Academy of Art University Aiding Students Affected By Shutdown

Academy of Art University is now stepping in to help the many students affected by the sudden federal funding cut that blindsided students attending 22 different art institutions around the entire country. The University is offering two educational agreements for students who have been affected by the huge sudden shutdown of their schools, allowing them to finish their degrees at the biggest art and design university in the United States. Students who have completed at least 75% of their degree can transfer into their chosen degree program as long as they have their official transcripts and supporting portfolio.

Opened in 1929 and still family owned to this day, the Academy of Art University has all the tools to help young artists become proficient in their chosen careers. Since the curriculum happens to be taught by some of the best minds currently working in the industry, they are able to give students the tools they need to standout in the marketplace. There are 10-degree programs to be covered in the agreement offered to help the affected students in continuing their education, they include Advertising, Animation & Visual Effects, Game Development, Graphic Design, Fashion, Interior Architecture & Design, Motion Picture & Television, Music Production for Sound Design & Visual Media, Photography, and Web Design & New Media.

The University has even offered $7,000 in scholarships to help students affected by the sudden closing of their previous schools towards their college expenses. Students who are qualified for the scholarships will be awarded $1,000 per semester for seven semesters. For students who do not wish to go the traditional route of continuing their education this university also offers online classes for students as well.

At this university, students can choose from about 25 subjects to receive either a master’s, bachelor’s or associate degree. This university has been giving students all the tools that lead to become some of the best art professionals in the industry. These professionals include household names like actresses Raven Symone and Lauren Conrad and many more amazing artists in different fields.

Steve Lesnard a Brand Marketing Expert

Steve Lesnard, a marketing guru and technology enthusiast, understood from the beginning the importance of advanced technology in the world of marketing and embraced it. Advancements made in technology in the digital and social medium platforms are altering the way marketing of new products is done. Organizations that have realized this and are developing new marketing strategies to conform to changes in technology will be able to successfully push their products in the market.

However, in as much as technology is a good thing, it may become counterproductive if proper marketing strategies are not put in place says, Lesnard. According to Lesnard, customer-centered marketing strategies are what can help push a product in the digital and social platform. Lesnard says, how a company introduces a product to the market is what will determine its success. For new products to successfully penetrate the market, they must highlight clear benefits that add value to consumer lives says Lesnard. Lesnard, as a marketing guru, shares some two successful marketing principles that can help successfully market products in the technological world.

One fundamental marketing principle that can help to push product into the market quickly is the keep it simple and make it memorable strategy. According to Steve Lesnard when a company wants to introduce a product into the market, they should articulate the clear benefits of the product to the consumer and be able to clearly demonstrate or communicate what is new in the product and what value will add to their lives. Make no mistake when introducing the product and only communicate the most relevant features in a clear and precise manner, says Lesnard.

Another essential marketing principle, according to Steve Lesnard, is to bring it to life to make it look real. Lesnard says once a clear storyline has been developed the next thing to do is add life to the storyline. Some of the ways through products can be brought to life is by addressing questions such as how the product will look on the consumer’s body, what does it do and the consumer is going to use it. Also, consumer testimonies will help in making the products more acceptable.

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Online Therapy Service TalkSpace

TalkSpace is an innovative website that allows people to consult with mental health professionals remotely. Instead of visiting a therapist at their office, individuals can talk to a therapist from the comfort of their own home. Like many other occupations that have evolved into being done on the internet, therapy has become the latest type of service to be provided from the internet. Using TalkSpace Reviews has made it more convenient to get therapy as making it more accessible than it has been in the past.

With TalkSpace, people can get all of the therapy services that they can get from a therapist in person. They will be able to get treatment for conditions such as depression and anxiety. Individuals can also get treatment for other conditions such as post traumatic stress disorder. When using this site, you can also get general counseling about relationship and career issues as well. Therefore, the therapy services are quite abundant with TalkSpace. Read this article at

Whenever you are looking to set up an appointment with a therapist on TalkSpace, there are a few steps that you will need to take. The first thing that you will need to do is fill out a questionnaire and reveal some information about what you are seeking treatment for. After you submit the questionnaire, you will then be assigned a therapist who is well suited for treating you. Then you will just need to arrange a time to talk to them.

Once you begin talking to a therapist, you will be able to converse with them via email, video chat or online chat. One of the unique things about TalkSpace is that it allows you to interact with your therapist twice per day. As a result, you can establish a lot of rapport with them and get the treatment you need more frequently compared to meeting with one in person.

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Nick Sarnicola’s Network Marketing Success

Nick Sarnicola is a lifestyle entrepreneur, philanthropist, and a veteran of network marketing. Being a co-founder of ViSalus, he has contributed to the establishment of many multi-millionaire entrepreneurs and multi-billion-dollar teams.

He had an introduction to networking marketing at age 18, and he decided to pursue success in that direction. When his former company, where he was working, closed, together with Blake Mallen, they bought the shares of the company and founded ViSalus: This is a multi-level marketing American company that markets weight management nutritional products and energy drinks. His journey in network marketing began, and he has been transforming aspiring entrepreneurs ever since. For more information about Nick Sarnicola, visit his crunchbase profile

His role in the company has, however, changed from Chief Sales Officer to a distributor. He built his team in two years to 35 million per month sales. Nick Sarnicola has developed successful people, products, and companies in various industries. He has launched platforms, products, brands, and marketplaces. He has made millionaires out of aspiring entrepreneurs and businesses in two decades.

His company, Body by Vi, has grown into a billion-dollar platform with the help of his international sales team. His team is as big as 80,000 active promoters, 25,000 people getting free product and 600 families making a 6 or 7 figure annual income. With such a big team, he has been able to beat sales every time.

Nick Sarnicola points out social media as an essential aspect of running ViSalus and argues that social media is where the eyeballs are. Platforms like Facebook, Youtube, Google, and Zappos have a broad fan base; hence, the product is more likely to sell there.

As a philanthropist, his companies have given-back initiatives such as ViCares and Liv2Giv. These initiatives aim at helping families and communities in need by transforming people’s lives, health, and prosperity. He also founded NextGen, aimed at educating young entrepreneurs.

Nick Sarnicola’s mission has been to educate, develop, contribute to, and entertain millions of people through entrepreneurship and mentorship: This together with his skills has enabled him to accomplish and achieve so much so far. His vision is to become the first multi-level marketer to ever do a billion dollars in product sales in the US and Canada in only 12 months.


Genucel’s Plant Stem Cell Therapy & Its Benefits

Proper skin care is something that everyone should be practicing on a daily basis, but that particular notion is easier said than done. Unfortunately, many of today’s cosmetics are loaded with chemical fillers and sulfates. These man-made ingredients can provide short-term results, but they’ll definitely do plenty of harm with long-term use. This long-term use can literally strip the skin of moisture while causing the skin to age at a faster rate. This is where Genucel comes into the frame, and it’s giving millions of people outstanding results in anti-aging benefits.

Based on,  Genucel is the name of a nutraceutical company that specializes in anti-aging products. This particular company has a full-lineup of anti-aging creams that can be used on all skin types. That can’t be said for many of the competing brands. Another benefit of Genucel is that it utilizes plant stem cell therapy. This type of therapy has produced extraordinary results because it promotes younger-looking skin that’s much tighter. Genucel by Chamonix is one of the better routes to take for handling your skincare needs. The ingredients that are fused into these advanced products are organically based. This means that many of the ingredients aren’t created in a lab, but are created naturally via mother nature. This includes:

  1. Green Tea Leaf extract: Prevents premature aging via powerful antioxidants.
  2. Algae Extract: Does a great job of adding moisture to the skin.
  3. Hydrolyzed-Marine Collagen: Is a protein that helps to maintain a youthful look.
  4. Goji Berry Extract: Fights free radical via antioxidants while keeping the skin fully-moisturized.

Millennials actually makeup a huge demographics of cosmetics use, and getting started at a millennial age will payoff later on in life. This is Genucel by Chamonix’ lifelong process, which requires a commitment from you.

Malcolm CasSelle

WAX is a blockchain that will allow players to buy and sell virtual goods. The Blockchain will make the process of trading goods safer for gamers. Wax solves the fraud problem and ensures that the buyer and seller follow through on their trade.

Malcolm CasSelle is the president of WAX. It has become the top virtual marketplace for buying and selling items. He has tons of experience with these kinds of things from being the president/CTO at tribune publishing.

CasSelle has been the CEO at most of the places he’s worked. He has also been lead in launching multiple million-dollar projects. Xfire is an example of one. He has been an overseer or hands-on in launching these projects for most of his career. He attended MIT and Stanford where he received computer science degrees and can speak two other languages. He is also an active investor with 30 plus investments. He has invested in companies like Facebook and Zynga. A smart investment since these companies are also worth millions. Along with being smart and having multiple million-dollar companies, he is kind. You don’t get these kinds of opportunities being mean to people. It is important in these projects that everyone is comfortable and able to do their job. It requires a lot of moving parts and moving people to bring these projects alive. CasSelle makes it easy for his partners to do their job. He is fun to work with and helpful at the same time. He has been an advisor and mentor to many because of this. He is responsible for all of these companies and projects being so successful. He took the time to learn his craft and study what works and what doesn’t. Now launching a million-dollar project is something he does normally and he’s good at it.

Jeunesse Global Continues To Be Among The Best

Jeunesse Global continues to be among the world’s top companies when it comes to marketing and communications. The health and wellness company has now won numerous awards at the Annual Communicator Competition for the fourth year in a row. 

This year, in 2019, Jeunesse Global has received two dozen awards for various categories and products at the Annual Communicator Competition. The awards won by Jeunesse included categories such as print and video media. It also included digital works in the visual as well as written communication categories. 

Jeunesse Global managed to win 11 awards of excellence at the Annual Communicator Competition. This is the highest distinction and award presented at the annual event. The health and wellness company also managed to receive 13 mentions of distinction for its marketing and communication of its products. 

After the awards ceremony, the chief executive officer of Jeunesse Global heaped praise on the staff at his company. He said that the marketing and communications team at Jeunesse Global are continuing to raise the bar every year. CEO Scott Lewis, then said that a big part of why Jeunesse has been so successful and able to expand around the world is due in large part due the excellent marketing and communications work done by the company. The CEO then added that he is proud that his firm is standing among some of the world’s top firms such as PepsiCo, Forbes, and ESPN. It is a true testament to the great work being done in marketing and communications at Jeunesse. 

The most awarded advertising material of Jeunesse Global at the Annual Communicator Competition was its “We Live Jeunesse” product catalog. This catalog was made to be read like a magazine. It gained a total of eight awards at the competition. Six of the awards were awards of excellence. Two were awards of distinction. The catalog was recognized by awards in the areas of writing, visual appeal, graphics, and catalog design. 

The second most awarded product of Jeunesse was its newly launched RVL Advanced Hair Care System. This newly released hair product got a total of seven awards. They included categories such as packaging, digital communications, and print material.

The Advantages of Acquiring LocationSmart Services To Protect Businesses

When you use a smartphone, desktop computer, or tablet for personal or business use and visit a website, online companies retrieve the device’s IP address. A network assigns a unique IP address to your devices for identification and security purposes.

The network connection can be through the internet, intranet, or extra-net frameworks. IP geolocation services help enterprises with hosting networks and to improve its internal and external processes and functions.

It is a powerful technology tool for detecting the physical addresses of internet users including the city, zip code, country, and telephone number. Read more: LocationSmart | Wikipedia and LocationSmart | Crunchbase

Many industries are using it for marketing purposes, communicating with customers, preventing fraud, security, identifying devices, monitoring employees, data breaches, and risk management.

LocationSmart, a leading provider of location APIs has a large platform of solutions to help entrepreneurs protect their businesses in a variety of ways.

Its applications keep up with activities of customers and employees using different methods with advantages for manufacturing, e-commerce, online gaming & gambling, and entertainment companies.

Benefits of IP Geolocation Services


  • Network security is one of the main reasons a business relies on IP geolocation services. It protects the company’s assets and identifies the location and the devices connected to the network. Additionally, it alerts entrepreneurs when hackers are attempting to invade the network or any other malicious activities.
  • Efficient risk management is another advantage of using an IP geolocation application to your network. The software helps to reduce risks involving online fraud, and it allows an entrepreneur to identify issues in real-time for quick solutions. Its powerful IP intelligence tool determines when a user’s account may be comprised from an unknown location or a device. It is a way to confirm the customer’s or user’s identity.
  • Industries including online gambling benefit from the IP geolocation service in meeting local and state regulations and compliance. In various states and countries, online gambling is illegal. Gambling sites can determine which a customer can use the site based on their location. By law, online casinos must verify the player’s location to set up an account to play online and wager bets.
  • IP geolocation application is a great marketing tool for advertising and communicating in real-time. It allows enterprises to receive data about customers’ physical location when using a smartphone to connect to their services. It also opens up communication lines between the entrepreneur and customers for promoting products and services.

Since 1995, LocationSmart, formerly known as TechnoCom Location continues to provide businesses with secured and reliable IP geolocation services.

The company offers a broaden platform of services for compliance, security, and tracking employees, assets and the Internet of Things. Contact a LocationSmart’s representative today to learn how IP geolocation applications can protect your business.

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Celebrities Give Eos Lip Balm A Kiss Of Approval

If you have been in the lip care aisle of a drug store or grocery store, you most likely have encountered these sphere shaped lip balms. EOS, Evolution of Smooth, hit the ground running when they introduced their flavored lip balm spheres to the world. It does not hurt that celebrities such as Emily Ratajkowski among others have been spotted using the products.

EOS recently expanded their skincare product line. These products include shaving cream, body lotion, and lip balm in a stick. Yes, the lip balms now come in a stick. Just like the spheres, the sticks are paraben, gluten, and petrolatum free. Ingredients found in the sticks include shea butter, vitamin E, and jojoba oil, which are all known to help with hydration. They also come in lip-smacking flavors such as Pomegranate Rasberry, Vanilla Bean, Strawberry Sorbet, and Sweet Mint.

From the beginning, EOS wanted to shake up the lip balm industry. After much research into the unisex industry, they wanted to create something more appealing to women. Their sphere shape balm combined with unbelievable flavors and natural ingredients flew off the shelves, and EOS has not looked back.

Allow Unroll Me To Manage Your Email Inbox

One of the newest and most unique companies around is an email managing company called Unroll Me. This company can trash emails, organize emails, or have them delivered to a person’s inbox at specific time. The company was founded by four young man by the name of JoJo Hedaya, Steven Greenberg, Perry Blake Gorman, and Joshua Rosenwald. These young men founded the company in 2011.

Most people who receive a large amount of emails are usually just subscribing mindlessly to different email sites. Although we subscribe to these different site most of the emails we are sent we never read or even open. Our inbox just began to get cluttered. Fortunately there is a free service called Unroll Me that can help an individual to unsubscribe from each site with a single click. The software just gathers all your subscription and displays them on your computer screen and allows the individual to go to the list and unsubscribe from unwanted emails with a single click. This process is very simple. You have to go to Unroll Me through your Google, Yahoo, or Outlook account and sign up but if you do not have access to any of these platforms you can sign up with your email address. 

Once you have signed up you will see three different options displayed on the screen and they are roll up, unsubscribe, or keep in inbox. You click unsubscribe from a subscription that you no longer want. If there are some subscriptions that you want to keep you then click on roll up and what this option does is create a daily digest of newsletters that the subscriber can have sent to them in the morning, afternoon, or evening whichever they prefer. The last option keep in inbox is self-explanatory these descriptions will stay in the subscriber’s inbox.

There are many different email managing software on the market but most of them require some type of subscription fee but Unroll Me is free. For a free service it definitely does a lot of things that can make a person’s life easier especially if you use your email for a lot of business purposes. It will make your email easier to navigate through so you can only receive important emails.