Bhanu Choudhrie a serial investor and business owner

Bhanu Choudhrie was born in Delhi in 1978. While at the University of Boston he studied for International Business and Marketing. In London, that’s where he moved with his family. At the C&C Alpha Group limited Bhanu is the executive producer. Through his management, the company has had different investments like in the award-winning hotel based in India and another in Mauritius. In 1999, at JP Morgan he offered his services as an intern, it was the best opportunity for him to learn new business ideas.

In 2008, Bhanu Choudhrie was fortunate to win the Asian Entrepreneur of the year, and to him, it was an achievement that excited him because he was born in India. Currently, the company that he is working at is a family-owned firm, and deals in the role of direct investment strategies. The idea of him meeting different people during the investment process is something that has excited 2003, the company got into an investment with Air Deccan, but to him, at first, the process was a risk worth taking, even though at the end it opened up the airline based in India. According to Bhanu Choudhrie local demand that takes place in China and India don’t rely on investments from other people; the reason for its growth. Learn more about Bhanu at Wallmine

Bhanu Choudhrie gives back to the community through the art. He hopes that one day he will get a place in London, open for artist and musician from Asia that would come over to show off their talent. He offers his support to Bollywood production that he does whenever he wants to work with middle scale production and give his help to people that have special abilities. His secret to success that he has used over the years is that he is supportive of the team and he likes it when he works with the different professions in the field. He encourages those people that are looking forward to starting their business that there is an opportunity to shine. In the future, Bhanu hopes for C & C Alpha Group is that they will invest in the hotel sector.


Isabel dos Santos – A Top Business Influencer in Africa

Isabel dos Santos

In this day and age, we have many women to look up to. We often see and hear of women in royalty or famous actresses, but rarely do we hear of women who excel in the business arena. One woman who stands out in this area is Isabel dos Santos, Africa’s richest businesswoman.

Isabel dos Santos serves as an inspiration to all women. She is Africa’s first woman billionaire, but the rewards she now enjoys did not come easily to her. Most people believe her wealth stems from family descendancy; however, this was not the case for Isabel. She is a self-made woman, despite being born into a family of high political ranking. For more information about Isabel Dos Santos, view her crunchbase profile

She spent her younger years studying in London, and it was this experience that gave her insight into the needed services and business ventures for her own home country of Angola. Over the years, she has acquired her wealth by investing in companies doing business with her country.

Isabel dos Santos graduated from King’s College with a degree in electrical engineering. She returned to Angola to take a position in management with a German recycling company. It was while working in this role that she began to see the service deficiencies in her home country, thus the reason for establishing her first solo business venture, a trucking company.

As a fledgling entrepreneur, she began to invest her profits into different industries. Currently, she holds interests in business organizations within telecommunications, mining, oil, retail and entertainment.

For the last 20 years, Isabel has continued to expand her interests in Angola; however, she has also reached out to other countries, buying companies in Portugal, Spain and the Netherlands. Although her interests vary, she tends to stay true to businesses dedicated to finance, mining, media and retail.

Isabel dos Santos is a self-made billionaire and an inspiration to women who want to excel in the world of business. She has been named a top influencer by the media and continues to expand her business interests in Africa and throughout the world.

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Na Unitel, todos os dias trabalhamos para uma Angola desenvolvida, para darmos um futuro promissor às novas gerações. As pessoas são a nossa prioridade. Começamos agora uma parceria com a Huawei e vamos levar 10 estudantes de universidades angolanas para uma formação intensa e experiência cultural na China. Estamos a abrir as portas do mundo aos nossos jovens 🌏A atravessar fronteiras, a crescer. Neste programa, Huawei Seeds for the Future, os estudantes vão trabalhar nos laboratórios mais avançados da Huawei, expondo-se às mais recentes tecnologias. Queremos que os nossos jovens tenham os melhores conhecimentos e que possam implementa-los no nosso país. Acreditamos que a tecnologia é o futuro e os jovens são os nossos futuros líderes #SharingbyIsabeldosSantos #Unitel #formação #oportunidades #Huawei #FuturosLíderes #Tecnologia At Unitel, we work every day for a developed Angola, to give a promising future to our new generations. People are our priority. We have now started a partnership with Huawei and we will offer 10 students from Angolan universities the opportunity to go an on intensive training and cultural experience in China. We are opening the doors of the world to our young people🌏 Crossing borders, growing. In this program, Huawei Seeds for the Future, students will work in the most advanced laboratories of Huawei, exposing themselves to the latest technologies. We want our young people to have the best knowledge and may they implement it in our country. We believe that technology is the future and young people are our future leaders.

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Jojo Hedaya on What It Takes to Navigate the Startup Journey Successfully

Through his company Unroll.Me, Jojo Hedaya offers the perfect solution for sorting important emails from subscription emails that clutter your inbox. By scrolling through your inbox, Unroll.Me creates “The Rollup” which compiles all your newsletters, subscriptions, and updates into a single email within a few seconds. Additionally, you get to choose the most convenient time for “The Rollup” to land in your inbox for you to go through it. While scrolling through it, you can unsubscribe from any of the subscription emails using a single click.

As someone who has successfully navigated the startup world, Jojo Hedaya knows firsthand the grueling nature of the startup journey. With hands-on experience on entrepreneurial success, he is well-placed to advise budding entrepreneurs.

To begin with, Jojo Hedaya cautions against going it the entrepreneurial way because it looks cool or because it is the in-thing in the current world. Entrepreneurship is not for everyone. The highs are highly rewarding, but the downs can leave you wounded for life if you do not have a resilient spirit.

If you choose to embark on the startup journey, you should first analyze your strengths and weaknesses and find out what you enjoy doing the most. This passion will see you through the difficult portions of the entrepreneurial journey. On his part, Jojo Hedaya finds great joy in creating and maintaining a successful office culture.

However, passion alone is not enough to create a successful business. Jojo Hedaya says that with startups, a combination of passion and the right skills is the difference between success and failure. Consequently, you should know which relevant skills you are bringing to the startup from the get-go. Additionally, you should pay attention to the hiring aspect of the journey by ensuring you bring on board the right skills to help you grow your business. As you hire, also pay attention to the potential employees cultural fit with your company.

Lastly, Jojo Hedaya says although you should pay keen attention to what your competitors are doing, you should not be afraid of them. If you pay attention to the correct execution of your idea, you will win a significant market share to keep you in business.

Jojo Hedaya is in charge of operations and product development at Unroll.Me. Even though he did not graduate from college, he says the experience he has gained running a successful startup is more than any college education would give him. Under his leadership, Unroll.Me has gained a significant market share with millions of users.

Oren Frank: The Visionary Behind The Text Based Therapy Platform Talkspace

Oren Frank is someone who has been able to change the lives of countless people all over the world through his app Talkspace. Frank currently stands as the CEO of the company and is also the person that co-founded the platform. He is also someone who firmly believes in the power of therapy and the prominent role that therapists can play in the lives of people. Connect with Oren Frank by visiting his linkedin account

In a clinical conference held by Talkspace itself, Oren Frank outlined the start of his interest in therapy, and the role that it played in his life. In a speech directed towards a large audience, Oren Frank spoke about how his wife and co-founder of Talk space Roni Frank went through a few hurdles along the way. He then proceeded to talk about how their couple’s therapist helped them get back on track, helping them lead a happy and healthy married life.

During the sessions that he attended, Oren soon started to develop an interest in psychiatry and therapy. His wife shared the same passion as him and the two started to develop an interest in the subject.

One of the bigger questions that Oren started to think about was concerning the affordability and accessibility of therapists. People all over the world are in need of therapists and psychiatrists at some point of time in their lives and often have to turn to hospitals or local therapists to get the help that they need. However, these services can be incredibly expensive and at the same time, can be hard to seek. The social hurdles can also sometimes come in the way of people seeking the kind of help that they need and can hinder the prospect of seeking help altogether.

Oren Frank soon realized that a text-based system that enabled people to chat with therapists would solve many of the problems being faced within this industry. This led him towards establishing Talkspace, a platform that connects users with licensed therapists that they can turn to in their time of need.

The platform allows users to chat with therapists from the comfort of their own homes at rates that are significantly lower than those that individuals generally have to pay.


Improving Energy Consumers’ Experience with Agera Energy

The company has changed the lives of many people since it was started five years ago. The founders of the firm realized that every household relies on energy in one way or another. One of the challenges that Agera Energy hoped to tackle was the high cost that their customers were paying for electricity yet most of them were being underserved.

Since the energy sector has many players who offer a wide variety of products, Agera Energy offered to help consumers to make informed decisions on which one would ensure that they get value for their money. The management of the energy firm has customer-oriented policies to ensure that all the customers are satisfied with its services.

According to Agera Energy, the consumers demanded changes and protection from the service providers that were exploiting them. At the time of its establishment, many local energy suppliers were closing down due to financial constraints. Agera moved in and acquired several large corporations in the sector with the hope of transforming them to meet the needs of its customers.

The management of Agera Energy hired a team of professional salespersons who were trained on how to tackle the challenges of the customers and how to increase the sales revenue. Through that initiative, the customer base of Agera expanded significantly. The company has earned the trust of their customers due to the transparency of its operations. Some of the energy products that Agera offers include electricity and natural gas. Its customers’ have given positive testimonials for the services offered.


Neurocore is easing Tension and Stress

Perhaps you didn’t know that stress can be contagious. Researchers have indicated that people inadvertently pick up other people’s emotions which include stress. If an individual is prone to anxiety as well as depression, they can quickly pick up stress from their surrounding environment. Many of us know that the energy of a particular room intensely changes when a stressed individual walks in. Mirror neurons can often explain this theory in the brain. When an individual is stressed, these neurons block the lines of seeing as well as acting, thereby, transmitting the emotion.

This is a formidable issue because of the detrimental effects of stress. Stress can lead to several experiences such as allergies, anxiety, restlessness, and high blood pressure. When an individual is stressed, the brain goes into a fight-mode thereby releasing hormones that create a broad range of physiological reactions such as racing heart and tense muscles. Stress can additionally lead to weight gain. To mitigate this reaction, an individual should take deep breathes at a slightly slower pace. Along with the mindful breathing, experts have concluded that gardening and exercise are helpful activities when stressed. To know more about the company click here.

Neurocore Brain Performance Centers works diligently to bring a drug-free alternative option of treatment to individuals who are stressed. The Florida-based organization understands that people undergo different types of stressful situations at some point in life. Therefore, the Neurocore process begins with a comprehensive assessment that seeks to identify the client’s brain activity to determine their physical as well as emotional reaction to stressful situations. Neurocore Brain Performance Centers offers tailored brain mapping.

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The Multi-talented Ashley Lightspeed

Ashley Lightspeed is part of the investing team at Lightspeed Venture Partners. For an individual still early in their career, she has an impressive portfolio and accomplishments. She has been integral in the development of top companies in the last few decades. Ashley Lightspeed is captivated by product development and is instrumental in the company.

She was impressed by her father’s design work and watched him draft images. She used to sit with her father to learn architectural work. Although she drifted away from architecture, she is still actively involved in the field. She has brought unique ideas and creative trends to Lightspeed Venture, enabling it to achieve set goals. Furthermore, she gives insights which have diversified the company’s operations. See article at

Ashely Lightspeed attended Duke University. After graduation, she worked with Bain & Company, a consulting firm. She learned how to use sophisticated tools to create solutions. Since it was her first job after school, Ashely was ready to learn. She had a mentor who taught her how to navigate the industry. She advises young people to have mentors and be ready to learn.

Ashley Lightspeed moved to a tech startup called Thumbtack. She connected with local clients and professionals who shaped her career. She built a wedding platform for the company, transforming it into an online giant for hiring events services. She left Thumbtack and joined Lightspeed after graduating from Stanford Business School. She wanted to work with a company that focused on the future. After hearing about Lightspeed Venture, she was impressed and decided to join.

She is happy to work with early startups and seeing them grow into big businesses. When she left Thumbtack to study at Stanford, Ashley felt something was missing. She loved her job and wanted to continue working. She worked for the Thumbtack part-time until she joined Lightspeed Venture Partners. Read more: Continues To Expand High Fashion Availability In China is a massive Chinese e-commerce firm that had USD $55.7 billion in net revenue in 2017. They have more than 500 warehouses in China and can get ordered items into customer’s hands in just one or two days. They have over 300 million active customers and sell everything from high-end fashion to electronics to fresh food., or Jingdong, recently signed a partnership with the British Fashion Council (BFC) This agreement, which lasts for three years, will be supported by the designers and events of both London Fashion Week Men’s and London Fashion Week. The partnership makes Jingdong the exclusive provider of London Fashion Week clothing and accessories in China.

Jingdong already has existing partnerships with the BFC/GQ Menswear Designer Fund and BFC/Vogue Designer Fashion Fund. These agreements were crafted in order to benefit designers, key figures, and global brands as well as These partnerships make it possible to offer British and other international brands to China’s ever more sophisticated consumers. The partnerships will also increase the availability of Chinese brands in the world of fashion around the globe.

The CEO of the BFC, Caroline Rush, stated that has become one of her organization’s trusted partners. She entered into the partnership with Jingdong because she wanted to elevate the visibility of emerging designers and to facilitate their ability to collaborate with other designers in both China and the United Kingdom.

The partnership also strengthens intellectual property rights in China. Additionally, it will facilitate cultural interactions and how talent can be integrated. All of these are very important components of the fashion industry, Caroline Rush went on to add.

JD Fashion, a subsidiary of, hosted three of BFC/Vogue Designer Fashion Fund designers at a show in Shanghai in March 2018. These designers were introduced to an audience made up of industry influencers, retailers, and reporters. The three featured designers were Rejina Pyo, Huishan Zhang, and Le Kilt. At a later event, Jingdong featured two other designers in this partnership who were Xuzhi Chen and Xiao Li along with Huishan Zhang for the second time.

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The Influence of Deirdre Baggot in Healthcare Business

Since she obtained her bachelors, masters, and postgraduate degrees, Deidre Baggot was instrumental in the healthcare business. For instance, she handled the payment of various investments while strategizing how their delivery in Colorado. As for her education, she studied at the famous Illinois University that is in the Southern area of Edwardsville.

Hence, the institution helped her to accomplish her dreams of securing a nursing degree. Besides, she graduated from Loyola University situated in Illinois. While at the institution, she studied business in the master’s level. Find out more about Baggot at Resumonk

Her career

Deidre attributed her career to being at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. In 1997, she became the resource coordinator for the hospital. Moreover, Baggot was a nurse where she administered the activities of the hospital quickly. Deirdre was diligent to the organization such that she helped various individuals to recuperate for six years at the facility.

However, she moved to Michigan to study the health system at the famous Ann Arbor. While at the institution, she was in charge of the business organization and the management of the administration. During her tenure at the health facility, the admionistration appreciated for the impact she made at the organization.

Through the safety lessons she offered to the individuals, the organization gave her the six-sigma certification. Since her success was fruitful, Deirdre Baggot went to Denver in 2006 to administer the vascular and cardiac institute. As a subsidiary of health, she managed 450 people.

Through her experience, she handled various areas such as marketing, business, recruitment, development, payment of several contracts among the employees, and acquisition of products.

Even though her experience in the organization was only four years, she recruited individuals that were fruitful to the organization. Besides, she added eleven more clinics that helped the patients to get quick treatment. Additionally, she added other activities that were relevant to the health facility.


Deirdre Baggot used all the available experience she used the facility to improve her work. For example, while at GE healthcare partners in California, she used her experience to focus on the payment of the workers. Thus, her annual revenues increased to 6.6 million dollars.

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Wes Edens the hidden Mogul

Unless you have been living under a rock, or perhaps you’re just not much of a sports fan. Wes Edens co-owner of the bucks recently made the decision to get rid of Jason Kidd as head coach.

In a local news interview, he discussed his reasoning for the decision, stating that when you want to go to the next level of anything you have to make adjustments and get rid of what is not working. For him Jason Kidd just couldn’t cut it. That’s not the only winning decision Wes Edens has made. Wes Edens and the Greater Milwaukee Foundation pledged 200 million to build a new basketball stadium all in efforts to keep the team located within the city’s limits. The stadium was completed in fall of 2018.

He is also noted for helping his players make smart investments with their money and encourages intelligent financial decisions. He made sure of this stating that “I want to help guys out to understand financially how to be in a better place,” he said. “I know when I was 22 (years old), I made a lot of bad decisions.”

Wes Edens is known for creating New Fortress Energy. This is a company that is known to have built and invested in more economical and environment friendly railroads. They also partnered with “Virgin Trains USA” developing a private rail system.

Wes Edens also has used his hand in the railroad system to partnered with different medical facilities to provide healthcare to some of the poorest parts of the country. While doing all of this he still hires locals onboard as staff members and trains them as well. It is also noted that he gave away over 3,000 toys while hosting Christmas events in various cities throughout Jamaica and building a more energy efficient infrastructure across the country.

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