Bhanu Choudhrie a serial investor and business owner

Bhanu Choudhrie was born in Delhi in 1978. While at the University of Boston he studied for International Business and Marketing. In London, that’s where he moved with his family. At the C&C Alpha Group limited Bhanu is the executive producer. Through his management, the company has had different investments like in the award-winning hotel based in India and another in Mauritius. In 1999, at JP Morgan he offered his services as an intern, it was the best opportunity for him to learn new business ideas.

In 2008, Bhanu Choudhrie was fortunate to win the Asian Entrepreneur of the year, and to him, it was an achievement that excited him because he was born in India. Currently, the company that he is working at is a family-owned firm, and deals in the role of direct investment strategies. The idea of him meeting different people during the investment process is something that has excited 2003, the company got into an investment with Air Deccan, but to him, at first, the process was a risk worth taking, even though at the end it opened up the airline based in India. According to Bhanu Choudhrie local demand that takes place in China and India don’t rely on investments from other people; the reason for its growth. Learn more about Bhanu at Wallmine

Bhanu Choudhrie gives back to the community through the art. He hopes that one day he will get a place in London, open for artist and musician from Asia that would come over to show off their talent. He offers his support to Bollywood production that he does whenever he wants to work with middle scale production and give his help to people that have special abilities. His secret to success that he has used over the years is that he is supportive of the team and he likes it when he works with the different professions in the field. He encourages those people that are looking forward to starting their business that there is an opportunity to shine. In the future, Bhanu hopes for C & C Alpha Group is that they will invest in the hotel sector.