Marc Beer

Marc Beer Finds Success After Losing Wife

The loss of a loved one can make and break the best of humanity. A once energetic and compassionate individual can suddenly become withdrawn or emotionless. It’s one of those things everyone has to deal with at some point in life, but it’s still never easy.

When Marc Beer lost his wife, professionally, he was on top of the world. Beer launched his first company in 2000. ViaCell used umbilical cord blood stem cells to treat a variety of conditions in the human body. The company, despite being founded by a near-complete amateur, found huge success.

In 2007, PerkinElmer acquired ViaCell for $300 million. He hadn’t been that happy since he served as Vice President of Global Marketing for Genzyme. His work with Genzyme is what inspired him to pursue an entrepreneurial career and launch ViaCell. At the pinnacle of his young success, tragedy struck.

At 42, his wife passed away from a pulmonary embolism. Like any human being, such a loss rocked his world. It rattled him to the point that he worked away from any career pursuits and focused solely on raising his three young children. To his surprise, it would be one of those children that inspired me to go back to work.

Two years after his wife passed, his 14-year-old daughter used his sage advice against and encouraged him to “live with purpose.” She pointed out that his life’s purpose was not driving her and her siblings to and from school for the rest of his life.

He took her words to heart and relaunched his career, immediately looking for the next big opportunity. Luckily, opportunity had been looking for him for a long time. Around that time, Dr. Ray Iglesias had grown tired of performing pelvic floor surgeries on his patients.

As a gynecologist for 35 years, he knew there had to be a better way for women to deal with this problem. Like any sane doctor, he regarded surgery as a last resort. He’d been working on an idea for about ten years and took all he had to Marc Beer. Learn more:

Together, they joined up with Yolanda Lorie and co-founded Renovia. After researching pelvic floor disorders, Beer determined it’s exactly the kind of pressing problem he likes taking on. Pelvic floor disorders can cause pelvic organ prolapsed, urinary incontinence, and fecal incontinence. Within a few years, the trio developed innovative and proprietary technologies and therapies for the 25 percent of women in the U.S. suffering from these disorders.

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Kisling, Nestico & Redick Role in Empowering Children

Getting legal representation is not always easy. There are thousands of lawyers in the global platform. Some of these professionals, however, do not have the skills needed for complicated tasks. The people in Ohio do not have to worry about lawyers. These people have the best lawyers in the country.

Kisling, Nestico & Redick, one of the most successful law firms in the country, takes care of the legal matters for the clients, ensuring that consumers are content. The law firm recruits the best lawyers in their company, and this explains why they have an amazing reputation. Over the years, the law firm has set up various offices in the state so that the lawyers can reach all the clients. These lawyers take time to educate the people about many ways of avoiding injuries and calamities.

Winter is special for Kisling, Nestico & Redick and its clients in Ohio. During this time of the year, the legal firm organizes an event Polar Bear Jump. This year, however, the team is taking on this mission with a noble cause. Reports from the organization indicate that the money raised from the event will go a long way in helping needy communities found in Ohio. The lawyers sent many invites so that they can raise over twenty-five thousand dollars. The competition will bring together many members of the community together.

KNR Founder Robert Redick Announces Retirement 

Rob Nestico, a prominent partner in the law firm, is happy about this year’s competition. According to Rob, Kisling, Nestico & Redick, the family looks forward to the events of the day because it is an excellent way of assisting the needy people in the community. The money will help children from needy backgrounds to acquire quality education and live good lives. The founders of the company believe that children are the future leaders of the next generation, and giving them equal opportunities to live a good life is securing a better future. This is not the first time the company is showing support to needy families.

Sergey Petrossov and Growing JetSmarter by Word of Mouth

Sergey PetrossovIn this day in age, there are numerous types of marketing campaigns. People are trying to leverage social media and the internet to try and grow their business. While this has been successful, there is still something to be said about a business spreading by word of mouth. This is the example that has been set by Sergey Petrossov and JetSmarter. Recently, Petrossov discussed how his business has enjoyed some unprecedented growth over the past few years. Even though he might be one of the youngest entrepreneurs in the industry, his company is already worth more than $1.5 billion. His business has largely growth by word of mouth.

Word of Mouth: Wouldn’t Exist Without It

Petrossov discussed how his company, JetSmarter, simply wouldn’t exist without word of mouth. Even though his company is still growing in the same way that any other social network would, he knows that people trust something that spreads by word of mouth. Simply put, people trust their friends. If a friend says that JetSmarter is a fantastic way to fly, people are more inclined to believe it. Therefore, JetSmarter devotes a lot of time to convincing members to spread the news of JetSmarter to their friends. When a company occupies a space in the luxury travel industry, Sergey Petrossov says that the hardest part is trying to grow on the demand side. This is where JetSmarter has been so successful.

Continued Growth of JetSmarter in the Future

Sergey PetrossovSergey Petrossov has already enjoyed tremendous success thanks to JetSmarter and advertising via word of mouth. On the other hand, the company is looking forward to continued growth in the future. He has his eyes set on the commercial travel industry. As more people use JetSmarter, the price point is going to drop. This will make the private travel industry more accessible to the general public, shifting market share from the commercial giants to companies like JetSmarter.

OSI Group and David McDonald Reminisce on Expansion to China

During the last several decades, OSI Group has established itself as one of the most reputable food supply businesses in the world. One of its keys to success has been growth and expansion. OSI Group has made it a top priority to establish a presence in many worldwide markets. One of its most notable markets for expansion is China. The company successfully expanded into China back in 1992. For over two decades, OSI has been able to provide Chinese food businesses with a number of high quality food products. It celebrated its expansion with in 2012 to commemorate this important milestone.

When expanding to China, OSI focused on making their company more localized in China. It made it a priority to operate and serve customers in the same way that other businesses in China serve their customers. OSI studied the buying habits, buyer preferences and business processes that were most often used in China. As a result, it was able to make itself very familiar to businesses and customers in the nation. Read more on Wikipedia.

Another one of the keys to success in its expansion into China has been providing quality products that are safe. OSI has always provided food products that are among the most updated and nutritious on the market. It also provides food products that are free of any contaminants in order to reduce the risk of health problems among consumers. Along with providing safe quality products, OSI has also provided customer service that is very effective and accommodating to both businesses and their customers.

OSI’s chief operating officer David McDonald also mentioned that the company worked to develop trust with Chinese businesses as well. According to David McDonald, OSI frequently traveled to China in order to interact with business owners and find out what they were looking for in food products. OSI and its team of executives then spent time providing more information about its products and how they can benefit Chinese businesses in the food industry. Within a few months, OSI earned the confidence of Chinese businesses and was able to establish its own affiliate OSI China. Source:

Gump’s Is Returning to Their Roots in San Francisco


Gump’s gift business, which is run from San Francisco and New York city, is returning to its hometown of San Francisco in time for this Christmas season. After being recently acquired, the owners have made the decision to bring back this iconic piece of Californian history, and they’re excited to bring gifts to the locals in San Francisco in the coming months.

Gumps has historically gotten overwhelmingly positive reviews from its customers, and many of them cite its unique and elegant aesthetic and old-style charm. The store is planned to open up in a property owned by the Gump family on Post street.

This new Gumps store will sell some of the most classic items that previous customers could expect to find there, and it will focus on selling jewelry, ornaments, and furniture items. The return of Gump’s to the San Francisco area will include a re-connecting of the store with its core clientele, and the owners plan on making many sales with the same demographic that it has already built an established relationship with. Visit This Page for more information.

They have stated plans to open digital store in time for the 2019 Christmas season. The new Gumps website, which retains the company’s former logo, also promises a re-opening in the fall of 2019. The web site also offers email signup and links to Instagram and Twitter pages.

The owner has also commissioned a replica of the iconic “Buddha” statue for older customers. Much of the success of Gump’s has been built on tradition, so details like this are important for the new owners. While new customers may not recognize the significance of this statue, its presence will be an important and familiar gesture from the management to the company’s core customer base. The owners are planning on opening the store on October 16th in order to give Californian residents plenty of time to shop for Christmas gifts.


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Highland Capital Management Bidding A Farewell To A Co-Founder

It has been well over twenty years since Mark Okada founded Highland Capital Management, and it is now time for him to move on to other things. This is the decision that Okada himself made when he formally announced that he would be moving on from Highland Capital Management.

The move has been in the works for a while as Mark Okada has been teaching some of the senior officials in the company about the roles that he personally has been handling for all of these years. He wants to make sure that the transition onto the next phase of Highland Capital Management is as smooth as possible. Read This Article for more information.

Mark Okada teamed up with James Dondero to found Highland Capital Management back in the early nineties. They wanted to establish a firm that would invest in assets that would yield a return that was above and beyond what you could get with other types of investments. The firm has been able to do that. They got invested early in the alternative loan market before it was as popular as it is today. Find Related Information Here.

The people at Highland Capital Management are sad to have their co-founder leaving the firm, but they know that he is still going to be available to them as a senior adviser. He won’t really be gone from them because he is still going to be available for advise when needed.

Highland Capital is going to continue to look for new ways to generate more return for their clients going forward just as they always have. The likelihood is that they are going to continue to seek things that are outside the box to keep clients happy. The firm has grown so much over the years that it has been around that it has a lot of influence in the markets that it plays in. Therefore, expect it to continue to make a big splash no matter what it gets involved in.

Highland Capital provides a number of industry leading benefits to promote employee success and wellbeing, and they’ve been recognized by Pensions & Investments as one of the Best Places to Work in Money Management.


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Jeremy Goldstein and Fountain House

Jeremy Goldstein will be setting up a gala and charity event in honor of mental illness. Participants will be catered to with a hand picked selection of vintage wine and catered food. The proceeds of this charity event are meant to support the Fountain House. This organization benefits the safekeeping of those suffering from mental illness.


The Fountain House was established in the nineteen forties to support mental illness and the families it affects. It was initially a support group designed to connect people suffering from mental illness. This was a pioneering time for mental health because it had not been fully accepted by the medical establishment yet. Even though it persists as a problem in our nation to this very day, stigmas and cultural norms were preventative to patients seeking treatment in the forties.


Fountain House helps patients recover from their conditions and improves the lives of those family members who support the mentally ill. Jeremy Goldstein has been instrumental to the success of Fountain House. He started working for a law firm in New York after graduating from New York University School of Law. He quickly was able to identify the sources of executive compensation amongst independent consulting firms. Some of these findings led to Jeremy improving business opportunities for the law firm.


He eventually founded the Jeremy Goldstein & Associates LLC. This law firm has been influential in educating clients as well as informing corporations about governance and compensation law. Some of the prominent clients of his law firm today include senior level management, CEOs and compensation initiatives.


Mr. Goldstein has been at the forefront of innovation in the legal field for years. He was in charge of some of the largest corporate sales and transactions in the past decade. One of these was the acquisition of Goodrich by United Technologies. Another instance was Cingular wireless and AT&T on his resume. There are a lot of banking mergers that Goldstein has been a part of as well over the years. These experiences have informed his legal practice and improved the quality of service he can offer to his clients. Mr. Goldstein is an important legal advocate and has been practicing for years. He also is interested in informing the public about corporate governance and executive compensation laws.


Currently, mergers and acquisitions are a focus for Mr. Goldstein as he is the chair of a subcommittee with the American Bar Association and a practicing lawyer. He has a long history of being in compensation law and is ranked as one of the most leading and Innovative lawyers for business this year. Jeremy has been an important team member and contributed to the way that compensation law is practiced around the world. Many of his clients are in the United States and he has represented Fortune 500 companies in ongoing legal proceedings. When he is outside of the courtroom he emphasizes teaching and writing so that the most important aspects of compensation law are documented. He has set an example as an attorney with a sparkling record and a great deal of integrity.


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Oren Frank: Entrepreneur Supporting Innovation

Oren Frank’s home town in Israel. He started his career by working in an advertising and marketing company named McCann Worldgroup. Frank worked in various subsidiaries of the company. In 2001 he was called by McCann Erickson to London to work as a regional creative director. In 2003 he became the CEO of Worldgroup Israel, so he moved to Tel-Aviv. From 2005 to 2007 during his services as a CEO of Worldgroup he also served as the chairman of McCann Digital in Tel-Aviv. After being called upon by MRM Worldwide in New York City, Frank left Israel in 2008, and since then he has been living in New York City, though he stayed with the company till 2011. Check out talkspace .com to see full videos of Oren Frank’s presentation.

Frank had always been interested in writing blogs and articles so pursuing his interests he wrote several articles: I Am Beyond Death, The Destroyer of Worlds (Nov 2017), It Turns Out the GOP Did Win the Elections (May 2013), F.R.E.U.D: Fetal Reconstructive Emotional Unalienable Deity (Apr 2013), etc. After his first published in Oct 2012 Bye Bye Miss American Pie, since then a business newspaper has published twenty-nine articles written by Frank which is published by Haaretz group in Israel.

Frank also wrote for an online site, Ad Age which is a global media brand. His writings for the site include: Goodbye, Smartphone; Hello Predictive Contact Device (May 2010), Why Your Credit Card Will Soon Follow the Audio CD (June 2010), Think Again (June 2010), etc.

Oren Frank and his wife Roni Frank began to attend couples therapy to strengthen their relationship at the start of their marriage. It made them realize how therapies can benefit a person to live a mentally strong and healthy life. Being an innovation supporter both started Talkspace, an app for those seeking psychological help. For more information about Oren Frank, visit at

Maarten De Jeu

Versatile is the best adjective to describe Maarten De Jeu. From having in-depth insights on
managing diverse teams to acknowledging the salience of multilingualism, Maarten de Jeu knows
how important adaptability is in the age of globalization.
Given his solid background on humanities and business, De Jeu has managed to take the best from
both worlds and creating SVM Advisory, a firm specialised in providing businesses with all-round
guidance in the global context. During his tenure there he has focused on fostering stakeholder
relationships in order to successfully establish long-term strategies to advance upper level
transactions between different organizations and businesses.
Additionally, De Jeu collaborated in the creation of SpeakUp, a technology oriented startup that has
as the center of its scope, the goal to advise clients in topics regarding compliance with industry
standards as well as ethics in business.
It all began in the early 2000’s when De Jeu obtained his degree in Public Administration from
Leiden University, then subsequently in 2005 when he completed his Executive MBA at Oxford
University. During his years at Oxford, he accumulated a number of specializations in Finance and
graduated with honors.
From the late 1990’s until the second half of the first decade of the new millennium, De Jeu worked
at TVDK Management Consultants; Initially as an analyst, later on rising to the higher-ups of the
organization as a senior associate. There he worked with high-profile customers, including two of
the most well-known financial institutions in the Netherlands: ABN AMRO and ING. Other important
clients include Heinz.
Before creating SVM Advisory he worked at AVIVA plc, a company that has branches around the
globe including London in the United Kingdom and Chicago in the United States. He first worked in
the London branch, then transferred to the Chicago headquarters on a more senior position. AVIVA
specializes in strategy and corporate development. Learn more:
Maarten De Jeu is a polyglot. He can effectively communicate in French, Dutch and German. He
dedicates a significant amount of his time off, pursuing one of his biggest passions: playing tennis.
De Jeu originally a Dutchman, is now established in the Chicago Metropolitan Area, where he likes
to give back; As a result, he supports a number of charities and social initiatives in diverse areas
including science and international relations.

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