Betterworks Technology Creates Transparent, Healthy and Enjoyable Work Environments

Just ask any employee of any company a basic question like, “What’s it like to work there?” and the answers you get will have profound implications about the overall health of that firm.

Every operation has a “company culture.” Certainly, anyone can understand the vast difference between a “hostile” work environment as compared to a workspace that is “a joy to go to every day.”

Building a positive, supportive and comfortable company culture doesn’t “just happen.” The best business owners and managers know that creating a healthy work environment requires direct attention, a strategy and specific policies that ensure high morale and a psychologically healthy, enjoyable workspace.

Managers today are increasingly turning to advanced software for help. Betterworks provides just that. Founded in 2013, Silicon Valley-based Betterworks leverages advanced research in Goal Science that makes it easier to systemize objectives flow while tracking a wide range of key data points that improve that objectives flow.

Betterworks offers powerful software-enabled platforms that deliver continuous performance management solutions for firms that are keen on nurturing a workspace with the qualities of high employee morale, a feeling of safety and trust within their environment and a sense of motivation that focuses everyone on working toward a common vision and goal.

Betterworks’ heavy-duty performance management software is loaded with innovative features designed to foster teamwork excellence and goal-setting performance factors that keep companies moving forward toward positive growth.

Best of all, Betterworks systems are incredibly scalable so that as a company grows, so do HR systems and strategies that keep pace with change.