Perfect Combination: Lemon Perfect & Yanni Hufnagel


Yanni Hufnagel’s Lemon Perfect

How about really taking all of those sports mantras and putting them into practice? If you want an example of someone who has done that behind the scenes look no further than 37-year-old Yanni Hufnagel. Just do it! Well, he is just doing it and wildly succeeding at it. In other words, he did it perfectly!

Take the Baton and Run With IT

They say in life you should take whatever baton is handed to you and run with it. In the case of Yanni Hufnagel he took the lacrosse stick and ran with it. He played college lacrosse and loved his athletic experiences thoroughly. Once he graduated from the University of Oklahoma with his master’s degree in Adult Higher Education with an emphasis on intercollegiate Athletics Administration in 2010, Yanni Hufnagel became an assistant basketball coach for NCAA. With employs at Harvard, Vanderbilt, California, and Nevada throughout his 8-year coaching career, he decided to change gears yet again. 

Lemon Perfect Is at A Store Near You

That baton can be found in his branding expertise. Lemon Perfect was developed in 2017 and has taken the refreshment beverage market by storm. Whole Foods Market has agreed to distribute Lemon Perfect throughout the Northeast and Rocky Mountain regions of the country. Just go to a Whole Foods Market and look on the shelf and grab a Bottle.


Yanni Hufnagel Took Lemons and Made More Than Lemonade 

With his entrepreneurial zeal he has made a beverage that has so many benefits for every human being. It’s not just for athletes it’s for everyone, every day. The restorative features include its natural energy boost, the recovery after exhaustion, clearer skin component, stress relief, digestive support, essential electrolytes, antioxidant power (vitamin C), and stress relief. Who on this earth could not use all of those natural lemon benefits? Now we can get all the benefits of the power-packed lemon in a delightful and flavorful beverage.

The Path to Success for Sean Tissue


People may be familiar with Mr. Sean Tissue, the Chief Executive Officer of Centureon Investments, yet little is known about his path to success.  That is, until now.  This brief blog will talk about that.

Lifelong Entrepreneur

Although his ventures have varied over the years, one thing has remained true.  That thing is – his passion for being an entrepreneur.  Sean is not content to concentrate on one aspect alone; he prefers to wear many hats.  He loves making important decisions and watching the beneficiaries across a myriad of industries flourish due to his wisdom.  He says that keeps him on his toes.

Sean Tissue’s Studies Pay Off

Sean knew he wanted to own a lot of properties but lacked the financial means to do so.  He studied how to buy up contracts on specific properties, then turn around and sell them to other investors for a substantial profit.  He became quite adept at this, starting with simple projects and eventually moving onto new construction deals and also to multi-family units.  Today he runs a virtual empire. 

Information About Centureon Investments

Sean Tissue would likely say his crowning achievement is being the CEO of Centureon Investments.  With this company he is able to focus his entrepreneurial spirit on the real estate industry.  As was just discussed, Mr. Tissue loves to own property.   His pride and joy are now a well-known giant in the real estate world.  Folks can expect to hear much more about this young man for years to come.  


What Can Prospective Real Estate Investors Learn from Him?

Perhaps the most critical lesson to take away from this is not to spend too much money on any one property, especially in the beginning.  There is a way to use other people’s money (OPM) to someone’s advantage.  Learn the ropes of doing this correctly BEFORE starting your first investment project.  It is entirely feasible to use Centureon Investments as a starting point for your education.  If Sean Tissue did it, so can you!  Good luck!

HCR Wealth Advisors’ Chief Investment Officer Explains 2020 Market Outlook

A new decade is already underway, and financial markets are looking like they may soon start heading up, according to Jordan L. Kahn, CFA. Kahn is the Chief Investment Officer at HCR Wealth Advisors, a registered investment management firm for high-net-worth individuals.


This is due to several factors, including a presidential election year and global market turbulence. While Kahn says markets will be generally favorable, he also warns of volatility. Those expecting a repeat of 2019’s bullish market will be in for a much harder ride.

“We remain upbeat in our outlook for the coming year,” he says. “But with realistic expectations that a repeat of 2019 is unlikely.” 

A Strong Start to the 2020s

The current White House Administration made a flurry of sweeping changes in the late 2010s. When combined with other geopolitical issues, the global economy (especially in the United States) made impressive gains in this period. Several new global markets also appeared in the timeframe.

Cryptocurrency, blockchain, cannabis, hemp, and vaping all became prolific industries, where innovators and entrepreneurs drove historic growth. This helped propel the economy, but each investment comes with a high amount of risk. At any given moment, regulatory changes could cripple one of these rising stars.

Navigating an Uncertain Future

No investment is ever foolproof. That’s why HCR Wealth deploys a team of professionals to serve each of its high-net-worth clients. This ensures each client receives personalized investment strategies and data that’s custom-fit to their individual investment portfolios.

Mitigating market downswings with other investments is key. Selling an investment low to recoup costs can end up losing a lot of money. Unless a company is heading for insolvency, don’t sell your stock until it’s higher than you bought it for.

Low interest rates provided by the Federal Reserve and a thriving global economy will lead to gains. All it takes is an experienced financial advisor who can guide you through the chaos of 2020s rocky market.

This article is provided for informational purposes only and should not be interpreted as investment advice.

Business Funding with James River Capital

Starting a new business can be overwhelming. One of the first things a new business needs to move forward is funding. James River Capital and founder Paul Saunders can help. Below are some options to find funding for a new business.



Crowdfunding is when a group of people chip in varying amounts of funds for a business idea they believe in. Kickstarter is a popular crowdfunding site that does just that. You can also give out gifts to funders when you reach certain goals on Kickstarter. This can encourage people to continue funding your business idea. 

Local Loans

Local loans are another great option, since local businesses can keep money coming back to town. The local chamber of commerce can direct new business owners to the local business development center. This center can direct you to local entrepreneurs and investors in your area. The local economy can greatly benefit by funding local businesses with loans.

Venture Capital

Venture capital works well when business ideas need large funds to move forward. Most entrepreneurs need $1 to seek funding from a venture capitalist. To get this much money, you need to be ready to present a detailed business plan to convince the venture capitalist it will be worth the investment. Venture capitalists expect to make somewhere between 3 to 10 times what they put in within 5 to 7 years. 

Angel Investor

An angel investor is similar to investors who put money into businesses before they go public. They expect to get back a large return for their investment. Angel investors will fund promising businesses about $10,000 or more. 

James River Capital and Paul Saunders

James River Capital has received many awards as a leading investment firm, with the help of founder Paul Saunders. James River Capital and Paul Saunders can help you find the best funding for your business.

How Ara Chackerian is Committed to Reducing Suicide Across the Globe

Some decades ago, suicide used to be seen as an evil thing from a cursed family. Today things are different and its no longer discussed indoors. It is in the public domain that something needs to be done to change the status quo. People from all levels of life are committing suicide. Ara Chackerian has discovered that if something is not done, the world might continue losing very important people and is calling upon everyone to end the stigma. It is a mental disease that must be addressed and treated.

Ara Chackerian is from San Francisco, California and is the person behind some innovations in the healthcare industry. He has given out the example of a celeb and how people feel when such a person commits suicide. People have worked hard to live like them but they end up dying. Depression is a mental disease and Ara believes that when people speak out, people can work on ways they can help each other. There is nothing shameful when one admits that he/she is suffering from depression. It can affect anyone.

Ara Chackerian co-founded TMS Health Solutions. The company applies technology so come up with ways they can diagnose health issues. The company treats anxiety and depression using TMS therapy. Ara Chackerian is also the executive director of ASC Capital Holdings Ltd. The company helps startups in the health industry. This is something he started while he was studying a degree in Marketing at the University of Florida. This helped him gain proper marketing skills that would enable him to penetrate the market easily.

Ara Chackerian is also an editor who writes articles regarding mental health disorders and possible treatment methods. He has always focused his attention on advising the world that depression is normal and even mentors can suffer from it. It should not lead to suicide like it is doing to most people. Ara has also been able to apply his marketing skills towards developing a culture of helping people. He is also known for his kindness and as a philanthropist, the guy has managed to help so many people access better treatment from across the entire country.

Investment Professional Michael Nierenberg on His Career

Michael Nierenberg has expanded his career over the course of his lifetime and truly knows what it takes to become a trusted investment and financial expert. As of right now, Michael Nierenberg is the CEO and current president of New Residential Investment Corp. Visit Daily Forex Report to know more about Michael Nierenebrg.

The company focuses on real estate investing all over the United States and is based in New York. Before he began working with this company, he worked with Bear Stearns and was a Board Member who was in charge of making critical decisions each day on how the company was expanding. Read more at about Michael Nierenebrg.

Along with his work with New Residential and Bear Stearns, Michael Nierenberg has worked for Bank of America as one of their board leaders. Because of the sheer talent that he has and the experience he has with working with investments and finances, it is no wonder that he is one of the biggest names in the industry. To learn more about Michael Nierenberg and his past experience, you can easily go to his portfolio online.


The Unique Setting at the Academy of Art University

When it comes to learning about the entertainment world, there are few better places to begin than in California. This state hosts Hollywood and is within a short distance to major entertainment centers where much the film making the United States of America takes place. The Academy of Art University has become a hub for budding industry talent for decades. They offer degrees in different tiers of production while giving students the resources they need to make a name for themselves. As the choice of picking a university becomes harder and harder, a single student choose to write a blog about what they do each day.

The Academy of Art University is located in San Francisco which attracts students from far and wide. Sam Bear arrived at the university after learning about the history of the campus and how it matched his future professional ambitions. He lives an active college life by starting his day much earlier than most students. The first course of the day is production design. This is where students learn about to properly use everything they can find for the stage. A simple item can make a world of different in conveying ideas about the setting. This class is a great chance for each individual to show off what they have learned.

During his afternoon class, Directing Actors Class, Sam Bear has to showcase a different set of skills. This is a course where students work together to refine their acting skills to better convey their characters to an audience. An actor’s thoughts has to be in sync with the audience’s mindset. The Academy of Art University offers students a variety of places where people can gather to work on assignments or for collaborative efforts. There is much to be learned to be from your peers.

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Maarten De Jeu Speaks out on investing in commercial real estate.

Martin De Jeu, the founder of SVM Business Advisory and a frequent advisor to Fortune 100 companies, is bullish on commercial real estate, and not just for the ultr-rich either.


The Oxford-trained MBA, notes that commercial real estate, notes the fundamental differences between commercial and ordinary real estate. Traditional, home real estate is meant primarily as a place to call home, with any profit gained, a distant secondary concern. However, office buildings, industrial parks, warehouses, retail storefronts, shopping center and manufacturing centers are erected solely for profit. 


Given the right market conditions, commercial real estate can be a significant source of profit for their owners, however, the expense is often a key barrier to getting into the game. 


The average home for example, in the U.S., runs around $200,000, while a typical shopping center will run a minimum of #25 million dollars. 


According to De Jeu, the Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act of 2012, signed into law by then-President Barack Obama, allowed small businesses to attract investors in commercial real estate by selling shares through crowdfunding, to attract investors.


The JOBS act freed small businesses from the take or leave it attitude of larger commercial investors, and made it possible for individual investors to buy shares in commercial real estate for as little as $5,000.


Non-accredited investors can then share proportionately in the profits upon sale of the property, or they gain a share of the monthly interest rates a borrower makes

on the loan. In both cases, there are substantial tax benefits that can be gained by

the shareholders. 


 Advantages of Commerical Real Estate 


According to De Jeu, commercial real estate has several advantages including:


  •  Minimal Investment Fees

    Unlike many investment strategies requiring you to pay high fees to investment advice and counseling firms, the fees on commercial real estate are minimal. 
  •  Protection against inflation

    Many investments, bonds in particular, barely keep up with inflation. However, commercial real estate almost always appreciates well beyond the inflation rate.

    In addition, many rental contracts for commercial real estate have clauses designating an annual increase in rents. 
  •  Diversification

    Unlike the stock exchange, which goes up or down at the whim of politics or trade agreements, commercial real estate is a solid, steady investment that will diversify your portfolio. 
  •  Short term cash

    With commercial real estate, you not only benefit in the long-haul, such as when the property is sold, but you also generate cash flow on the short-term through rental revenues. 
  •  Tax Advantages

    There are tax advantages to commercial real estate such as being able to claim depreciation of the property. Learn more:


De Jeu says that now is a great time to consider diversifying your portfolio with

commercial real estate.

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ISO Group Teams With Impossible Fods

OSI group is one of the largest food supply companies in the world. OSI Group is an American holding company of meat processors. They operate in 65 facilities in 17 different countries, but the main quarter is in Aurora, Illinois which is near Chicago. OSI Group supplies meat to various food chains and stores. One of their most popular partners is McDonalds. They have supplied meat to McDonalds since 1955. They are trusted, reliable, and provide great meat. This Chicago based company has been supplying food chains and stores with great meat since 1909!

OSI Group has recently partnered with Impossible Foods to take on a challenging fast. Impossible foods ran into trouble after releasing the meatless burger and running out of meat. They launched the meatless burger earlier in the year and customers went crazy over it. In April, they announced that they were running out of meat, but customers continued to demand more. They partnered with OSI Group in order to meet the demands of the customers. Workers at OSI are working overtime in a cold building in order to increase inventory. They have the equipment ready and have started making more meat.

Burger King was the first to launch the meatless burger. They have thousands of stores around the world, which makes them the hardest company to supply. White castle is another fast food chain hoping to add the meatless burger to their menu. Their was such a demand on the product, Impossible Foods was unable to keep up with the inventory. Plant based burgers are becoming popular. They are healthier and perfect for vegetarians. The product is so popular, the company is also planning on making the plant based meat to sell in stores as well. Partnering isn’t always easy, but they knew it was the best choice for their company.

About OSI Group:

Jack Plotkin is Putting Healthcare at Your Fingertips

Jack Plotkin

Is it possible to be warned far more frequently and clearly about what’s going on with our health besides an annual checkup and a doctor’s ability to spot something early? Yes, in fact, it is possible, and the technology behind this genius idea is spreading rapidly. Instead of waiting months or years to find out about a concern, sometimes even later than was necessary resulting in greater care costs and stress, people are going to be able to wear technology that tells them about their health a lot sooner. The fact is, the body is giving off signals and signs about its condition all day and night long, much the say way a car dashboard works. The problem is, the average person doesn’t have a really good idea what those signals are or what they mean until they get really serious, like the check engine light turning on.

Jack PlotkinJack Plotkin has spent the last two decades pushing and leading at the forefront of health technology and what the future is about to make available now on a widespread basis. The idea of wearable health technology is very much becoming a reality, with a clear ability to identify a health problem based on body signals and metrics a computer can crunch far faster and better than a human examiner. And when people have those kinds of tools in their hands, Plotkin believes it becomes a game-changer, much the same way an OBDII scanner for a car finally translates all those obscure codes and the ambiguous check engine light with clear, useful data and information. Jack Plotkin saw these realities coming years before, and how they will apply is already integrated within the telehealth tools he also sees becoming readily available as well. The question that Plotkin is asking now is whether society is ready for all the instant health information these tools will provide at a snap.

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