Vijay Eswaran over the Board Business Ventures

Vijay Eswaran is a wealth of knowledge which he has used to grow an admirable global empire. After graduating from the London School of Economics (United Kingdom) with a degree in Socio-Economics and later an MBA from the Southern Illinois University in the United States, his career had already been set forth for him. He first worked with top companies in finance before he began his entrepreneurial ventures.

He memoirs the struggles he went through before the business became profitable. Vijay Eswaran had no funding nor connection that would propel his dream into a reality. It was the first hurdle he faced, but his wife came strongly to support the vision. Sooner or later he was glad as investors began partnering with him and the business started realizing profits and growth. Although it was an enduring time for the company, it was worth as he learned to face things head on and besides, success comes with challenges.

Vijay Eswaran is a leader who believes in service above self. He is of the school of thought that you should serve diligently before you get to yourself. It keeps you focused on your goal, humble and determined to be better and better. It is a value he has ingrained into his team and helped to grow the company it’s among the top 40 companies globally based on performance.

About Vijay Eswaran

He is the QNET and QI Group Executive Chairman. It is a conglomerate company with diverse scope in media, hospitality, education, corporate investments, telecommunication among many others. It runs on a multi-level marketing model that is blended with an e-commerce platform to sway with the technology side.

Vijay Eswaran is of Malaysian origin, born to a teacher and Ministry of Labor Official in 1960. He is married to Umayal Eswaran and with kids. He is a philanthropist, businessman, author and highly sought after conference speaker.

Why Is Community Banking So Popular

Professional banking is one of life’s great functions for many people. Banking allow people to store their assets as well as to grow their wealth. Though there are common fees that are associated with banking, it’s much safer overall than to keep your hard earned cash hidden at home. Community Banking has been around for many years just as National Banking. These smaller financial institutions now host many of today’s most innovative services and they are now in direct competition to their larger counterparts. Every year in November, the Texas Bankers Association hosts it’s annual Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference. This conference is any and all things about community banking and it’s a great place for industry insiders to meet up and discuss the future.


This year, President and CEO of NexBank Capital attended the event as he was chosen to serve as a panelist. John Holt well represented the Dallas, Texas based bank as he discussed many topics on competing by innovation. Of course the event was a hit as bank leaders, advisers, and consultants shared their perspectives on the industry as well as discussed any issues that may be hindering success. Panelists and participants got a chance to talk about new innovations as well as organic branching and growth. NexBank Capital is one of the nation’s leading community banking institutions as it hosts a wide variety of services such as online banking, warehouse lending, commercial lending, public funds, mobile banking, treasury management, agency services, credit services and more.


This financial institution was reported to having over $4.0 Billion in assets last year and with such advanced features, this number will surely rise in the coming years. John Holt and NexBank are changing the game by setting new trends and by changing the status quo.

The Great Successes Of OSI Food Solutions

OSI Food Solutions is still the leading privately owned company that specializes in the manufacture and delivery of meat-based food products. The firm has exercised endurance in all its operations and with the highly qualified staff that it has hired, it has continued to outshine other firms in the market.

With the help of its executives, the company has also acquired many other companies that specialize in meat-based products all over the globe. With this, it has already increased its stake and thus increases its sales as well as the number of branches that it owns in the various parts of the world.

Additionally, OSI Food Solutions has also driven to adopt the use of the best resources to ensure that it produces the best end product. Before partaking the use of specific products, the firm puts great effort towards ensuring that it successfully comes up with a unique product to attract the attention of its consumers. The continued effort of the con as employees to observe the great ethics of the company has also boosted its productivity as well as helped the firm in increasing its stake. With the changing time, the firm has also learned great strategies to eliminate failure and the various issues that it goes through in the course of its operation.

Besides, OSI Food Solutions has also striven to bring about consistency in the course of their production. The ability of the firm to work together with informers and experts on the law in business has also ensured that the firm avoids colliding with the local authorities. The ability of the firm owners to mark the key ingredients in their production process has also served them good and helped them eliminate the issue of the production of stale products as well as products that do not have a unique aroma and taste. With the commitment observed form the executives and employees of OSI Food Solutions firm, the firm continues to maintain its great reputation, and as a result, their products have also continued to observe a high number of buyers over the past years. Besides, the company has also made high profits over time.

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Rebel Wilson in “Isn’t It Romantic”

The movie “Isn’t It Romantic” will be hitting the box office in 2019. This is an Australian/ American fantasy comedy that stars Rebel Wilson. Born March 2, 1980, Rebel Melanie Elizabeth Wilson is an actress that hails from Australia. She is also an accomplished writer and producer. Learn more about Rebel Wilson: and

Rebel graduated from the Australian Theatre for Young People in 2003. She began her acting career in the role of Toula in the Special Broadcasting Service (SBS) comedy series “Pizza” and also starred in the comedy series “The Wedge.”

“Isn’t It Romantic” was written by Dana Fox, Katie Silberman and Erin Cardillo and is directed by Todd Strauss-Schulson. Rebel Wilson co-stars with Adam DeVine, Priyanka Chopra and Liam Hemsworth. The movie is scheduled for release in the United States on February 14, 2019 under the Warner Brothers Pictures label and in the United Kingdom through Netflix. Read more: Isn’t It Romantic Trailer: Rebel Wilson Stars | Hollywoodreporter and Stunning Transformation of Rebel Wilson | TheList

Rebel Wilson stars in the role of Natalie, an Australian architect struggling to make her way in New York City. Along the way, Natalie is attacked by a mugger in a New York subway station. The plucky heroine thwarts the mugging, but is knocked unconscious as she makes her escape. When she comes to, Natalie finds herself in an alternate existence. Read more: Rebel Wilson Givenchy Couture

In her waking life, Natalie lived in a romantically frustrated existence where she felt all she had seen in romantic comedy movies was pure fantasy. Yet now, here she is in a PG-13-esque romantic comedy world where she must learn to live through every rom-com cliché situation. In so doing, her alternate life takes her on an adventure to find true love – which is required for her to find her way back to normal reality.

Fans of Rebel will love her in this role. Perhaps some of you remember her as Fat Amy in the movie “Pitch Perfect.” Critics, or should we say admirers, of Rebel Wilson have described her as not only funny, but also confident, refreshingly down-to-earth, talented and serious, yet raucous. In her career, Rebel lives up to her name, challenging perceptions and stereotypes.

She notes that, among other things, most Australian actors who make a go of it in the United States stick to more dramatic roles. She is one of the first female Australian comedic actors to reach for and achieve acclaim and success in the romantic comedy genre.

Ryan Seacrest Is a Major Force in the Entertainment Field

The entertainment industry knows Ryan Seacrest for his work in cable television and the broadcasting world. His nationally syndicated radio talk shows reach millions of fans. He may be best known for his work with Kelly Ripa on “Live.” He has numerous entrepreneurial interests that keep him busy around the clock, and engages in a diverse range of entrepreneurial interests. He can add to his resume support of philanthropic causes.

His professional accolades include American Idol, On Air with Ryan Seacrest, 102.7 KIIS-FM, and a top 40 radio show that boasts national syndication. These are only several professional accomplishments on a big list. In 2006, Ryan Seacrest launched his production company, which has become a major entertainment powerhouse that produces a number of award-winning shows.

Ryan Seacrest, obviously, spends a lot of time overseeing his investments in entertainment and media companies. One such investment includes Civic Entertainment Group. Another investment is a news media company that offers millennial programming through his Seacrest Global Group. Seacrest also has investments in DigiTour Media. His list of investments is extensive.

In addition to media and entertainment, Ryan Seacrest has also launched a men’s accessories and tailored clothing company. The clothing line is “Ryan Seacrest Distinction”. Ryan Seacrest also has plans of launching a men’s skincare business, and will partner this business adventure with a notable Hollywood dermatologist.

Ryan Seacrest opened a string of broadcast media centers in the past decade that place focus on youth entertainment and education. He designed his studios to allow youth to explore radio, television, and modern media. These children are inspired to pursue these fields as careers later in life. Ryan Seacrest is on the move and will likely continue to make an impact in his profession for years to come. He sets the standard for what being busy and successful is all about.

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Gareth Henry: Why You Should Invest in Hedge Funds

Gareth Henry previously worked at Angelo Gordon and Fortress Investments as head of investor relations. He obtained his degree in actuarial mathematics from Heriot-Watt University in Scotland. As a degree holder in actuarial mathematics, he is well-suited when it comes to explaining various complicated strategies applied by hedge fund managers. Currently, hedge funds have become popular, and Gareth Henry has been in the forefront in explaining to investors how they can take advantage of it to diversify their portfolios.

According to Gareth Henry, Hedge funds exist in different sizes and shapes, but the primary component associated with their design is the capability to consider investment approaches like investing in non-traditional assets and going short. Through his knowledge of complex mathematics including his experience, Henry has managed to succeed in his current role as a leader to his organization which provides asset raising and public relations services for asset managers. Learn more about Gareth Henry at

With an extensive network of contacts at sovereign wealth funds and pension funds, Gareth Henry has the opportunity to spend some time learning the perceptions of investors concerning bond, hedge funds, and equity investments. He uses his experience to provide pieces of advice to investors concerning the role of hedge funds when it comes to the diversification of their portfolio.

Hedge funds can perform well at a bear market which proves that they can also perform well when there is a high-interest rate in the economy. In the past, high-interest rates were linked to market crashes and bear markets. This was experienced during the 1987’s brutal drop, the 2000’s tech wreck, and the 2008’s financial crisis. During these periods, Federal Reserve almost campaigned for increased interest rates.

Gareth Henry advises investors to invest in hedge funds so as to have a non-correlated diversification. He believes that investors can benefit from funds because when fixed income investment and equity are struggling, the hedge funds will improve portfolio performance as they are structured in such a manner that they can take advantage of the struggling market environment. Therefore, investors need to invest in hedge funds to have a diversified portfolio and protect their investment.

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Ted Bauman’s View on Bitcoins

Bitcoin has received praises from people who are devoted to it, as the future currency. But Ted Bauman has stated that bitcoin may not grow as expected because large transactions cannot be processed faster and effectively. Bauman is actively involved in writing financial newsletters and in one of his letters, he talks about the disadvantages that come with the development of bitcoin. Unlike credit cards where transactions are processed immediately, in bitcoins you can wait from minutes to hours. This may make most people avoid bitcoin.

Bauman further states that if Bitcoin would eliminate some of the data processing during the transactions, the processing time could increase and people would consider using bitcoin. To improve on the speed, bitcoin miners have come up with SegWit2x, which is a technology that was aimed at decreasing the amount of data used in bitcoin transactions. However, the technology was not integrated due to security concerns. There is a huge difference between the processing time of credit cars such as Visa and Bitcoin. Visa can complete 20,000 transactions in one second while bitcoin handles six to seven transactions in one second.

A new cryptocurrency, Bitcoin Cash was developed by some bitcoin miners to fasten the transaction processing. Bitcoin Cash is a new system which allows many transactions to take place at the same time. Bitcoin Cash has been successful since it was integrated, but Bauman advises people to be careful as the cryptocurrency markets may not be stable at the moment.

Ted Bauman, advises from his experience, as a successful investor, publisher and as a consultant for financial services. Bauman’s reputation has grown internationally in the finance industry. Ted Bauman was born in Washington, DC and later moved to South Africa for his studies. In the University of Cape Town, he earned himself postgraduate degrees in both economics and history. He worked for many years in South Africa in different areas such as researcher, financial planner, and consultancy services.

Through his consultancy services, he has offered financial expertise to major clients around the world. These clients include the World Bank, the United Nations, South African government and financial agencies based in Europe.

After all these accomplishments, Ted Bauman ventured into research, writing and publishing his work in the finance and investment industry. Today, he edits for the famous The Bauman Letter, Smart Money Alert and Plan B Club. Bauman is also passionate about traveling as he has visited over seventy countries.

Hussain Sajwani And DAMAC Understand The Need For Diversity In The Arab Economy

The economy of the Middle East has relied on the oil and gas industries for the majority of the 20th and 21st-centuries, but an evolving economy means entrepreneurs such as DAMAC’s Hussain Sajwani are looking to promote diverse business opportunities. Hussain Sajwani believes the technology sector will become important to the economy of the Middle East as a whole with his home nation of the UAE leading the move to a technology-based industry. As the United Arab Emirates makes the move into space, CEO Hussain Sajwani hopes DAMAC’s sponsorship of the “One Million Arab Coders” initiative will aid the modernization of the economy.

Real estate developer Hussain Sajwani has stated on numerous occasions the philanthropic arm of his business, the DAMAC Foundation will continue to support the development of new areas of expertise designed to improve the community. One of the most important areas of improvement for Hussain Sajwani is in the modernization of the economy with the “One Million Arab Coders” event allowing young people to learn computer coding to enhance their own futures. The knock-on effect will be felt throughout the economy of the Middle East as more companies look to the region for their technology needs.

Hussain Sajwani established DAMAC Properties in 2002 but had already proven himself a business success with his a catering services company providing meals for workers and military personnel. The brand proved such a success for Hussain Sajwani, both he and DAMAC were honored with awards from the U.S. Military for the good work done providing meals for personnel during the Gulf Wars. DAMAC Properties under the leadership of Hussain Sajwani has continued to assist in the development of the economy of the Middle East which has continued to grow and become more diverse over the course of the last decade. DAMAC Properties owner Hussain Sajwani (@hussainsajwani) believes it is his responsibility to assist in the development of the United Arab Emirates economy as one of the most respected members of the community.

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The OSI Group: McDonalds Supplier Since the Beginning

OSI Group McDonalds has Sheldon Lavin at its helm as CEO, who has served since 1975 when the company changed its name from Otto and Sons in an effort to come off as more professional and match the growth of one of the companies which they supplied meat for: McDonald’s. OSI Group McDonalds certainly has been able to keep pace with the rapid growth and global expansion of the McDonald’s franchise, and this is actually largely in part to the man behind the curtains: David McDonald. David is a family man who grew up in rural northern Iowa and got his bachelor’s degree in Animal Sciences, and has leveraged his knowledge of animals in order to propel his business life to keep up with burgeoning pace that McDonald’s has created. Read more about OSI Group McDonalds at

OSI Group McDonalds has now expanded into the European and Asian markets, citing the privatization of their company as one of the largest factors in their ability to mobilize so quickly in various global arenas. “When I joined the company 30 years ago, OSI Group had a tremendous aspiration of growth. That appetite for growth remains today.” Keeping in line with this, OSI Asia was formed and created in Taiwan to better serve the largely Chinese client base, and for Europe the OSI Group McDonalds was able to simply acquire existing companies in order to better target that market. They acquired the Baho Group and the Creative Foods Europe group: both of which have been invaluable to maintaining the global health of the company.

Family values are also a vital aspect of the success of the group, as David McDonald himself is a family man and has maintained that this approach is at the core of who OSI Group truly is as a global franchise serving the needs of Fortune 500 companies such as McDonalds.



Whitney Wolfe Announces Plans To Empower Women In India In Online Dating

Many of the users of the Bumble app have found love, a new job, or a best friend. The founder of the app Whitney Wolfe has found a fortune with her efforts and it keeps growing.

At only 29 years old, she is estimated to be worth around $230 million while the company itself is valued at $1 billion by Forbes. While she may not be one of the richest women who are self-made right now, it’s predicted that she’ll soon join those ranks if Bumble keeps growing at the pace that it is.

Bumble’s main competition currently is Tinder which is the first swipe type dating app. Whitney Wolfe is the co-founder of Tinder but left due to sexual harassment from her Justin Mateen. Mateen is the other co-founder of Tinder and also her ex-boyfriend who was suspended from the company after his actions. She received a settlement from the company for $1 million after leaving and was shocked by the reaction from the public.


While many people supported her actions, Whitney Wolfe watched as her personal life was ripped apart by random people on the internet that she had never met. She didn’t understand why her life was of such interest when she wasn’t a politician, just a woman trying to make it in the business world while being treated fairly. It’s possible that this reaction may have been part of what inspired her to create the female-centric world of Bumble in which women are empowered to make the decisions.

Plans to expand Bumble’s services to India were recently announced in partnership with Priyank Chopra. Women in India want to find love just like any other women around the world, but they have found that online dating in their country is saturated with pushy men. By using this interface in which women get to have the first word, and last if the conversation isn’t going well, Whitney Wolfe believes that more women in India will be open to the idea. Bumble is all about empowering women no matter where they are from and bringing their services to India would be no exception.