Smita Shah Interview and the Delhi Committee

Smita Shah Background 


World business leaders Smita Shah, Lori Lightfoot, Senator Dick Durbin, Amy Eshelman, and others gathered at the 2019 Legacy of Mahatma Gandhi luncheon. They celebrated over 150 years to Gandhi’s legacy. Furthermore, the fifth anniversary of the conference marks his efforts towards improving civil rights globally. This was also the day Mayor Lightfoot decreed the celebration of Mahatma Gandhi’s legacy of Indian culture; everyone was to appreciate the cultural background of his work. 


Smitah Shah, President of SPAAN Tech, congratulated the event, stating that is was “an honor to observe the Indian-American culture in Chicago.” SPANN tech is a company that focuses on construction and engineering. Additionally, the focus of SPAAN Tech is overseen by a woman with a passion for business education. Smitah showed early signs of success in 1998 when she launched SPAAN Tech. It was ranked as one of the fastest-growing private companies out of 5,000. That’s not all. Her achievements include being the most connected entrepreneur in Chicago, Young Civil Engineer of the Year, Entrepreneur of the Year Award Finalist, and Community Leader of the Year. 


She serves on many public boards for organizations. Her achievements and dedication to human welfare are recognized nationally. Even the White House honors her work. She continues to be a force among young professionals today. Learn more:


The Delhi Committee and Culture


Delhi is a city in northern India and is recognized as Chicago’s sister town. The creation of the Delhi Committee saw diversification in Chicago. No one area was exclusive with its own culture. Rather, Indonesian influences were rampant throughout which inspired this committee. shares its inception like this; “…Under Shah’s leadership, the Delhi Committee of Chicago founded the Annual Legacy of Mahatma Gandhi Luncheon in 2014, honoring the long-standing exchange of ideas between Mahatma Gandhi and the U.S., and the ever-important principles of truth and non-violence.” Shah founded this organization in 2014. She successfully merged the two cultures and drew attraction to non-violent behavior. This organization promotes diplomacy, respect, cultural adaptation, and peaceful understanding between people. 




Smita Shah’s career is expansive. Her vision for younger and older generations to coexist professionally lives on through the Delhi Committee in Chicago. Many lives were changed during the creation and celebration of Mahatma Gandhi’s legacy. SPAAN Tech continues to inspire people from all to chase their dreams and build a brighter future for all.

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Luke Lazarus Builds-Up Small Firms to Major Corporations

Growing businesses face a lot of challenges in the business world as they try to flourish. Roughly 90% of young firms fail in under five years of foundation.

Given that in today’s economy, job opportunities are going down by the day, the delinquency rate has become a harsh reality. For those who keenly follow business trends, there is a fascinating alteration from these desolate figures.

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Even with a large proportion of young firms struggling to stay in business, there are a few exceptional entrepreneurs who have a streak of luck.

They are the business people that continually create enterprises and develop them into huge ventures that can be put on the market for massive profits.

The term given for this type of businesspeople is sequential entrepreneurs. As much as they consist of sparse population size, their outstanding success point to more than survival bias.

A particular level of expertise comes into play when working towards achieving the success rate of these sequential entrepreneurs. With time the financial accomplishments become an insignificant factor, and these business people aim at assisting fellow entrepreneurs.

Luke Lazarus implements some of his tactful methods to support young business creators. Born and brought up in Melbourne, Australia, he began his business venture at the age of 8 years.

During his high school days, he was a top achiever who got straight A scores while also showcasing excellence in sports. Since he was a great student who had a knack for business, universities all over the world were looking to enroll him. He turned down sponsorship from Ivy League schools and U.S. Division I colleges. Contrary to what many would do, Luke Lazarus settled for a high-level educational institution from his birthplace Melbourne.

He spent over ten years after college, developing four firms that he eventually sold for high returns. Luke Lazarus was financially empowered by the age of 35 years and still went on with his entrepreneur venture.

After some self-evaluation, he discovered that money was no more a motivating factor for him, and that’s when he decided to spend his time assisting other entrepreneurs who were experiencing various problems.

Offering solutions to such entrepreneurs were more fulfilling than making more money. At that point, Luke Lazarus became a business advisor, and as he would always do, he established a method that was the first of its kind.

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With the new approach, there would be considerations of data analysis and more so an emotional attachment among all shareholders. As an experienced marketing consultant, he has assisted many developing firms in getting an Initial Public Listing (IPO) amounting to millions of dollars.

A Brief History

For the past decade, Luke Lazarus has used his marketing expertise to provide solutions for developing firms. He proceeded with his entrepreneur journey at the age of 24 years shortly after attaining his MBA from Melbourne Business School.

Given his hands-on method, he moved to the corporate sector, where he participated in four successful projects. In his opinion, inventors of companies should have laid-out agendas with plans on how to execute them.

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Maarten De Jeu on Investing in Commercial Real Estate

Maarten De Jeu is a top strategic business advisor who has valuable insight into how commercial real estate investments can be beneficial to short- and long-term investment goals. Investing in real estate can be a lot easier than many individual investors think.

While residential real estate is often purchased to own or for rental purposes, commercial real estate is varied and can include many kinds of structures like office buildings or retail space. Even apartment buildings can be a commercial real estate investment as they are based on multi-family units.

Commercial properties are a different kind of investment from residential properties as commercial real estate is often a bigger expense and larger. When considering a commercial property, keep in mind that some investment laws have changed and there are more opportunities to benefit from ownership equity when purchasing commercial properties.

In 2012, the Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act was passed easing restrictions on small businesses allowing individual investors the ability and access to more capital to invest in a business.

It doesn’t take a fortune to start investing as new investors can start with as little as $5,000 in certain commercial real estate and earn a share in the property value or rent once the property is sold. In lending, investors can also collect on the monthly interest payments the borrower is making with their monthly secured loan payments.

These methods make it easy to reinvest the profits on the initial investment and take advantage of any applicable tax breaks.

Also, there are no market fluctuations or management fees with commercial real estate as with traditional investments, and there is less risk associated with a real estate investment.

Another great reason to take advantage of the commercial real estate market is that there is protection against inflation. Inflation associated with the price of goods and services for traditional investments can be costly, but real estate investments are not impacted this way. Commercial real estate generally appreciates at a higher rate than inflation making it low-risk and an excellent long-term investing strategy.

There are also rent increases with commercial properties over time further increase the value of your investments.

Commercial real estate can also serve as a form of short-term cash flow with rent from tenants. This income can be reinvested or used for other business purposes.

Commercial real estate investing is considered a hard asset because investors are much more likely to recover and maximize the value of this kind of investment. Upgrades and improvements can always be made further increasing the value of the property. Besides, consider the building insurance policy as another safeguard to a commercial real estate investment. Learn more:

If you own traditional stocks and bonds, it’s always smart to diversify with real estate. Whether selecting residential or commercial, there are advantages to both. Always weigh your investment risk strategy with a professional and seek out expert advice before purchasing any investment.

Maarten De Jeu is an expert investment strategist and founder of SVM Business Advisory, a business investment consulting firm.

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Sergey Petrossov and the Hassle of Flying on a Commercial Airline


There has been a paradigm shift in the world of private jet travel and the charge has been led by Sergey Petrossov. The young man of Russian descent is both the founder and CEO of a major company called JetSmarter. This company was created to change the way people fly on a private jet. Those who have to fly commercially on a regular basis are likely familiar with the stress this experience can bring. Now, there is an alternative to the regular hassle of flying commercial. Sergey Petrossov and his company have made it far easier to book a seat on a private plane. As a result, more people than ever are trying to steer clear of the world of commercial travel and are electing to try out the private option instead.

There are a number of problems that people will face when they fly commercial airlines on a regular basis. First, there are many people who spend hours waiting in line at security. This process alone can make it difficult for someone to catch their flight on time. On top of this, the food at the airport isn’t great and any meals that are served on a commercial airplane are event worse. Then, once they get on the plane, they realize how cramped the seats are. They might never get comfortable during the entire time they ride on the plane. Therefore, many people have been looking for an alternative for an extended period of time. This is where Sergey Petrossov and his company have changed the world of private travel.


Sergey Petrossov and his company allow travelers to book a seat on a private plane with the push of a button. Because more people are electing to go with the private route, the price per seat is starting to drop. This has made the world of private travel more accessible than ever before.

James River Capital

Becoming a business owner is something that millions of people dream of but that they are not really sure where to start. With the right information and the right tips, you can become an entrepreneur that can attain their dreams. With the help of a great investment firm like James River Capital, you can make the most of the money that you are investing and really make the most of your budding business.


The first tip to becoming a business owner is to take the time to save your money. You can fund a new business with your own savings and can truly make a big difference in the overall success of your company. On top of using your own funds to minimize the number of loans that you have to take out. If you do not have all the money you need in savings, you can always take out business and personal loans. Making sure your loans are specific to your business type can help you to make the most of your money.

If you have not taken out loans you can always crowdfund. Crowdfunding is taking money from those that want to back your business and want to support your ideas but that are not expecting any money back. You might also seek investors and angel investors that want to help support your idea. If these are not the investment options you want to take, you can also take the time to trade equity for capital. Trading equity means selling stock in your business or your idea to help fund the startup and to get the ideas off the ground.

These are all great investment options that can help you to get your business up and going but having a great investment firm on your side can help you to get your business off the ground. James River Capital can help you to find the right investors and the right investment methods for your business.  

Barbara Stokes Focuses on Disaster Relief

Barbara Stokes is a remarkable leader in the disaster relief industry. She is the Chief Executive Officer at Green Structures Home of Alabama. Visit to know more about Barbara Stokes.

They focus on helping people who have lost housing due to a natural disaster. Barbara Stokes started the company with her husband, Scott. They do a large amount of their work with the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Barbara Stokes works closely with her team every day. She wants to ensure the things they strategize about actually happens.


She has a design and engineering team to help make things happen. Something else that she truly enjoys is being a mother. She desires to have balance in life when it comes to business and her personal life. In fact, she is so focused on it that she plans her days to have the most time with her children. Read more at Business Insider.

Jeremy Goldstein – A Lawyer Who Believes in Close Relationships

Jeremy Goldstein is a lawyer blessed with many interests and capabilities. It is this wide variety of inclinations that have led him to achieve a illustrious career in corporate mergers and acquisitions. His eclectic talents give him the kind of insight that CEOs the world over have learned to rely on. And aside from working full time at this very detailed niche within corporate law, he also finds the time to participate as a board member and mentor of his favorite charities.


Jeremy Goldstein is most remembered for his work on some of the biggest acquisitions in this century. He had a singnificant hand in the purchase of Sears, South African Breweries and Alltel. He even participated in the merger of Time Warner by AT&T. Although he says the most significant of these projects was a merger made by J.P. Morgan Chase.


Major Corporations Seek His Help

Many corporations are more than eager to work with Goldstein because of his intense organizational and legal skills. Jeremy Goldstein’s area of expertise is in corporate finance, Commercial Banking and managerial governance. He brings to the corporate table this experience which helped him complete mergers and acquisitions in the finest of detail. Without his experience, companies often find themselves at a loss and sometimes even fail to bring the deal together.


Jeremy Goldstein’s decades of experience in acquisitions have helped him master every corporate challenge he has faced. The years of practice in different facets of the law allow him t navigate through these complex contracts easily and follow through to their completion, while taking every legal measure into account.


Acquisitions can often involve hundreds of billions of dollars worth of assets, so it’s vital that all parties ensure that the final contracts reflect the best intentions of the negotiated agreement and include all aspects such as assets, communities, employees, associations and more. An attorney well versed in every aspect of an acquisition is critical to the process because he has the expertise necessary to see to every aspect of the negotiation and the legal contracts.

When Goldstein takes on a new client, he meets the board of directors and CEOs face-to-face. He always wants to ensure that both parties are able to reach an adequate agreement quickly and works on relationships to help complete the deal as fast as possible. Otherwise, when negotiations take too long, a corporate leader can sideline and decide to pull out of the negotiation. As a result Goldstein offers tremendous value to helping CEOs reach an agreement without making a common mistake that leads to a future loss.


In addition to helping negotiate mergers and acquisitions, Jeremy Goldstein also specializes in offering CEOs focused consulting services. A CEO can often struggle to make a decision when the company is going through a significant change. This is when a CEO might turn to Jeremy Goldstein and use his advice to help refocus on making the right decisions. Goldstein helps CEOs make the decision, purchase necessary assets and complete a project or expand a facility. Jeremy Goldstein’s services help avoid lawsuits, improve productivity, acquire assets and merge with associates.

His Personal Approach

In Goldstein’s view, most attorneys make transactions excessively formal. Law offices take on clients through referrals or public marketing channels. Goldstein, believes that a client relationship is essential and should be informal. There should be a friendly working relationship because this can help uncover critical issues that could cause the downfall of a business. He believes in strong informal relationships as they can help the attorney-Business CEO work together as friends. Goldstein ensures this relationship by opening up his personal life to his business partnerships. He says, “ my clients are people and not robots. They like to have a good life just like anybody else and they trust a friend over someone who is just out to make money.” This is the strategy that allows Goldstein to nurture his client relationships and create lasting friendships and trust to bring tremendous value to both parties.


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Smita Shah: Supporting the Move to Name October 2 as Mahatma Gandhi Day

Smita Shah is an American entrepreneur based in Chicago, Illinois. She is the founder of SPAAN Tech, a company that focuses on construction services and engineering management. She currently serves as the chief executive of the company, and she secures a professional engineering license to gain more clients across the country. She is an alumnus of Northwestern University, Oxford University, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She decided to set up her company in 1998, several years after she graduated from university. She wanted to exercise her skills in the engineering profession, and that is the reason why she set up a business that focuses on engineering and construction.

Through the years, SPAAN Tech became widely known because of its performance in the market. It won several awards, including the Fastest Growing Company Award where it beat 5,000 other businesses. SPAAN Tech is also recognized as the Best Business in Chicago under the engineering services category. Lastly, Smita Shah was given the Engineering Excellence Honor Award because of her role in improving the engineering services sector in the city. Aside from SPAAN Tech, she also serves another company as a board of directors. She is an influential business leader, and other businesses are trying to benefit from her skills in managing a business. Learn more:

Aside from her stint as a business executive, Smita Shah is also a strong supporter of the civil rights movement. She is a civic leader after all who wanted to ensure that everyone in Chicago would feel accepted. She is recognized for her dedication to strengthening the relationship of the city to other places around the world, and she wanted to promote the cultural and economic growth of Chicago. Because of her efforts, she was given the Ellis Island Medal of Honor, an award reserved only for immigrants who have a huge contribution to the society and economy of the United States.

She stated that one of her dreams is to see more people in the United States engaging in business. Entrepreneurism and innovation would be the key to the future, and she advocates for more people to set up a business and learn how to manage it. Community enterprise, according to Smita Shah, helps smaller communities aiming to become a business hub. Through her, many young professionals and young leaders are inspired to take a bigger leap into their careers.

Last October 2019, Smita Shah Chicago invited several politicians including Mayor Lori Lightfoot of Chicago to participate in the Annual Legacy of Mahatma Gandhi Luncheon. The event was launched in 2014, and it is the fifth year that they are celebrating it. During the event, Mayor Lori Lightfoot announced that October 2 of every year will now be celebrated as Mahatma Gandhi Day in Chicago to recognize his contribution to the civil rights movement. This year also coincided with Mahatma Gandhi’s 150th year anniversary. Smita Shah stated that this move would further improve the relationship between India and the United States. The reaction from the Indian community in Chicago is also positive – they welcome the idea because they view Mahatma Gandhi as an inspiration.

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Unconventional Asset

Since 2001, the U.S. Money Reserve has become one of the nation’s largest distributors of government issued precious metals to those that have an appreciation for collecting (coins, bullion, or bars).

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Currency rather it is tangible or intangible is a key factor when financial decisions are made. Most collectors view their collections as financial security. That said, the U.S. Money Reserve is a prestigious non-profit organization held to a high standard of integrity and trustworthiness as is the U.S. Mint.

An article written on June 21, 2019 called attention to Angela Koch, CEO of the U.S. Money Reserve. The article had very little to do with coins or currency. The essence of the article had everything to do with employees becoming an asset versus a liability. What is an asset? An economic resource that is expected to produce a future benefit. An asset could certainly be used in reference to employees.

Angela Koch’s journey to success brings two of Albert Einstein’s quotes to mind. The first quote, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” She openly shares that her journey began without the college degrees that most people spend years and thousands of dollars to obtain and often never achieve their desired success.

She imagined what she was capable of achieving by knowing her strengths and maximizing them. She gained knowledge along the way.

There’s so much to admire about her story. The fact that she held two-to-three jobs at once is very commendable. She expressed that there was no company too big or too small. She made the most of everything that was put before her.

She made it her responsibility to learn how everything from A-Z worked. She emphasized how important it was for her to learn the data. Analyzing data is key when trying to understand the logistics of business.

Another Einstein quote; “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” Not taking anything from Philip Diehl or dishonoring his achievements, Angela Koch has displayed an unconventional way of adding innovation to what he started.

We live in a time where unconventional is paying off big in many industries. Who knew that YouTube would create fame and fortune as it has? Angela Koch is a problem solver with a new level of consciousness.

She believes that taking care of her employees by allowing them to grow personally and professionally will provide the company with future benefits. She would like each employee to know and maximize their own strengths. This would create an environment that, without her, will be able to make good business decisions.

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Angela Koch has introduced the theory that one major in one field can limit one’s marketability. She realized that she was strong at building processes and strengthening internal controls.

A significant quote of her own, “Look at your life as a basket. Is it evenly balanced? If you don’t have that basket, per se, balanced, your soul is not going to be complete.”

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Bhanu Choudhrie Believes Women Are the Solution to Asia’s Pilot Crisis

For decades, women worldwide have been trying to get into careers that had been previously dominated by men. Aviation is one area where these efforts haven’t had much success as women only make up for only 3% of pilots. The Executive Director of C&C Alpha Group, Bhanu Choudhrie, believes that the current shortage of pilots in Asia is an excellent opportunity for women to jump into sector.

There is an air travel boom globally, but it’s much more significant in Asia. Airlines are struggling to meet demand due to the lack of pilots. Boeing Co predicts that the continent would need not less than 266,000 more pilots, come 2038 if the current trends are anything to go by. Get the latest updates on his twitter for more information.

Increasing women recruitment

Manila’s Alpha Aviation Group, one of the most coveted aviation schools in Asia, has put plans underway to up its recruitment from the current 550 students annually. This school is looking to take in more women in its recruitment. This is because Bhanu Choudhrie believes that women are the solution to the current pilot shortage.

Currently at Manila-based pilot school, one in five new recruits is a woman. Bhanu said that his firm would put at least $12 million every year towards the expansion of the school. This expansion will be done in three years and is expected to double the recruitment capacity of the school.

About Bhanu

Bhanu Choudhrie was born in India in 1978 and lived in the country until after his education when he moved to the United States. He then joined the University of Boston where he graduated with a degree in international business and marketing. Bhanu did a short internship stint at JP Morgan after his graduation and moved to London to become an entrepreneur with his C&C Alpha Group.

As a result of his business success, Bhanu Choudhrie was awarded the Entrepreneur of the Year award by Asian Voice Political and Public Life Awards. The prosperous investor is very passionate about helping businesses get to new markets and entrepreneurs to succeed.