Wes Edens Doesn’t Fear Risking on Dwindling Companies

Mr. Wesley Robert Edens alias Wes is the co-founder of Fortress group LLC. He also serves as the CEO, President, Principal and Head of its private equity. The company was established in 1998 and is a multi-billion project that deals with alternative asset management. Its headquarters are based in New York with offices all over the world.

Wesley Edens has been overseeing the company’s private equity business which basically invests in real estate, media, health care, financial services and transportation. He has previously served at BlackRock Financial Management Inc. where he was a partner and managing director of the firm. He was the head of BlackRock Asset Investors which is a private equity fund.

Wes Edens was born and raised on a ranch in Montana. Most of Wes Eden’s childhood was spent outdoors and he developed an interest in skiing, something that he still likes doing in Jackson, Wyoming where he owns the Caldera House, a prestigious hotel.

Wes Edens studied at the Oregon University and graduated with a degree finance and business administration. Fresh from university, Wes Edens was absorbed by a small bank in San Francisco. It is at this firm that Edens received the inspiration to move to New York. In 1993, Mr. Edens moved to New York where he landed a job at BlackRock. In 1998, together with his few colleagues, they decided to leave and started Fortress.

In 2007, they adopted the private equity fund public but suffered huge losses. In 2010, he surprisingly decided to bet on Springleaf Holdings Inc., purchasing $124 million in the form of stake. This mission paid off as by 2015 the value had risen to $3.5 billion.

Wes Edens has invested heavily in sports owning. In 2014, he became a one of the co-owners at Milwaukee Bucks, an NBA franchise. He was criticized for investing in a team that has not won a championship title in the last half-century. As this wasn’t enough, Edens went on to purchase stakes at Aston Villa, another sports franchise that is on a sharp decline. In a statement, Edens opined that he likes seeing things for what they are and not how other people see them.



Madison Street Capital is Growing with an Expansion to Austin

There are many different companies that call the state of Texas their home. While companies such as Dell and Whole Foods were created in the state, others like Facebook and Apple later made the move to Texas. This may be one of the reasons why Madison Street Capital made the decision to expand their business to Austin.


Austin may be seen as a tech hub, but there are many different companies of varying sizes and industries that have found a great deal of success in the busy city. Based in Chicago, Madison Street Capital saw the city as a great opportunity for their business. Madison Street Capital is expanding their business and is excited to offer regional support for clients both new and old in the region.


The Chief Executive Officer of Madison Street Capital, Charles Botchway, lives in the city of Austin and is excited to be able to work from an office so close to his home. These plans to open an office in Texas mark a significant opportunity for growth for Market Street Capital that their chief executive officer is excited to be a part of. He believes that Madison Street Capital will be able to provide the other business that call the city home highly skilled financial professionals that will be able to help these companies meet their business needs. Madison Street Capital has set a target opening date for the early part of 2019 and is currently in the process of trying to find the correct office space to meet the needs of their growing company.


Madison Street Capital has had clients in a wide array of industries. The banking firm that specializes in middle market investments provides many different financial services: some of these include business valuation, financial opinions, and corporate advisory. Madison Street Capital has more than a decade of experience in the financial industry after being founded in 2005. Their many clients around the world trust Madison Street Capital with all of the services that they provide.


One of the most recognized services provided by Madison Street Capital is their ability to assist their clients with mergers and acquisitions. In order to do this so successfully, they make sure to give a proper and true valuation of the companies in question. It can be difficult to find the correct firm to provide financial advice, but Madison Street Capital has a strong reputation in the industry.


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