Bhanu Choudrie Impacting The Lives Of Thousands

Bhanu Choudhrie is one of the top entrepreneurs, investors, and philanthropists in all of London. He got his start when he got his degree in International Business and Marketing from Boston University, where shortly after he got an amazing internship and was able to learn the real side of business at JP Morgan. Soon after his internship ended, Bhanu Choudhrie went to London in 2000 and opened a family operated private equity firm known as the C&C Alpha Group. After eighteen years he is still running the business and has grown it to be so successful that it has invested in everything from big hotel chains to prestigious restaurants, real estate ventures, and even aviation and aviation schools which has brought them particular success.

One of the biggest feelings of pride that Bhanu Choudhrie has has come to fruition from his private equity firm C&C Alpha Group is the Alpha Aviation Group LTD which he helped get started. This aviation company has been one of the world’s leading providers in training airline pilots, and it has a reputation that really can’t be beaten thanks to the team of experts that work there, the facilities that are modern and have advanced technology, and the training programs that go above and beyond getting future pilots ready to start flying planes. In addition to his passionate work as an entrepreneur and helping things like the aviation industry experience growth, Bhanu Choudhrie is also invested in helping as many people around him as he can. He has been working alongside his mother for a long time as a charity known as the Path to Success.

This is his mother’s charity that she started and he has remained passionate about it. Through this charity, he is able to visit children who have a tough time in life and go to schools for children that are poor. these visits turn to him learning about the needs of people and with the charity that his mother started they are able to help promote better lives, help build businesses, and give schools better resources for all children to get a great education. Bhanu Choudrie has flourished as an entrepreneur and has led the way in creating many investment opportunities for others. Through his work as a philanthropist and an entrepreneur he has touched the lives of thousands of people and continues to find ways to improve society.