The Path to Success for Sean Tissue


People may be familiar with Mr. Sean Tissue, the Chief Executive Officer of Centureon Investments, yet little is known about his path to success.  That is, until now.  This brief blog will talk about that.

Lifelong Entrepreneur

Although his ventures have varied over the years, one thing has remained true.  That thing is – his passion for being an entrepreneur.  Sean is not content to concentrate on one aspect alone; he prefers to wear many hats.  He loves making important decisions and watching the beneficiaries across a myriad of industries flourish due to his wisdom.  He says that keeps him on his toes.

Sean Tissue’s Studies Pay Off

Sean knew he wanted to own a lot of properties but lacked the financial means to do so.  He studied how to buy up contracts on specific properties, then turn around and sell them to other investors for a substantial profit.  He became quite adept at this, starting with simple projects and eventually moving onto new construction deals and also to multi-family units.  Today he runs a virtual empire. 

Information About Centureon Investments

Sean Tissue would likely say his crowning achievement is being the CEO of Centureon Investments.  With this company he is able to focus his entrepreneurial spirit on the real estate industry.  As was just discussed, Mr. Tissue loves to own property.   His pride and joy are now a well-known giant in the real estate world.  Folks can expect to hear much more about this young man for years to come.  


What Can Prospective Real Estate Investors Learn from Him?

Perhaps the most critical lesson to take away from this is not to spend too much money on any one property, especially in the beginning.  There is a way to use other people’s money (OPM) to someone’s advantage.  Learn the ropes of doing this correctly BEFORE starting your first investment project.  It is entirely feasible to use Centureon Investments as a starting point for your education.  If Sean Tissue did it, so can you!  Good luck!

Business Funding with James River Capital

Starting a new business can be overwhelming. One of the first things a new business needs to move forward is funding. James River Capital and founder Paul Saunders can help. Below are some options to find funding for a new business.



Crowdfunding is when a group of people chip in varying amounts of funds for a business idea they believe in. Kickstarter is a popular crowdfunding site that does just that. You can also give out gifts to funders when you reach certain goals on Kickstarter. This can encourage people to continue funding your business idea. 

Local Loans

Local loans are another great option, since local businesses can keep money coming back to town. The local chamber of commerce can direct new business owners to the local business development center. This center can direct you to local entrepreneurs and investors in your area. The local economy can greatly benefit by funding local businesses with loans.

Venture Capital

Venture capital works well when business ideas need large funds to move forward. Most entrepreneurs need $1 to seek funding from a venture capitalist. To get this much money, you need to be ready to present a detailed business plan to convince the venture capitalist it will be worth the investment. Venture capitalists expect to make somewhere between 3 to 10 times what they put in within 5 to 7 years. 

Angel Investor

An angel investor is similar to investors who put money into businesses before they go public. They expect to get back a large return for their investment. Angel investors will fund promising businesses about $10,000 or more. 

James River Capital and Paul Saunders

James River Capital has received many awards as a leading investment firm, with the help of founder Paul Saunders. James River Capital and Paul Saunders can help you find the best funding for your business.

Beal Properties and Accommodations in Chicago, Illinois

Scoring Big in Real Estate in Chicago, Illinois

Earning money in the real estate sector can seem pretty tough. It can seem particularly tough in large cities that are as competitive as Chicago, Illinois is. Although the real estate scene there can seem brutal, it’s not impossible at all to navigate. There are truthfully various strategies that can come in handy for people in Chicago who want to thrive in real estate. 

Remodeling Projects

Extensive remodeling projects can do a lot for people who want to thrive in Chicago real estate. Once people upgrade their properties, then can opt to flip them.

Home Sharing

Home sharing is yet another method out there for people who want their Chicago real estate journeys to be lucrative. People who utilize sites like Airbnb often are able to rack up significant sums of cash relatively rapidly.

Working As a Landlord

Functioning as a landlord can often get people in Chicago on the fast track to real estate achievement. If you want to master the fine art of flourishing as a landlord, then you have to put a lot of time into interacting with all of your tenants. Learn about vital topics such as the collection of rent. Learn all about property maintenance and repair practices that can keep tenants content as well.

An Overview of Beal Properties

Beal Properties is a firm that has a track record that spans more than three decades in the Midwestern city. People who are searching for apartment structures that can accommodate many households at the same time frequently know a lot about Beal Properties.

This company works with people who are trying to find and secure lodging in many parts of the city. It works with people who are diligently searching in Ravenswood, Logan Square and Lake View.,15_IL.16,23_IM167.htm

Smita Shah Interview and the Delhi Committee

Smita Shah Background 


World business leaders Smita Shah, Lori Lightfoot, Senator Dick Durbin, Amy Eshelman, and others gathered at the 2019 Legacy of Mahatma Gandhi luncheon. They celebrated over 150 years to Gandhi’s legacy. Furthermore, the fifth anniversary of the conference marks his efforts towards improving civil rights globally. This was also the day Mayor Lightfoot decreed the celebration of Mahatma Gandhi’s legacy of Indian culture; everyone was to appreciate the cultural background of his work. 


Smitah Shah, President of SPAAN Tech, congratulated the event, stating that is was “an honor to observe the Indian-American culture in Chicago.” SPANN tech is a company that focuses on construction and engineering. Additionally, the focus of SPAAN Tech is overseen by a woman with a passion for business education. Smitah showed early signs of success in 1998 when she launched SPAAN Tech. It was ranked as one of the fastest-growing private companies out of 5,000. That’s not all. Her achievements include being the most connected entrepreneur in Chicago, Young Civil Engineer of the Year, Entrepreneur of the Year Award Finalist, and Community Leader of the Year. 


She serves on many public boards for organizations. Her achievements and dedication to human welfare are recognized nationally. Even the White House honors her work. She continues to be a force among young professionals today. Learn more:


The Delhi Committee and Culture


Delhi is a city in northern India and is recognized as Chicago’s sister town. The creation of the Delhi Committee saw diversification in Chicago. No one area was exclusive with its own culture. Rather, Indonesian influences were rampant throughout which inspired this committee. shares its inception like this; “…Under Shah’s leadership, the Delhi Committee of Chicago founded the Annual Legacy of Mahatma Gandhi Luncheon in 2014, honoring the long-standing exchange of ideas between Mahatma Gandhi and the U.S., and the ever-important principles of truth and non-violence.” Shah founded this organization in 2014. She successfully merged the two cultures and drew attraction to non-violent behavior. This organization promotes diplomacy, respect, cultural adaptation, and peaceful understanding between people. 




Smita Shah’s career is expansive. Her vision for younger and older generations to coexist professionally lives on through the Delhi Committee in Chicago. Many lives were changed during the creation and celebration of Mahatma Gandhi’s legacy. SPAAN Tech continues to inspire people from all to chase their dreams and build a brighter future for all.

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Luke Lazarus Builds-Up Small Firms to Major Corporations

Growing businesses face a lot of challenges in the business world as they try to flourish. Roughly 90% of young firms fail in under five years of foundation.

Given that in today’s economy, job opportunities are going down by the day, the delinquency rate has become a harsh reality. For those who keenly follow business trends, there is a fascinating alteration from these desolate figures.

Read more: Luke Lazarus – Medium

Even with a large proportion of young firms struggling to stay in business, there are a few exceptional entrepreneurs who have a streak of luck.

They are the business people that continually create enterprises and develop them into huge ventures that can be put on the market for massive profits.

The term given for this type of businesspeople is sequential entrepreneurs. As much as they consist of sparse population size, their outstanding success point to more than survival bias.

A particular level of expertise comes into play when working towards achieving the success rate of these sequential entrepreneurs. With time the financial accomplishments become an insignificant factor, and these business people aim at assisting fellow entrepreneurs.

Luke Lazarus implements some of his tactful methods to support young business creators. Born and brought up in Melbourne, Australia, he began his business venture at the age of 8 years.

During his high school days, he was a top achiever who got straight A scores while also showcasing excellence in sports. Since he was a great student who had a knack for business, universities all over the world were looking to enroll him. He turned down sponsorship from Ivy League schools and U.S. Division I colleges. Contrary to what many would do, Luke Lazarus settled for a high-level educational institution from his birthplace Melbourne.

He spent over ten years after college, developing four firms that he eventually sold for high returns. Luke Lazarus was financially empowered by the age of 35 years and still went on with his entrepreneur venture.

After some self-evaluation, he discovered that money was no more a motivating factor for him, and that’s when he decided to spend his time assisting other entrepreneurs who were experiencing various problems.

Offering solutions to such entrepreneurs were more fulfilling than making more money. At that point, Luke Lazarus became a business advisor, and as he would always do, he established a method that was the first of its kind.

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With the new approach, there would be considerations of data analysis and more so an emotional attachment among all shareholders. As an experienced marketing consultant, he has assisted many developing firms in getting an Initial Public Listing (IPO) amounting to millions of dollars.

A Brief History

For the past decade, Luke Lazarus has used his marketing expertise to provide solutions for developing firms. He proceeded with his entrepreneur journey at the age of 24 years shortly after attaining his MBA from Melbourne Business School.

Given his hands-on method, he moved to the corporate sector, where he participated in four successful projects. In his opinion, inventors of companies should have laid-out agendas with plans on how to execute them.

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Learn more about Luke Lazarus:


Smita Shah: Supporting the Move to Name October 2 as Mahatma Gandhi Day

Smita Shah is an American entrepreneur based in Chicago, Illinois. She is the founder of SPAAN Tech, a company that focuses on construction services and engineering management. She currently serves as the chief executive of the company, and she secures a professional engineering license to gain more clients across the country. She is an alumnus of Northwestern University, Oxford University, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She decided to set up her company in 1998, several years after she graduated from university. She wanted to exercise her skills in the engineering profession, and that is the reason why she set up a business that focuses on engineering and construction.

Through the years, SPAAN Tech became widely known because of its performance in the market. It won several awards, including the Fastest Growing Company Award where it beat 5,000 other businesses. SPAAN Tech is also recognized as the Best Business in Chicago under the engineering services category. Lastly, Smita Shah was given the Engineering Excellence Honor Award because of her role in improving the engineering services sector in the city. Aside from SPAAN Tech, she also serves another company as a board of directors. She is an influential business leader, and other businesses are trying to benefit from her skills in managing a business. Learn more:

Aside from her stint as a business executive, Smita Shah is also a strong supporter of the civil rights movement. She is a civic leader after all who wanted to ensure that everyone in Chicago would feel accepted. She is recognized for her dedication to strengthening the relationship of the city to other places around the world, and she wanted to promote the cultural and economic growth of Chicago. Because of her efforts, she was given the Ellis Island Medal of Honor, an award reserved only for immigrants who have a huge contribution to the society and economy of the United States.

She stated that one of her dreams is to see more people in the United States engaging in business. Entrepreneurism and innovation would be the key to the future, and she advocates for more people to set up a business and learn how to manage it. Community enterprise, according to Smita Shah, helps smaller communities aiming to become a business hub. Through her, many young professionals and young leaders are inspired to take a bigger leap into their careers.

Last October 2019, Smita Shah Chicago invited several politicians including Mayor Lori Lightfoot of Chicago to participate in the Annual Legacy of Mahatma Gandhi Luncheon. The event was launched in 2014, and it is the fifth year that they are celebrating it. During the event, Mayor Lori Lightfoot announced that October 2 of every year will now be celebrated as Mahatma Gandhi Day in Chicago to recognize his contribution to the civil rights movement. This year also coincided with Mahatma Gandhi’s 150th year anniversary. Smita Shah stated that this move would further improve the relationship between India and the United States. The reaction from the Indian community in Chicago is also positive – they welcome the idea because they view Mahatma Gandhi as an inspiration.

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Bhanu Choudhrie Believes Women Are the Solution to Asia’s Pilot Crisis

For decades, women worldwide have been trying to get into careers that had been previously dominated by men. Aviation is one area where these efforts haven’t had much success as women only make up for only 3% of pilots. The Executive Director of C&C Alpha Group, Bhanu Choudhrie, believes that the current shortage of pilots in Asia is an excellent opportunity for women to jump into sector.

There is an air travel boom globally, but it’s much more significant in Asia. Airlines are struggling to meet demand due to the lack of pilots. Boeing Co predicts that the continent would need not less than 266,000 more pilots, come 2038 if the current trends are anything to go by. Get the latest updates on his twitter for more information.

Increasing women recruitment

Manila’s Alpha Aviation Group, one of the most coveted aviation schools in Asia, has put plans underway to up its recruitment from the current 550 students annually. This school is looking to take in more women in its recruitment. This is because Bhanu Choudhrie believes that women are the solution to the current pilot shortage.

Currently at Manila-based pilot school, one in five new recruits is a woman. Bhanu said that his firm would put at least $12 million every year towards the expansion of the school. This expansion will be done in three years and is expected to double the recruitment capacity of the school.

About Bhanu

Bhanu Choudhrie was born in India in 1978 and lived in the country until after his education when he moved to the United States. He then joined the University of Boston where he graduated with a degree in international business and marketing. Bhanu did a short internship stint at JP Morgan after his graduation and moved to London to become an entrepreneur with his C&C Alpha Group.

As a result of his business success, Bhanu Choudhrie was awarded the Entrepreneur of the Year award by Asian Voice Political and Public Life Awards. The prosperous investor is very passionate about helping businesses get to new markets and entrepreneurs to succeed.


How Oren Frank Created A Text-Based Therapy Giant

For the past several years, Oren Frank has served as the CEO of TalkSpace, a company that he co-founded in 2012 alongside his wife, Roni. Before establishing the firm, the Franks had been struck by how positive their experience was with a marriage therapist, with this leading to the couple learning more about the overall industry. This subsequently led to Roni Frank, at that point a software developer, to start studying psychology. Visit to learn more about Oren Frank.

Alongside this, Oren Frank began to learn more and more about the niche. It was during this time that he was struck by how expensive the process of seeing a therapist could be, which often made it unaffordable for many people. As a result, this led to many people who wanted and needed help being unable to receive it, or not being able to get adequate treatment.

This led to the couple looking for ways to try to minimize this problem for as many people as possible, which subsequently led to the idea behind TalkSpace. With Roni Frank’s experience in software development and Oren’s eye for business, the pair soon go to work building an app that would allow people who needed therapeutic help to receive it at an affordable price.

Over the course of a few months, the two were able to create a text-based therapy app that could connect users with licensed therapists that could help them with their needs. While the firm was expanding its userbase through a variety of marketing and sales strategies, it was also busy finding licensed and experienced therapists to connect with the increasing number of customers.

Since then, TalkSpace has continued to expand, with the firm boasting that it’s connected over one million people from across the world with licensed therapists. Much of this growth was driven by the innovation behind the text-based messaging app, although Oren Frank’s previous experience as a marketing and advertising professional proved to be a significant aide.

Before establishing TalkSpace, Oren Frank had worked with a variety of international firms, such as McCann Erickson WorldWide, among several others. While working in the niche, he gained a positive reputation as a progressive creative strategist. Connect:

About Kynect, The Dallas-Based Energy Business You Need To Know About


Kynect is a network marketing company based in Dallas, Texas, that has established its dominance throughout its marketplace of competition over the years, especially after a recent merger the company underwent.


Reviewing Kynect’s history

Stream Energy was created in 2004 as an independent retail servicer of electricity and natural gas contracts across the United States.

NRG Energy, Inc., a public energy company, is the parent company of NRG Retail LLC.

In late May 2019, Stream announced that its retail energy operations would soon be soon sold off to NRG Retail LLC.

Three-odd months later in early Aug. 2019, NRG Retail formally acquired the retail energy functions of Stream and continued operating as NRG Retail LLC. The remaining operations of Stream became rebranded as Kynect.

Kynect, to this very day, is the sole marketer for all the retail-utility-related operations that NRG Retail legally purchased from Stream. See This Page for related information.


The executive staff of Kynect is loaded with champions

Mark Schiro, nicknamed “Bouncer,” is the Chief Executive Officer of Kynect. Schiro first became involved with the company as an outside, series-A investor in the business. Shortly after, he served an eight-year tenure on its oversight board – formally titled the Board of Managers. He was previously the CEO from 2012 to 2016, during which he held the additional title of President.

Dan O’Malley is Kynect’s current President and COO. Mr. O’Malley’s resume includes nearly three decades’ worth of high-level, intensive experience in the field of staple consumer goods.


About Kynect

Rob Snyder, who is no longer affiliated with Kynect, formed the company in 2005 through innovatively forging the connection between retail consumer energy contracts and network marketing.

Kynect also operates the Kynect Foundation, a non-profit organization that effectively serves as Kynect’s philanthropic arm. The Kynect Foundation is philanthropically active throughout the greater Dallas area, near-exclusively dealing with needy children, veterans, and first responders. Go Here for additional information.


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Marc Beer

Marc Beer Finds Success After Losing Wife

The loss of a loved one can make and break the best of humanity. A once energetic and compassionate individual can suddenly become withdrawn or emotionless. It’s one of those things everyone has to deal with at some point in life, but it’s still never easy.

When Marc Beer lost his wife, professionally, he was on top of the world. Beer launched his first company in 2000. ViaCell used umbilical cord blood stem cells to treat a variety of conditions in the human body. The company, despite being founded by a near-complete amateur, found huge success.

In 2007, PerkinElmer acquired ViaCell for $300 million. He hadn’t been that happy since he served as Vice President of Global Marketing for Genzyme. His work with Genzyme is what inspired him to pursue an entrepreneurial career and launch ViaCell. At the pinnacle of his young success, tragedy struck.

At 42, his wife passed away from a pulmonary embolism. Like any human being, such a loss rocked his world. It rattled him to the point that he worked away from any career pursuits and focused solely on raising his three young children. To his surprise, it would be one of those children that inspired me to go back to work.

Two years after his wife passed, his 14-year-old daughter used his sage advice against and encouraged him to “live with purpose.” She pointed out that his life’s purpose was not driving her and her siblings to and from school for the rest of his life.

He took her words to heart and relaunched his career, immediately looking for the next big opportunity. Luckily, opportunity had been looking for him for a long time. Around that time, Dr. Ray Iglesias had grown tired of performing pelvic floor surgeries on his patients.

As a gynecologist for 35 years, he knew there had to be a better way for women to deal with this problem. Like any sane doctor, he regarded surgery as a last resort. He’d been working on an idea for about ten years and took all he had to Marc Beer. Learn more:

Together, they joined up with Yolanda Lorie and co-founded Renovia. After researching pelvic floor disorders, Beer determined it’s exactly the kind of pressing problem he likes taking on. Pelvic floor disorders can cause pelvic organ prolapsed, urinary incontinence, and fecal incontinence. Within a few years, the trio developed innovative and proprietary technologies and therapies for the 25 percent of women in the U.S. suffering from these disorders.

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