Adam Milstein and His Philanthropic Efforts to Cultivate Leadership From Within the IAC

Adam Milstein can indeed be classified as being an extremely benevolent individual based upon the fact that he dedicated his life to making it his priority to put the best interest of others purely at heart. Being that he was born and raised in the State of Israel, he witnessed the cultural adversity that his fellow Jewish people had to face as a child and sought to make a change in the world by spreading positivity and teaching others to lead themselves and do the same.

Nonetheless, as a result of being faced with such adversity throughout his childhood, Adam Milstein signed up with the Israeli Defense Forces at 19 as his own personal means to help honor and defend his nation. While he was a member of the forces, he fought in the Yom Kippur War of 1973—a war that entailed a victory for Israel. However, even though his country had won and the war had ended, Milstein knew that it wouldn’t be the last of the injustices that his people would have to face and continued to pursue alternative ways to assist the Jewish community. While still in Israel, he went to school to receive a degree in Industrial and Business Management from the Israel Institute of Technology in 1978. Then upon moving to the United States in 1981 with his wife, he settled down in California where he then earned his MBA two years after that from the University of Southern California. Still, with an unforgotten mission in mind to service the cultural needs of the Jewish community, he began building upon his business career to create a role of leadership that would further enable him to reach out to the Israeli-American population in the U.S. He went from being a real-estate sales agent to being a very prosperous managing partner for Hager Pacific Properties within a matter of years and thus continued on with his mission.

In 2000, he launched the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation with his wife to help assist the Israeli-American community with non-profit organizational funding, career training, and cultural education. Furthermore, in 2007 after the Israeli-American Council was created, Adam Milstein was one of the first members who serviced as chairman to help grow the organization to include over 250,000 members. As chairman, Milstein’s contribution to the organization is to help preserve cultural connections for Israeli-Americans to the State of Israel by ensuring a close-knit relationship between Israel and the United States. Alongside other members, Adam Milstein also helped to create a National Expansion Plan that is aimed at developing other regional councils for the IAC throughout the United States.