Accomplishments of Jeremy Goldstein

Being a lawyer is an advantage for many people. The career entails helping people figure out a new direction to the things they experience in life. Having a case to answer or an issue to follow up through legal means is, at times, challenging. Finding a helper makes it bearable. The kind of attorney that one hires may either make an individual’s days longer than expected or ease one form all their troubles. Being selective helps people survive in this industry. It is never appealing to settle for anyone that is believed to be a lawyer. Focusing on and researching one’s profession matters. A competent professional in this sector must have numerous qualities that others lack. Communication is vital. A profession in the sector must ensure that they maintain a connection with their clients every time. They must be the informers to their clients on what process they may undergo in the court. Besides, they must always be available when handling anyone’s matter as clients may sometimes feel uneasy and insecure when in this state.

Cases in business do not consist only of the owner of the venture. They affect the entire team in the company. When they come to the open, they can as well transform into more serious issues. The way a venture handles its legal issues matter as without following an extraordinary procedure, many things can go wrong. Jeremy Goldstein is a savior in the industry. His profession that spans in many years has given him more education on the serious matters to direct to his clients. Besides, he has also faced problems in his career as he has to keep learning better things every day. Businesses keep feeling the effects of the technology every day. If they fail to keep up with them, they are likely t get into trouble with the law enforcers.

Jeremy Goldstein ensures that he gives information that is implementable to his clients. When the data he shares with them does not seem to address what they are facing, then it can change their perspective about him. Most information he likes to give to customers is always well detailed with enough content to serve them for a lifetime.

Besides, he ensures that he learns everything about the venture he is representing. With all details of the launch of the venture, executives of the latter, and the mergers and acquisitions it has, he can determine if the case may progress well or not. He dislikes loosing. Many times, he has never lost in his cases. It proves the dedication he has to his endeavors. Besides, he does not choose to cause scenes at the court. He believes that everyone that sues the other usually has reasons that make them do so. Even when such reasons are not valid, he tries to stay organized and convince the rivals of the things they may be doing wrong. His softness ensures that people listen to him and heed o the things he tells them. Since he is not an offender, most of his endeavors are always excellent.


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Starting a New Industry Venture with Maarten de Jeu

As average consumers seek to improve their social standing with new streams of money, there are many avenues to pursue. The common approach is investing in the stock market as there are plenty of relatively safe options to pick from. However, someone more daring might choose to open their own business. This allows an individual to create their own success through sweat and tears. Maarten de Jeu describes a new kind of investment strategy which involves a higher amount of risk, but also a higher rate of return. The commercial real estate market has slowly become its own entity with the proliferation of development and computer technology. In a recent Positive the Facts article, he runs down the facts he has learned.

While earning money from the stock market or a personal business venture is straight forward, the road to profits from commercial real estate requires a certain level of confidence and patience. Maarten de Jeu provides a pair of paths to follow for making money in this industry. It starts with the more commonly known act of allowing a third party to occupy your venue for a pre-determined rate. While the less commonly known method, and more profitable in the long term, is allowing your property to accrue value over time. The real estate market is unique compared to other industry sectors in how the competition is spread out and an individual owner has much more freedom.

Maarten de Jeu expands on the fundamental rules of playing in the commercial real estate market. The lack of oversight from competition allows for each individual property owner to increase their rates as much they would like. An owner can also encourage clients to sign longer lease periods and take on specific responsibilities for up-keeping the location. However, finding a client with whom you can enter a trusting reciprocal relationship can be the hardest part of the industry. Maarten de Jeu suggests simply putting your best foot forward and watch the pieces fall into pieces. Learn more:

Learning how to get along with industry peers and respecting each other’s space is a critical quality for recognition. The more people who believe in your skills, the more likely potential clients will be referred over to your services. Once a client is in your grasp, the hard part of signing a deal begins. Maarten de Jeu is a major fan of credibility packets as a means to give potential clients all the relevant information they need to make a decision. They will get a peek at past ventures and reviews from previous clients. If they feel safe and secure, then a deal will be forged in no time at all.

When it comes to navigating the industry and making the most of available resources, there are few others as successful as Maarten de Jeu. He was raised in an environment that encouraged an international perspective on life and he cultivated those skills form a young age. As an expert in many fields, he offers quality advice.

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How Oren Frank Created A Text-Based Therapy Giant

For the past several years, Oren Frank has served as the CEO of TalkSpace, a company that he co-founded in 2012 alongside his wife, Roni. Before establishing the firm, the Franks had been struck by how positive their experience was with a marriage therapist, with this leading to the couple learning more about the overall industry. This subsequently led to Roni Frank, at that point a software developer, to start studying psychology. Visit to learn more about Oren Frank.

Alongside this, Oren Frank began to learn more and more about the niche. It was during this time that he was struck by how expensive the process of seeing a therapist could be, which often made it unaffordable for many people. As a result, this led to many people who wanted and needed help being unable to receive it, or not being able to get adequate treatment.

This led to the couple looking for ways to try to minimize this problem for as many people as possible, which subsequently led to the idea behind TalkSpace. With Roni Frank’s experience in software development and Oren’s eye for business, the pair soon go to work building an app that would allow people who needed therapeutic help to receive it at an affordable price.

Over the course of a few months, the two were able to create a text-based therapy app that could connect users with licensed therapists that could help them with their needs. While the firm was expanding its userbase through a variety of marketing and sales strategies, it was also busy finding licensed and experienced therapists to connect with the increasing number of customers.

Since then, TalkSpace has continued to expand, with the firm boasting that it’s connected over one million people from across the world with licensed therapists. Much of this growth was driven by the innovation behind the text-based messaging app, although Oren Frank’s previous experience as a marketing and advertising professional proved to be a significant aide.

Before establishing TalkSpace, Oren Frank had worked with a variety of international firms, such as McCann Erickson WorldWide, among several others. While working in the niche, he gained a positive reputation as a progressive creative strategist. Connect:

Luke Lazarus: How to Become a Successful Serial Entrepreneur

Are you planning to set up a business? Think about it first – nine out of ten startups fail five years after it was established. However, if you are really into it, you might end up being in the ten percent – those who managed to get through all of the obstacles and became successful in the end.

This is how Luke Lazarus became a successful entrepreneur – he did not care about failing, and all he was thinking about is how to develop strategies that can make his businesses succeed.

Luke Lazarus is classified as a serial entrepreneur – one who keeps on building new businesses and focusing on those that took off. Being a serial entrepreneur requires a lot of hard work and determination because it is not easy to manage multiple businesses at once.

Luke Lazarus has always wanted to become a businessman when he was still a child. When he was in college, he took up an MBA degree at a local business school in Melbourne. He studied hard to graduate on time and started his career in building his wealth.

He initially set up four different businesses, and through closely managing its performance, his businesses started to take off. Meanwhile, he was already talking to venture capitalists, offering them his businesses.

He was able to sell all four startups, and he earned millions of dollars in the process. Luke Lazarus would continue this cycle until his wealth explodes. This setting helped him build his wealth, and he became financially independent when he reached 35 years old.

Later on, Luke Lazarus decided to quit his career of being a serial entrepreneur and focused on becoming a business consultant instead. He knows that serving the people will make him feel more accomplished, and he started to give out helpful strategies for those who are struggling with how to keep their business intact.

Many struggling company owners in Australia experienced transformation after Luke Lazarus helped them build effective strategies on how to manage their business. Those who have worked with him in the past are stating how direct to the point the young Australian business consultant is – he will speak whatever is inside his mind and would give out realistic opinion.

Luke Lazarus does not sugarcoat the situation if it became really bad. Despite his brutal realism when dealing with clients, many are appreciating his action, saying that being realistic is sometimes a necessity in the world of business.

Luke Lazarus also shared the importance of business presentations when serial entrepreneurs are looking for a venture capitalist who could become a potential partner. He said that companies should invest in an immersive and interesting presentation.

It will help them get noticed by an investor who is looking for a company that he could buy. Luke Lazarus also added that serial entrepreneurs should never surrender easily – even if they already spoke with twenty people and rejecting their offer.

Most of the time, a hard-working serial entrepreneur would have higher chances of becoming successful if they are familiar with their strategies and ready to face uncertainties.

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What Options Do Equities First Holdings UK Provide Companies

Equities First Holdings United Kingdom is responsible for providing financial advice to those companies who needed a financial plan to stay on track. They are also responsible for providing businesses a way to utilize publicly traded stocks to secure a loan. The use of securities-based lending has been quite popular due to the success Equities First Holdings UK had utilizing the business model. There are more transactions completed because companies trust how Equities First Holdings has been able to provide financing to help them succeed.

Benefits of Making Use of the LocationSmart Service

When it comes to knowing what you need for your company, it is all about improving customer and worker efficiency and care. You may want to consider implementing a service like LocationSmart, since it allows you to effortlessly make use of the different benefits that will come from real-time tracking. You can make use of LocationSmart to track assets on a global-basis as well as workers out in the field and your clients. This service is easy to use and doesn’t require for tracking programs to be downloaded and installed onto your workers’ or clients’ computers.


How the LocationSmart System Works

There are a few ways that LocationSmart works for its clients. For one, you are able to keep track of your workers while they are out in the field. You can assign work orders to them and freely communicate with them even if they are thousands of miles away. You will find that this service truly helps to improve the way that your company functions in a way that benefits everyone involved. If you have clients who are placing orders and making use of your services, you are going to want to consider this for your own needs because it prevents fraud from happening. This ensures that you are able to verify your customers’ locations and know that they are who they say they are when placing orders and inquiring about orders.


How to Begin Working with LocationSmart

LocationSmart is easy to integrate into your company and can be a wonderful asset to your everyday needs. If you are ready to make a change for yourself, it is important that you consider the many benefits of choosing LocationSmart. You can go to the actual site for LocationSmart and sign up for your own account. You are going to want to make use of this as an option and know that it is going to improve the efficiency of your company and all that it is offering to your clients who are all over the world.


LocationSmart has made it so easy for company owners to get the most out of this process and know that they are doing something that is right for them. You can effortlessly get to know more about LocationSmart by going to the site and seeing exactly what is available to meet your needs. Whether you use LocationSmart for your assets, clients or workers, it is a program that is both easy and affordable to use when it is most needed. Now is the best time to give this a try and see for yourself how different it is going to be for you when compared to some of the other service options.


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How Cancer Treatment Centers of America of America Use Public Figures to Increase Awareness

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) has Dr. Maurie Markman explain precision treatment of cancer. It involves providing medicine that fits the treatment of a patient. Visit to know more about CTCA.

The precision medicine will go as far as the molecular level type of observation to determine the type of the cancer, and they would use it to determine what specific medicine to use. There will be cases when precision medicine will call for medicine that has been overlooked or not available at that time. It will try to find any abnormalities that could be comprised by the medicine and eradicate cancer cells. Markman suggest that prospective patients should ask questions to determine if precision medicine is the right treatment for them. He suggests that people should go to CTCA’s website to find out as much information as possible about precision medicine.


CTCA is joined by the Arizona Diamondbacks President Derrick Hall to get men to go physical examination. Hall tells his story of how he was diagnosed with prostate cancer and he was treated. He is a survivor of prostate cancer. It is one of the reasons why he is an advocate for men to go for screenings and not fear the doctors. The campaign involved men wearing hospital gowns. Halls reveals the campaign via local interview. He explains other celebrities are willing to share the story of how they overcome such illness. Hall reveals how over 30,000 men succumb to prostate cancer. By going to the doctor, it would be helpful for early detection. Visit Modern Healthcare to know more about CTCA.

About Kynect, The Dallas-Based Energy Business You Need To Know About


Kynect is a network marketing company based in Dallas, Texas, that has established its dominance throughout its marketplace of competition over the years, especially after a recent merger the company underwent.


Reviewing Kynect’s history

Stream Energy was created in 2004 as an independent retail servicer of electricity and natural gas contracts across the United States.

NRG Energy, Inc., a public energy company, is the parent company of NRG Retail LLC.

In late May 2019, Stream announced that its retail energy operations would soon be soon sold off to NRG Retail LLC.

Three-odd months later in early Aug. 2019, NRG Retail formally acquired the retail energy functions of Stream and continued operating as NRG Retail LLC. The remaining operations of Stream became rebranded as Kynect.

Kynect, to this very day, is the sole marketer for all the retail-utility-related operations that NRG Retail legally purchased from Stream. See This Page for related information.


The executive staff of Kynect is loaded with champions

Mark Schiro, nicknamed “Bouncer,” is the Chief Executive Officer of Kynect. Schiro first became involved with the company as an outside, series-A investor in the business. Shortly after, he served an eight-year tenure on its oversight board – formally titled the Board of Managers. He was previously the CEO from 2012 to 2016, during which he held the additional title of President.

Dan O’Malley is Kynect’s current President and COO. Mr. O’Malley’s resume includes nearly three decades’ worth of high-level, intensive experience in the field of staple consumer goods.


About Kynect

Rob Snyder, who is no longer affiliated with Kynect, formed the company in 2005 through innovatively forging the connection between retail consumer energy contracts and network marketing.

Kynect also operates the Kynect Foundation, a non-profit organization that effectively serves as Kynect’s philanthropic arm. The Kynect Foundation is philanthropically active throughout the greater Dallas area, near-exclusively dealing with needy children, veterans, and first responders. Go Here for additional information.


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Highland Capital Management Builds An Impressive Philanthropic Legacy


Under the leadership of co-founder and Chairperson, James Dondero the Highland Capital Management brand has become one of the most important philanthropic groups in Dallas, Texas.

The leader of the company, James Dondero has been working towards building his brand into a global success since he established the company alongside business partner Mark Okada in 1993. Almost immediately, Dondero and Okada began to make inroads into the Dallas philanthropic sector with their decision to make sure the local community shared in any success Highland Capital enjoyed. See This Page to learn more.

For the majority of brands, the move into philanthropy is one that is widely publicized as the majority of companies look to impact singular global issues. Instead, the philanthropic role undertaken by Highland Capital Management reflects the interests of the co-founder James Dondero. In order to bring the Highland Capital brand into the eyes of the general public, a fund was established to identify the opportunities needed to follow a positive philanthropic path.

One of the first opportunities identified by the team at Highland Capital Management was an opportunity to provide funding for the Dallas Zoo. One of the most popular historic exhibits at the zoo was the hippo enclosure that closed with the death of the final hippo at the institution.

Highland Capital Management not only provided a large amount of funding to create an up-to-date modern enclosure to ensure the happiness of the hippos at Dallas Zoo but also completed a viewing area under its own name. Go Here for more information.

Highland Capital Management has become one of the leading philanthropic donors to “Dallas Zoo” and wanted to make sure the institution had the ability to sustain itself in the future. The viewing area is not only designed to keep families and visitors happy but has been used as a location for fundraising initiatives that help the zoo thrive and create its own funding.


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Mr. Michael Nierenberg And His Success At New Residential

Mr. Michael Nierenberg is not only the official Managing Director at the Fortress company, but he is also leader and Managing Director of Securitized Products and Global Mortgages at Bank. Visit Medium to know more about Michael Nierenebrg.

Michael Nierenberg discussed what some of the serious mortgage challenges are while also talking about what some of the smart, mortgage solutions are. For instance, typical residential foreclosures present a variety of issues and problems as foreclosures consist generally of the mandated sale of a specific asset so that the lender can successfully recover the amount of money loaned to a specific borrower who had evetually stopped making their payments.


Mr. Michael Nierenberg explained that the four distinct illustrations of certain challenges relevant to the for closure process for residential mortgages are things like foreclosures being way higher in Judicial states than other states, issues with loans that originated from 2004 through 2008, failed sales at different for  closure auctions, and problems with bank-owned with mortgage servicing businesses. A great solution that Michael Nierenberg and New Residential together proposed was a non-bank mortgage servicing system, putting emphasise on general for closure avoidance and overall improving loan performance. Today, Mr. Nierenberg is not only the current President and Chief Executive Officer of New Residential but he is also official board chairman of New Residential as well. Visit to know more.