Ara Chackerian’s Foot in Psychiatric Care

Entrepreneurs are known to be brave, persistent, determined and most importantly a risk taker. This just a summary about who Ara Chackerian is in the world of business. He has made a name worldwide for being an avid and serial entrepreneur, investor and a philanthropist. Ara has invested in many sectors of the economy but seems to have deep passion in science and medicine in particular.


Ara Chackerian has made notable contribution in healthcare as he has spent many years in his practice to build outpatient diagnostic radiology centers in Northern California. In the course of his assignments, one of his partner suggested that they look for opportunities in an outpatient psychiatry space. This was motivated by a new device for managing depression cases called transcranial magnetic stimulation.


This is how TMS Health Solutions came to be and Ara Chackerian has not departed from this project since FDA approved of it in 2008. The healthcare facility did not run without hitches; he came face to face with operational challenges, technicians’ turnover and insurance coverage policies which at the time were unfavorable. However, he had already been able to setup a facility where depression disorders patient could feel supported and have relaxing experiences. The number of patients grew with time; demand became so high that the market was insatiable to be served from one facility. With the help of Architect Josh Heitler, seven facilities have been built and are operation in Sacramento and San Francisco.  You can visit for more info.


About Ara Chackerian

Ara Chackerian is a businessman, entrepreneur, philanthropist and a heavy investor in healthcare industry. He is the ASC Capital Holdings Managing Partner, a company that finances and managed healthcare companies. He is also a Co-founder and a General partner at TMS Health Solutions. In the past he has worked in health tech companies such as PipelineRx, BMC Diagnostics and Provider links. As a matter of fact, most of his time has been in healthcare which makes him has admirable experience in the field. Ara Chackerian has been able to merge healthcare services provision and technology and ensured efficiency has been reached. Elsewhere, he has launched many communities driven projects for the youth, environmental efforts and to empower the community. For more details you can checkout


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David McDonald is Selfless in His Work

David McDonald is one knowledgeable individual who deserves his current position as he is strategically placed to lead in the food industry. His educational background as well allows him to perform his duties professionally and take his company to the next level globally. Currently, he is the president of the OSI Group, a world-leading food provider popular for its products and services that are satisfactory to the clients. For starters, David McDonald is a holder of a degree in animal science which he attained from the Iowa State University. In that case, he is well equipped with what he needs to know considering that the company deals with a variety of meat products. For him, he was lucky to secure a job at the OSI Group immediately after college, which means he has had ample time to gain all the experience to lead. Having started as a project manager and later became the president of the company, it is evident that his hard work and indisputable contribution to the company became recognized.

Before becoming a part of the OSI Group, David McDonald was the chairman of the North American Meat Institute where he gained vast experience in the food industry specifically meat. Under his management, the company has expanded to China, a market he believes has enormous potential because of the massive and prosperous middle class in their market. In that case, their products are bound to thrive especially poultry. In regards to expanding to Europe, the purchase of Baho Food Company will facilitate its growth in the region which will be good for business. The OSI Group as well acquired another company called the Flagship Europe that majors in frozen poultry. In that case, the company will be in a position to meet the demands in the market as it is a significant provider of meat products to various eateries like Pizza Hut, Papa Jones and Subway as well Starbucks.

One strategy that has made David McDonald stand out in his leadership is that he works towards exceeding the customer’s expectations. By doing so, the customers gain trust and confidence in the company and hence become loyal to the company. Additionally, he sees to it that thorough research gets done before venturing into a new market to avoid unexpected eventualities. In that case, he is strategic in his moves in regards to any plans concerning the company, and he would not want to be the one to ruin the company’s achievements of many years.

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Southridge Capital CEO Steven M. Hicks Hints On Venturing into Cryptocurrency

With a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from King’s college and an MBA from Fordham University, Steven Hicks is enjoying well-deserved success in Wall Street. With 30 years of experience tucked under his belt, Hicks heads the Southridge Capital, a group of companies that manages business development and execution.




As the CEO, Steven Hicks oversees the strategic direction of the Southridge Capital, outlining the way for planning and development. With his highly skilled team, they form a force with tonnes of experience and knowledge to assist businesses to plan their growth and expansion seamlessly.




Though he does not have a rigid routine to run through each day, Hicks has several things he ensures to do each day to keep him focused and ensure he accomplishes the tasks that have to be done. Steven Hicks starts his morning by going through Southridge Capitals portfolio and assigning some tasks to himself as well as members of his team. For more details visit LinkedIn




Two things remain the focus of his day: ensuring their investments are on track and performing as expected, and looking for new opportunities for the future.




There are bound to be some risks that don’t pan out. For Steven Hicks, one notable one was an investment in a company called Petals, which failed, leaving Southridge with huge losses, which forced it to fight hard to remain liquid and eventually stabilized.




Southridge Capital also has an interesting inception story. Before opening the firm, Steven Hicks was working at a small hedge fund in New York, when it became apparent that the company had to close down because the principal partner was returning to Australia. Hicks saw this as an opportunity to start his firm and began Southridge while assisting with the closure of his former workplace.




For this Southridge head, being focused and organized is the key to success in this highly competitive field. For him, having a daily to-do list is extremely important. He also focuses on the cash returns from their portfolios to ensure that they maximize on investments.




For newcomers into this field, the Southridge Capital boss throws a gem on where to start, cryptocurrencies.


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Madison Street Capital is Growing with an Expansion to Austin

There are many different companies that call the state of Texas their home. While companies such as Dell and Whole Foods were created in the state, others like Facebook and Apple later made the move to Texas. This may be one of the reasons why Madison Street Capital made the decision to expand their business to Austin.


Austin may be seen as a tech hub, but there are many different companies of varying sizes and industries that have found a great deal of success in the busy city. Based in Chicago, Madison Street Capital saw the city as a great opportunity for their business. Madison Street Capital is expanding their business and is excited to offer regional support for clients both new and old in the region.


The Chief Executive Officer of Madison Street Capital, Charles Botchway, lives in the city of Austin and is excited to be able to work from an office so close to his home. These plans to open an office in Texas mark a significant opportunity for growth for Market Street Capital that their chief executive officer is excited to be a part of. He believes that Madison Street Capital will be able to provide the other business that call the city home highly skilled financial professionals that will be able to help these companies meet their business needs. Madison Street Capital has set a target opening date for the early part of 2019 and is currently in the process of trying to find the correct office space to meet the needs of their growing company.


Madison Street Capital has had clients in a wide array of industries. The banking firm that specializes in middle market investments provides many different financial services: some of these include business valuation, financial opinions, and corporate advisory. Madison Street Capital has more than a decade of experience in the financial industry after being founded in 2005. Their many clients around the world trust Madison Street Capital with all of the services that they provide.


One of the most recognized services provided by Madison Street Capital is their ability to assist their clients with mergers and acquisitions. In order to do this so successfully, they make sure to give a proper and true valuation of the companies in question. It can be difficult to find the correct firm to provide financial advice, but Madison Street Capital has a strong reputation in the industry.


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Why Many Financial Firms Don’t See Growth in Revenue According To GoBuySide

Many financial firms are struggling to hire professionals within their field due to having low expert recruiters. This leads to firms bring the cost to increase due to the financial firm’s recruiters not having enough expertise to identify a candidates skill set, which makes the hiring cost more expensive.

Not only does this make the hiring process more expensive, but it makes the financial firm have fewer accesses to top-tier talents, which can work beyond their expectations. In addition, many financial firms such as investment firms do not reduce hiring time for open positions. This leads to the firm’s revenue to decrease, and an increase in recruiting debt that can impact their reputation with its clients. In continuation, many financial firms are not niched specific, which leads to the recruitment of wrong talents.

For example, many investment firms recruit private equity talents in an attempt to increase profits, however, it leads to recruitment cost, and in the long run a drop in revenue due to unfilled positions. GoBuySide, a recruitment platform that uses state of the art modern technology in New York City, reduces the cost of recruitment by using strategies base on the financial client. For instance, for niche based investment firms, GoBuySide uses niche base hiring to find a top-tier talent that exceeds investment, and equity management.

Furthermore, Work at home jobs are increasing, and many firms are struggling with recruiting professionals to fill in open job positions. This has been shown by a twenty-four percent increase in job decentralization in two thousand fifteen. GoBuySide uses a strategy of location base hiring in New York City to find exceeding talent in other firms, that performed beyond expectation, without a firms supervision. This reduces hiring cost, and the time leading to an increase in revenue by filling in open job positions for financial firms.

Founded by Arjun Kapur, a business graduate from Standford and John Hopkins University, GoBuySide has been trusted by over 400 clients in 16 cities worldwide.

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Southridge Capital Has Finaced More than 250 Public Companies

Southridge Capital offers advisory as well as structured finance for public firms. It’s devoted to helping its various group of customers meet their needs. The company does this by providing a whole spectrum of innovative financial solutions. Its core executive team has a deep and intuitive knowledge of the marketplace and its expertise in curating and tirelessly plus reliable executing financing plans for their clients. Since 1996, Southridge has directly invested 1.8 billion dollars into growth companies globally. Having financed more than 250 public companies, it’s aware of the concerns all the growing companies face; the team has the expertise and skills to consult on almost all corporate issues. For instance, becoming a public company, individualized financing techniques, and management of balance sheet optimization.


Under the advisory umbrella, the company offers services covering all bases, including financial analysis, where it designs highly detailed and projected financial statements in the line with operational and financial assumptions. The structured financial aspect of Southridge Capital’ entails credit enhancing, securitization, and financing solutions. Southridge’s team is aware that companies in need of financing don’t take advantage of all opportunities they may have. One of the Southridge’s securitizations solutions is monetization of the existing asset base of a company via loans against capital, insider shares, or other assets. Moreover, Southridge Capital collaborates with creditors of companies directly to discharge debt in favor of ordinary shares and as such helps businesses increase their creditworthiness. For more info you can checkout


In his interview, the founder and CEO of Southridge Capital, Stephen Hicks, stated that the idea for the company came while he was still working at a small hedge fund in New York where the principal decided to go back to Australia. It would have taken him one year to wind down, so he decided to start his hedge fund; he allowed him to launch Southridge Capital while at the same time working for him.


Hicks is the one who normally set the overall strategic Southridge Capital group of companies’ direction; he’s responsible for business development plus execution. He founded Southridge Capital in 1996. He has broad experience in investment banking, risk arbitrage, and financial structuring. Hicks received his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) from the Briarcliff Manor, NY-based King’s College, and a Master of Business Administration from Fordham University, NYC. You can visit for more details.




Talkspace : New Age Mental Health Services Designed For Everyone

Talkspace makes it possible to get mental health counseling no matter where you are. Whether you are a night owl or an early bird, their easy to use platform makes things simple. Chat and video therapy are effective solutions when it comes to maintaining routines too. The platform also emphasizes prevention, encouraging people to get help when they feel disturbed or upset.

One of the most vocal supporters of the platform is Olympic athlete Michael Phelps. His personal experience with Talkspace resulted in profound changes to his care routine. In one interview Phelps even went into detail about the life-changing benefits of working with a Talkspace healthcare provider. He found the platform very powerful and easy to use. It allowed him to take his mental health consultations on the road.

Talkspace makes it easy to access services without breaking the bank. This is something that Phelps and other advocates have mentioned on numerous occasions. The system is designed with users in mind and is straightforward. Within a few moments of signing up, users get access to a wide array of tools on the site. Talkspace subscriptions are also flexible and can be tailored to each person’s unique needs. Without having to worry about traveling to the doctor, many patients feel more comfortable and save money on travel expenses too.

Overall, Talkspace has been getting a great deal of media attention in the past few years. They empower people to get ongoing assistance no matter what their condition, making them a one-stop solution for a myriad of mental health concerns. Not only does Talkspace have incredible endorsements from Michael Phelps and other notable public figures, but it has also been popularized amongst multinational companies. Large corporations have started to add Talkspace to their employee benefits packages as well as coverage options. By allowing employees the chance to improve mental health conveniently, businesses can actually foster better work environments. Workplace conflict resolution and therapy over chat are just some of the many mental health management solutions that Talkspace provides. They plan to continue developing innovative solutions for years to come.

Sussex Healthcare Hires People Who Care

When Sussex Healthcare started helping people with the issues they faced, they knew they had to do things that would change the course of the future. It was their goal of helping their patients that allowed them to be as successful as what they are now, but it’s something they consistently struggle with. Since they always wanted to make sure their patients received the best care, they had to do things differently from most. Sussex Healthcare got innovative with how they were helping other people. It also made sense for them to hire people who cared more than the average employee. They wanted to show people they were supportive of different causes and they did a lot to get to that point.

By the time they hired more people, they could show them what it would be like to bring attention to these issues in different areas.For Sussex Healthcare, the point of doing all this is making sure everyone has a chance to do things on their own. With Sussex Healthcare, everyone gets a chance to do things they want to do. The employees know what they can expect when they work with the company and they feel they can do things that will help them see the positive influences that come from the company. By the time they started doing things the right way, Sussex felt they had to show the employees they were valuable.

Other companies didn’t provide that type of value and Sussex knew they were doing the right thing by offering these options. Even though the company continues helping people, they know what they can do to bring attention to these issues. Sussex Healthcare feels like they know what they can do and they aren’t afraid to provide these options to everyone in the industry. It makes sense for them when they’re in different situations, but Sussex knows what they need to do. The company continues hiring people who care about their clients. They aren’t afraid to find more people who know what they need and that’s how they work hard to give their patients the best experiences.

Investments through Igor Cornelsen’s Eyes

For over 30 years, Igor Cornelsen has been working in the Investment sector, creating interest around his work ethic and ideas in investment. As a native of Brazil, he defied all odds to become one of the most influential investment advisors of our time. Surprisingly, he did not study banking or finance in school but instead specialized in engineering. However, this did not deter him from pursuing a successful career in stock investment and the world markets.

While working as an investment banker, Igor Cornelsen impressed his employers and peers with his hard work and brilliance in predicting world trends. His prowess saw him work in various banks before he settled at Standard Chartered Merchant bank. His experience contributed to his entrepreneurial journey and gave him the title of an investment adviser.

To maintain his clients and better his skills, Igor Cornelsen is keen on the market trends, and the way news affects the stock market. He is also particularly interested in the economies of countries across the world and how the investments poured into the countries affects their economy over time. Cornelsen has also noted the volatility of cryptocurrency and how intriguing the trend has been to him. Although he advises against investing in it, he agrees that if the market is stable, one could make a good investment out of it.

One of the advice that distinguish him from other investment advisors is how he advocates for personal research as opposed to taking in information given by others. He also asks investors to look at the impact of the market trends from a broad perspective and not just on their personal investments alone. He has been known for looking forward and predicting changes in the market years ahead. His contribution continues to transform the culture of investments globally.

Ted Bauman Warnings About Stock Market Crash

Ted Bauman is a financial expert with more than 20 years in the business. He obtained his BS Degree in Business from The State University Of New York. He obtained an MBA from Georgia State University. Bauman also attended University Of Cape Town and studied economics and history. Today, Ted Bauman is a writer and editor at Banyan Hill Publishing. This highly educated and very experienced financial expert warns investors that a stock market crash could occur sometime in the near future. His strong belief is that there are 3 possible outcomes from the stock market crash.

Ted Bauman Warnings And Predictions

Bauman believes that there are 3 scenarios that might occur after a stock crash. Certainly, this is a man that has his thumb on the pulse of the financial market and really knows the market like the back of his hand. His number one prediction is that the market will crash and stocks will lose value. This is partially due to the fact that a lot of the stock is overvalued. The next is Yield Curve Recognition by stock market investors. Bauman’s last prediction is that there will be a sudden rise in the stock market that is quickly followed by a crash.

Protecting Your Assets

Ted Bauman believes that diversity is the key to protecting your assets. Is it safe to place all your money in the stock market? Well, according to this financial expert, you should learn to protect your assets using simple and easy to follow strategies. Bauman believes that the first step to protecting assets is to secure your liquid assets in a safe and easily accessible area. Therefore, he suggests investing in a home safe. A customized home safe that is bolted to the floor is very secure and safe. Place important documents and valuables in the safe for quick access in a stock market crisis situation. Ted Bauman believes in making use of the safe deposit boxes at your bank. All the valuables are safe and secure. However, it is also important to note that the items in the safe deposit boxes are not covered by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.