and supplements. Krafft joined L’Oreal in 2002 and has since served in five different positions at the firm. In the contemporary business world, firms retain employees based on a variety of issues such as their performance. Nicolas Krafft’s excellent track record is the reason he is one of L’Oreal’s longest-serving employees.

Many people know that Nicolas Krafft is an alumnus of the University of St. Gallen but few know that he was one of the high-achieving students during his years at the institution of higher learning. Even after graduating from the University of St. Gallen with a degree in business management, Krafft continues to accomplish numerous professional and personal feats and this is the reason he is one of the most celebrated alumni of the University of St. Gallen.

Being part of L’Oreal’s senior executive team provides Krafft with the opportunity to organize events such as the recently concluded 2nd annual edition of the L’Oreal Paris fashion and beauty show that took place on September 30th, 2018. The venue of the 2nd edition of the L’Oreal Paris fashion and beauty show was the French capital. A 60-meter catwalk was designed and placed in river Seine for the event. The creative and marketing intellects at L’Oreal Paris capitalized on the September 30th event to showcase the exciting looks and trends that will be shaping the new season.

Every industry has experts, and the fashion industry is no different. Some of the vocal names in the fashion industry include fashion bloggers, fashion columnists, fashion experts, and fashion enthusiasts. Both fashion experts and critics agree that the 2nd edition of the L’Oreal Paris fashion and beauty show lived up to expectations as it was rightfully used by L’Oreal to showcase their continued support and the brand’s unwavering commitment to make beauty and fashion more accessible to people from all works of life around the world. There were a lot of celebrities and the event being open to the public, some of the A-listers that graced the event are in the fashion, film, and beauty industries.

Vinod Gupta’s Journey from Grass to Grace

The environment you first find yourself in should not hold you captive. So many prominent businessmen have transformed their lives despite having been brought up in a humble background. Vinod Gupta hails from a humble family in Rampur Manhyaran. He was brought up in a village where there were no roads, electricity toilets, cars or even televisions. The industrious businessman was born in 1940 in the northern part of New Delhi.

Vinod Gupta joined the Indian air forces in 1960. He was commissioned as a flying officer in the engineering department. He went back to his civilian life in 1967 after resigning. By the time he was resigning he was a squadron leader in the 14th squadron. He schooled in a village high school and recorded exemplary performance.

After completing his high school education, he joined I.I.T at Kharagpur where he majored in agricultural engineering. He graduated with a biotechnology degree. To quest his thirst for education, Vinod Gupta flew to America where he graduated with an engineering degree. He went further to pursue a master’s degree in business administration at the University of Nebraska.

After completing his studies, he secured his first job at Commodore corporation where he served as a marketing research analyst. After working at the company for several years Vinod Gupta felt he had the necessary machinery to start his own. He founded business research and American business list firm. The company started humbly by hiring two part-time employees and grew to a nationally recognized firm.

The company mainly dealt with creating a list of information available in telephone books. The information was being used by mobile home manufactures to market their products. The company primary goal was to identify the customer needs and providing solutions backed with first class service. The company experienced tremendous growth and Vinod saw the need to incorporate other sectors such as the motorcycle, tractor, automobile, boat, and CB radio dealers.

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Bhanu Choudhrie a serial investor and business owner

Bhanu Choudhrie was born in Delhi in 1978. While at the University of Boston he studied for International Business and Marketing. In London, that’s where he moved with his family. At the C&C Alpha Group limited Bhanu is the executive producer. Through his management, the company has had different investments like in the award-winning hotel based in India and another in Mauritius. In 1999, at JP Morgan he offered his services as an intern, it was the best opportunity for him to learn new business ideas.

In 2008, Bhanu Choudhrie was fortunate to win the Asian Entrepreneur of the year, and to him, it was an achievement that excited him because he was born in India. Currently, the company that he is working at is a family-owned firm, and deals in the role of direct investment strategies. The idea of him meeting different people during the investment process is something that has excited him.in 2003, the company got into an investment with Air Deccan, but to him, at first, the process was a risk worth taking, even though at the end it opened up the airline based in India. According to Bhanu Choudhrie local demand that takes place in China and India don’t rely on investments from other people; the reason for its growth. Learn more about Bhanu at Wallmine

Bhanu Choudhrie gives back to the community through the art. He hopes that one day he will get a place in London, open for artist and musician from Asia that would come over to show off their talent. He offers his support to Bollywood production that he does whenever he wants to work with middle scale production and give his help to people that have special abilities. His secret to success that he has used over the years is that he is supportive of the team and he likes it when he works with the different professions in the field. He encourages those people that are looking forward to starting their business that there is an opportunity to shine. In the future, Bhanu hopes for C & C Alpha Group is that they will invest in the hotel sector.

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OSI Group’s Growth Over 100 Years

OSI Group is a modern day food distribution company. They sell their products and distribute their services to over 17 countries, with more than 65 active facilities. The company has over 200,000 employees across all of their operations. They are a classic example of a corporation in the modern globalized world. Food used to be a local commodity up until the last century. Now companies are selling unique dishes to other regions, and uniting the regions of the world in brand new ways. Gazette Day recently published an article about how OSI Group raised into its modern self.

Otto Kolschowsky was a german immigrant living in Chicago during a period of peace at the start of the 20th century. The global economy was not connected, but the domestic economic climate was on the upswing. He believed it was the perfect time to start his own business. Thus, a new butcher shop could be found in the Chicago area. Word of month spread and he saw business steadily increase. The only hindrance turned out to be his age. After a decade Otto Kolschowsky passed the daily business operations to his children. In 1928, the company was re-branded to Otto & Sons.

The years went by, and the 1950s brought fresh business ventures. They forged a deal that forever reshaped the scope of the company. OSI Group could not only produce more product at a better rate, but also store food for longer trips. This opened their market to the entire United States. As time rolled into the 21st century, OSI Group found itself at another major crossroads. Under fresh leadership, they began acquiring companies abroad to expand their influence. The company has experienced its fair share of growing pains, but against all odds they have withstood countless adversities.

OSI Group has been on the upswing for over a century. From a street shop to the global stage and beyond, they have never stopping trying to expand their business. They have the network to bring unique foods to new parts of the world. They are a company leading forging the modern age.

For details: discoverorg.com/directory/company/osi-group/7670

Do Press Releases Still Enhance a Brand name’s Marketing Technique?

We discovered a long period of time ago that press releases are the very best web content to create when we intend to advertise the information concerning our brand name or items. Nevertheless, is it still reliable today?

The fact is that press releases have come to be less popular with the media as a great deal of marketing professionals, and Public Relations experts made the reputation of producing low-quality content. Although it is still a great approach to allow words out regarding a firm, the media choose other electronic web content strategies that are much more reliable, interactive and also interesting.

Launches can still be a viable tool to enhance a brand’s Public Relations tactic, yet just when they are made use of with other devices. If made use of alone, it can no longer offer the obvious advantages that it provides formerly.

What are the benefits of launches in your advertising method?


  • You create web links.

Utilizing releases in your advertising tactic is still useful for web link structure. Since 2013, Google doesn’t enable the material to assist with a brand name SEO; however, the editorial protection that you obtain can still bring real advantages to your Search Engine Optimization.

You might wish to include the key phrases that can aid your site rank. By doing this, press reporters can utilize them when they cover your tale. SEO and press release have an inevitable relationship.

Every coverage that you earn web links back to your website. This assists your search engine position.


  • It aids reporters to check as well as gather information.

When you compose releases, you make vital details about your brand name and products available for journalism. You include your brand properties – photos, infographics, stats, video clips and also media get in touch with.

Consisting of all this information can assist them in composing your story better. They no longer have to look for details, so it saves a good deal of their time and effort.

In some cases, you might include your brand name’s media kit that consists of various other vital documents, meetings, white documents that they might make use of as a referral to the story that they are currently servicing. When pitching, make sure to supply web links to your brand properties.

Doing these techniques can enhance your media opportunities. Bear in mind that an excellent media relation can attract media possibilities.


  • Other publications can choose it.

When you compose releases as well as choose to send it to wire solutions, it can be syndicated by other Newswire outlets as well as publish in other websites. Nevertheless, you have to see to it that your tale matters, newsworthy, uses realities as well as data and also intriguing.

Making your tale achieve all these attributes can enhance its audience. When more reporters view your story, there’s a possibility that they may select it for insurance coverage.


  • You can utilize it for other marketing methods.

Well-written launches that have embedded images, as well as videos, have higher click via price than those with merely full text. Individuals nowadays desire tales that they can see as well as feel what they are reading. Interactive launches are extra useful when utilized.

Social media releases, for instance, can be made use of for other advertising and marketing strategies. Each component can be shared and also promoted alone in different social media channels.


  • It can be utilized to refine your brand message.

When you write press releases, you utilize your brand voice and message that you desire people to learn more about you. It needs to correspond wherever your content is released as well as shared.

Consumers, capitalists and also the media will be familiar with your brand far better, and you gain an excellent reputation if you advertise just one brand message. Keep in mind that your letter should be seen in every content that you compose.

Do you know other manner ins which releases can be made use of to boost your advertising method? Share it with us listed below.

Betsy DeVos: From Advocate to the Department of Education

The early ’50s Milton Friedman would pen an important essay on the role of the government in the area of education. That writing would be revolutionary for its day but it would stay relegated to the fringes for almost thirty years. The concepts therein would be adopted by Betsy DeVos, a prominent Republican and GOP donor from Michigan, and raised to prominence through her work. Betsy DeVos now serves as the leader of the Department of Education. DeVos has been confirmed by the Senate to operate as President Trump’s Secretary of Education. This position will allow Betsy DeVos to push forward with her goal of reforming American education.


Betsy DeVos wasn’t the first person to come up with an educational choice, as we alluded to above. However, she is one of the most prominent figures to ever take up the concept and run with it. Over the past thirty years, Betsy DeVos has spent countless hours of her life as well as her own money in order to support educational reform at the highest levels. DeVos has long since touted grassroots outreach as the most effective way to reach people, and she is living proof of the concept. While DeVos was born into a wealthy family and married into an even wealthier family, she has never been shy about putting in the work herself.


DeVos believes that school choice is more possible than ever from a national perspective. Due to her work, 17 states have adopted private-choice programs. Throughout these 17 states, there are 33 institutions and more than 250,000 students enrolled in the private-choice curriculum. States like Michigan and Florida have become icons for the movement and it is due, again, to her work. DeVos has personally chaired several major political action committees while also operating as the chair for the Michigan Republican Party. Now, DeVos will be stepping into an even bigger body of water in order to fight the same fight.


In Washington D.C., Betsy DeVos will be one of the least experienced politicians on the Hill. Of course, DeVos was explicitly chosen for her lack of political experience as well as her commitment to bringing an outsider’s perspective to politics. With that being said, DeVos has shown time and again that she is not willing to be bullied or bowed by anyone from either side of the political aisle. In Michigan, Betsy DeVos worked hard to cultivate a reputation for being a razor-sharp mind with a soft-spoken demeanor. In Washington D.C., DeVos will be forced to put her beliefs to the test. DeVos has already won the trust of President Trump and the leaders of the GOP. Now, she will be forced to win the trust of American voters everywhere.


To learn more, visit www.betsydevos.com.

Sussex Healthcare Speaks About its Plans

Sussex Healthcare has strived to make the lives of seniors better. The company believes that it can only make an impact when it is working in the positive direction. Since the time the company was established, the healthcare firm has been focused on its mission in the market, making sure that they are always ahead of their competitors in the United Kingdom. The customers and members of the staff hold a special place in the heart of the founders, and they are involved in all the decisions that are made in the company. There are many reasons that have made the company so successful. A report that has been released by the firm indicates that there is still room for more improvements when the right measures are taken.

The future of Sussex Healthcare, according to its management, is going to be better. The company is now eager to offer better services at lower rates, one of the key figures customers consider when looking for a healthcare facility for their kinds. The cost of taking care of the senior members in the society is very high for the companies involved, and this means that they have to charge the customers a considerable amount of money each day they spend at Sussex Healthcare. The institution has some instrumental ways to advance their services without making the customers pay for them. Read more health news at medicaldailytimes.com

Communication is an essential tool when running a company in the modern generation. Sussex Healthcare knows that without communication, they can never be able to reach to the customers and offer them the services they need. Sussex Healthcare has been keen to make sure that there is clear communication among the management, customers and members of staff who take care of the residents. The residents are able to speak about any of their personal healthcare problems very well to the staff so that they can be attended to in time. The members of staff are also very committed to their duties. The founders know that the staff are essential service providers, and they have been giving good salaries every month so that the employees do not feel that they are being misused.

Read: https://gazetteday.com/2019/01/sussex-healthcare-moving-positive-direction/


Mark Holyoake Discusses Sound Entrepreneurial Strategies

Mark Holyoake has recently been in the news for his work with Iceland Seafood International (ISI). As a former member of the board, Holyoake stepped down in order to pursue larger investment projects. Having high-level experience as an investor of both real estate and private equity, Mark Holyoake has seen and done pretty much everything in the field. With a career dating back to the early ’90s, Holyoake has plenty to offer entrepreneurs and investors seeking to follow in his steps. In today’s discussion, readers will learn what makes Holyoake tick while also benefitting from his personal routine.

While you may not associate the work that Holyoake does with socializing, it is actually the foundation of his success. Holyoake prides himself on being outgoing and sociable. These traits allow him to connect with customers, clients, and potential references with relative ease. As you navigate conversations, Holyoake argues, you’ll be able to come to mutual solutions that inform your wider view of the business world. It should surprise nobody that Mark also associates his success with Oakvest Holdings with his sociability. Holyoake prides himself on putting together dynamic, intelligent, and professional teams. In order to find success through his work, Holyoake has learned to trust his team with important responsibilities, thus freeing up his time and energy to handle other issues as they arise.

Despite Holyoake’s success in the investment world, he has still seen his own fair share of struggles. As an entrepreneur, Holyoake admits that there have been times where he has lost out on an investment before and he probably will struggle again. With that being said, Holyoake likes to live by the words of Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba. Ma argues that one should never give up because, eventually, tomorrow will bring to you the sunshine that you have earned.

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What Makes Isabel dos Santos Stand Out

Isabel dos Santos, a gem from African soil, has proven that anything is possible with the right attitude. She has earned the title the “richest woman in Africa” due to her outstanding abilities to amass wealth. She is from Angola and has a keen eye for business and entrepreneurship in various industries. Her success is backed with a rich educational background that saw her attend St Paul’s Girls School in London and later the University of London. Isabel dos Santos holds a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering Science and Management, which has helped her figure out the dynamics of the educated lot.

In a world that looked down upon women, especially those of African descent, Isabel fights to break the glass ceiling. She is an ambassador for women fighting for equal education and working opportunities for both men and women with similar qualifications.

Being a successful entrepreneur in Angola, Isabel dos Santos has been an inspiration to the young people. She is dedicated to helping young people with interest in entrepreneurship attain what they want to achieve. She sets aside time, resources and efforts to speak and train them to become successful entrepreneurs. She encourages most of her trainees to incorporate technology into their ways of making money. The African gem believes that digital tools are the critical components to bridge the gap of innovation and succeed in business. She demonstrates her efforts through her position as the head on Unitel. Unitel is Angola’s largest company in the telecommunications industry.

As a long-term head of Unitel, Isabel dos Santos has improved the telecommunications infrastructure and tools in Angola. The country enjoys seamless cellular access in both rural and urban settings thanks to the advanced telecommunications infrastructure. Through her efforts, more than 50,000 people have gotten painful employment.

Forbes ranks Isabel Dos Santos the 9th wealthiest billionaire in Africa with a net worth about $3 billion.She is also recognized as one of the top eleven most affluent Africans globally. The prestigious list features only two women; Isabel Dos Santos and Oprah Winfrey. She is indeed an inspiration for most African women.

More information on Dos Santos´life and career at https://www.ukuncut.org.uk/isabel-dos-santos-technology/