Maarten De Jeu Speaks out on investing in commercial real estate.

Martin De Jeu, the founder of SVM Business Advisory and a frequent advisor to Fortune 100 companies, is bullish on commercial real estate, and not just for the ultr-rich either.


The Oxford-trained MBA, notes that commercial real estate, notes the fundamental differences between commercial and ordinary real estate. Traditional, home real estate is meant primarily as a place to call home, with any profit gained, a distant secondary concern. However, office buildings, industrial parks, warehouses, retail storefronts, shopping center and manufacturing centers are erected solely for profit. 


Given the right market conditions, commercial real estate can be a significant source of profit for their owners, however, the expense is often a key barrier to getting into the game. 


The average home for example, in the U.S., runs around $200,000, while a typical shopping center will run a minimum of #25 million dollars. 


According to De Jeu, the Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act of 2012, signed into law by then-President Barack Obama, allowed small businesses to attract investors in commercial real estate by selling shares through crowdfunding, to attract investors.


The JOBS act freed small businesses from the take or leave it attitude of larger commercial investors, and made it possible for individual investors to buy shares in commercial real estate for as little as $5,000.


Non-accredited investors can then share proportionately in the profits upon sale of the property, or they gain a share of the monthly interest rates a borrower makes

on the loan. In both cases, there are substantial tax benefits that can be gained by

the shareholders. 


 Advantages of Commerical Real Estate 


According to De Jeu, commercial real estate has several advantages including:


  •  Minimal Investment Fees

    Unlike many investment strategies requiring you to pay high fees to investment advice and counseling firms, the fees on commercial real estate are minimal. 
  •  Protection against inflation

    Many investments, bonds in particular, barely keep up with inflation. However, commercial real estate almost always appreciates well beyond the inflation rate.

    In addition, many rental contracts for commercial real estate have clauses designating an annual increase in rents. 
  •  Diversification

    Unlike the stock exchange, which goes up or down at the whim of politics or trade agreements, commercial real estate is a solid, steady investment that will diversify your portfolio. 
  •  Short term cash

    With commercial real estate, you not only benefit in the long-haul, such as when the property is sold, but you also generate cash flow on the short-term through rental revenues. 
  •  Tax Advantages

    There are tax advantages to commercial real estate such as being able to claim depreciation of the property. Learn more:


De Jeu says that now is a great time to consider diversifying your portfolio with

commercial real estate.

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Jack Plotkin is Putting Healthcare at Your Fingertips

Jack Plotkin

Is it possible to be warned far more frequently and clearly about what’s going on with our health besides an annual checkup and a doctor’s ability to spot something early? Yes, in fact, it is possible, and the technology behind this genius idea is spreading rapidly. Instead of waiting months or years to find out about a concern, sometimes even later than was necessary resulting in greater care costs and stress, people are going to be able to wear technology that tells them about their health a lot sooner. The fact is, the body is giving off signals and signs about its condition all day and night long, much the say way a car dashboard works. The problem is, the average person doesn’t have a really good idea what those signals are or what they mean until they get really serious, like the check engine light turning on.

Jack PlotkinJack Plotkin has spent the last two decades pushing and leading at the forefront of health technology and what the future is about to make available now on a widespread basis. The idea of wearable health technology is very much becoming a reality, with a clear ability to identify a health problem based on body signals and metrics a computer can crunch far faster and better than a human examiner. And when people have those kinds of tools in their hands, Plotkin believes it becomes a game-changer, much the same way an OBDII scanner for a car finally translates all those obscure codes and the ambiguous check engine light with clear, useful data and information. Jack Plotkin saw these realities coming years before, and how they will apply is already integrated within the telehealth tools he also sees becoming readily available as well. The question that Plotkin is asking now is whether society is ready for all the instant health information these tools will provide at a snap.

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Smita Shah Interview and the Delhi Committee

Smita Shah Background 


World business leaders Smita Shah, Lori Lightfoot, Senator Dick Durbin, Amy Eshelman, and others gathered at the 2019 Legacy of Mahatma Gandhi luncheon. They celebrated over 150 years to Gandhi’s legacy. Furthermore, the fifth anniversary of the conference marks his efforts towards improving civil rights globally. This was also the day Mayor Lightfoot decreed the celebration of Mahatma Gandhi’s legacy of Indian culture; everyone was to appreciate the cultural background of his work. 


Smitah Shah, President of SPAAN Tech, congratulated the event, stating that is was “an honor to observe the Indian-American culture in Chicago.” SPANN tech is a company that focuses on construction and engineering. Additionally, the focus of SPAAN Tech is overseen by a woman with a passion for business education. Smitah showed early signs of success in 1998 when she launched SPAAN Tech. It was ranked as one of the fastest-growing private companies out of 5,000. That’s not all. Her achievements include being the most connected entrepreneur in Chicago, Young Civil Engineer of the Year, Entrepreneur of the Year Award Finalist, and Community Leader of the Year. 


She serves on many public boards for organizations. Her achievements and dedication to human welfare are recognized nationally. Even the White House honors her work. She continues to be a force among young professionals today. Learn more:


The Delhi Committee and Culture


Delhi is a city in northern India and is recognized as Chicago’s sister town. The creation of the Delhi Committee saw diversification in Chicago. No one area was exclusive with its own culture. Rather, Indonesian influences were rampant throughout which inspired this committee. shares its inception like this; “…Under Shah’s leadership, the Delhi Committee of Chicago founded the Annual Legacy of Mahatma Gandhi Luncheon in 2014, honoring the long-standing exchange of ideas between Mahatma Gandhi and the U.S., and the ever-important principles of truth and non-violence.” Shah founded this organization in 2014. She successfully merged the two cultures and drew attraction to non-violent behavior. This organization promotes diplomacy, respect, cultural adaptation, and peaceful understanding between people. 




Smita Shah’s career is expansive. Her vision for younger and older generations to coexist professionally lives on through the Delhi Committee in Chicago. Many lives were changed during the creation and celebration of Mahatma Gandhi’s legacy. SPAAN Tech continues to inspire people from all to chase their dreams and build a brighter future for all.

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Maarten De Jeu on Investing in Commercial Real Estate

Maarten De Jeu is a top strategic business advisor who has valuable insight into how commercial real estate investments can be beneficial to short- and long-term investment goals. Investing in real estate can be a lot easier than many individual investors think.

While residential real estate is often purchased to own or for rental purposes, commercial real estate is varied and can include many kinds of structures like office buildings or retail space. Even apartment buildings can be a commercial real estate investment as they are based on multi-family units.

Commercial properties are a different kind of investment from residential properties as commercial real estate is often a bigger expense and larger. When considering a commercial property, keep in mind that some investment laws have changed and there are more opportunities to benefit from ownership equity when purchasing commercial properties.

In 2012, the Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act was passed easing restrictions on small businesses allowing individual investors the ability and access to more capital to invest in a business.

It doesn’t take a fortune to start investing as new investors can start with as little as $5,000 in certain commercial real estate and earn a share in the property value or rent once the property is sold. In lending, investors can also collect on the monthly interest payments the borrower is making with their monthly secured loan payments.

These methods make it easy to reinvest the profits on the initial investment and take advantage of any applicable tax breaks.

Also, there are no market fluctuations or management fees with commercial real estate as with traditional investments, and there is less risk associated with a real estate investment.

Another great reason to take advantage of the commercial real estate market is that there is protection against inflation. Inflation associated with the price of goods and services for traditional investments can be costly, but real estate investments are not impacted this way. Commercial real estate generally appreciates at a higher rate than inflation making it low-risk and an excellent long-term investing strategy.

There are also rent increases with commercial properties over time further increase the value of your investments.

Commercial real estate can also serve as a form of short-term cash flow with rent from tenants. This income can be reinvested or used for other business purposes.

Commercial real estate investing is considered a hard asset because investors are much more likely to recover and maximize the value of this kind of investment. Upgrades and improvements can always be made further increasing the value of the property. Besides, consider the building insurance policy as another safeguard to a commercial real estate investment. Learn more:

If you own traditional stocks and bonds, it’s always smart to diversify with real estate. Whether selecting residential or commercial, there are advantages to both. Always weigh your investment risk strategy with a professional and seek out expert advice before purchasing any investment.

Maarten De Jeu is an expert investment strategist and founder of SVM Business Advisory, a business investment consulting firm.

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Smita Shah: Supporting the Move to Name October 2 as Mahatma Gandhi Day

Smita Shah is an American entrepreneur based in Chicago, Illinois. She is the founder of SPAAN Tech, a company that focuses on construction services and engineering management. She currently serves as the chief executive of the company, and she secures a professional engineering license to gain more clients across the country. She is an alumnus of Northwestern University, Oxford University, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She decided to set up her company in 1998, several years after she graduated from university. She wanted to exercise her skills in the engineering profession, and that is the reason why she set up a business that focuses on engineering and construction.

Through the years, SPAAN Tech became widely known because of its performance in the market. It won several awards, including the Fastest Growing Company Award where it beat 5,000 other businesses. SPAAN Tech is also recognized as the Best Business in Chicago under the engineering services category. Lastly, Smita Shah was given the Engineering Excellence Honor Award because of her role in improving the engineering services sector in the city. Aside from SPAAN Tech, she also serves another company as a board of directors. She is an influential business leader, and other businesses are trying to benefit from her skills in managing a business. Learn more:

Aside from her stint as a business executive, Smita Shah is also a strong supporter of the civil rights movement. She is a civic leader after all who wanted to ensure that everyone in Chicago would feel accepted. She is recognized for her dedication to strengthening the relationship of the city to other places around the world, and she wanted to promote the cultural and economic growth of Chicago. Because of her efforts, she was given the Ellis Island Medal of Honor, an award reserved only for immigrants who have a huge contribution to the society and economy of the United States.

She stated that one of her dreams is to see more people in the United States engaging in business. Entrepreneurism and innovation would be the key to the future, and she advocates for more people to set up a business and learn how to manage it. Community enterprise, according to Smita Shah, helps smaller communities aiming to become a business hub. Through her, many young professionals and young leaders are inspired to take a bigger leap into their careers.

Last October 2019, Smita Shah Chicago invited several politicians including Mayor Lori Lightfoot of Chicago to participate in the Annual Legacy of Mahatma Gandhi Luncheon. The event was launched in 2014, and it is the fifth year that they are celebrating it. During the event, Mayor Lori Lightfoot announced that October 2 of every year will now be celebrated as Mahatma Gandhi Day in Chicago to recognize his contribution to the civil rights movement. This year also coincided with Mahatma Gandhi’s 150th year anniversary. Smita Shah stated that this move would further improve the relationship between India and the United States. The reaction from the Indian community in Chicago is also positive – they welcome the idea because they view Mahatma Gandhi as an inspiration.

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Starting a New Industry Venture with Maarten de Jeu

As average consumers seek to improve their social standing with new streams of money, there are many avenues to pursue. The common approach is investing in the stock market as there are plenty of relatively safe options to pick from. However, someone more daring might choose to open their own business. This allows an individual to create their own success through sweat and tears. Maarten de Jeu describes a new kind of investment strategy which involves a higher amount of risk, but also a higher rate of return. The commercial real estate market has slowly become its own entity with the proliferation of development and computer technology. In a recent Positive the Facts article, he runs down the facts he has learned.

While earning money from the stock market or a personal business venture is straight forward, the road to profits from commercial real estate requires a certain level of confidence and patience. Maarten de Jeu provides a pair of paths to follow for making money in this industry. It starts with the more commonly known act of allowing a third party to occupy your venue for a pre-determined rate. While the less commonly known method, and more profitable in the long term, is allowing your property to accrue value over time. The real estate market is unique compared to other industry sectors in how the competition is spread out and an individual owner has much more freedom.

Maarten de Jeu expands on the fundamental rules of playing in the commercial real estate market. The lack of oversight from competition allows for each individual property owner to increase their rates as much they would like. An owner can also encourage clients to sign longer lease periods and take on specific responsibilities for up-keeping the location. However, finding a client with whom you can enter a trusting reciprocal relationship can be the hardest part of the industry. Maarten de Jeu suggests simply putting your best foot forward and watch the pieces fall into pieces. Learn more:

Learning how to get along with industry peers and respecting each other’s space is a critical quality for recognition. The more people who believe in your skills, the more likely potential clients will be referred over to your services. Once a client is in your grasp, the hard part of signing a deal begins. Maarten de Jeu is a major fan of credibility packets as a means to give potential clients all the relevant information they need to make a decision. They will get a peek at past ventures and reviews from previous clients. If they feel safe and secure, then a deal will be forged in no time at all.

When it comes to navigating the industry and making the most of available resources, there are few others as successful as Maarten de Jeu. He was raised in an environment that encouraged an international perspective on life and he cultivated those skills form a young age. As an expert in many fields, he offers quality advice.

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Marc Beer

Marc Beer Finds Success After Losing Wife

The loss of a loved one can make and break the best of humanity. A once energetic and compassionate individual can suddenly become withdrawn or emotionless. It’s one of those things everyone has to deal with at some point in life, but it’s still never easy.

When Marc Beer lost his wife, professionally, he was on top of the world. Beer launched his first company in 2000. ViaCell used umbilical cord blood stem cells to treat a variety of conditions in the human body. The company, despite being founded by a near-complete amateur, found huge success.

In 2007, PerkinElmer acquired ViaCell for $300 million. He hadn’t been that happy since he served as Vice President of Global Marketing for Genzyme. His work with Genzyme is what inspired him to pursue an entrepreneurial career and launch ViaCell. At the pinnacle of his young success, tragedy struck.

At 42, his wife passed away from a pulmonary embolism. Like any human being, such a loss rocked his world. It rattled him to the point that he worked away from any career pursuits and focused solely on raising his three young children. To his surprise, it would be one of those children that inspired me to go back to work.

Two years after his wife passed, his 14-year-old daughter used his sage advice against and encouraged him to “live with purpose.” She pointed out that his life’s purpose was not driving her and her siblings to and from school for the rest of his life.

He took her words to heart and relaunched his career, immediately looking for the next big opportunity. Luckily, opportunity had been looking for him for a long time. Around that time, Dr. Ray Iglesias had grown tired of performing pelvic floor surgeries on his patients.

As a gynecologist for 35 years, he knew there had to be a better way for women to deal with this problem. Like any sane doctor, he regarded surgery as a last resort. He’d been working on an idea for about ten years and took all he had to Marc Beer. Learn more:

Together, they joined up with Yolanda Lorie and co-founded Renovia. After researching pelvic floor disorders, Beer determined it’s exactly the kind of pressing problem he likes taking on. Pelvic floor disorders can cause pelvic organ prolapsed, urinary incontinence, and fecal incontinence. Within a few years, the trio developed innovative and proprietary technologies and therapies for the 25 percent of women in the U.S. suffering from these disorders.

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Sergey Petrossov and Growing JetSmarter by Word of Mouth

Sergey PetrossovIn this day in age, there are numerous types of marketing campaigns. People are trying to leverage social media and the internet to try and grow their business. While this has been successful, there is still something to be said about a business spreading by word of mouth. This is the example that has been set by Sergey Petrossov and JetSmarter. Recently, Petrossov discussed how his business has enjoyed some unprecedented growth over the past few years. Even though he might be one of the youngest entrepreneurs in the industry, his company is already worth more than $1.5 billion. His business has largely growth by word of mouth.

Word of Mouth: Wouldn’t Exist Without It

Petrossov discussed how his company, JetSmarter, simply wouldn’t exist without word of mouth. Even though his company is still growing in the same way that any other social network would, he knows that people trust something that spreads by word of mouth. Simply put, people trust their friends. If a friend says that JetSmarter is a fantastic way to fly, people are more inclined to believe it. Therefore, JetSmarter devotes a lot of time to convincing members to spread the news of JetSmarter to their friends. When a company occupies a space in the luxury travel industry, Sergey Petrossov says that the hardest part is trying to grow on the demand side. This is where JetSmarter has been so successful.

Continued Growth of JetSmarter in the Future

Sergey PetrossovSergey Petrossov has already enjoyed tremendous success thanks to JetSmarter and advertising via word of mouth. On the other hand, the company is looking forward to continued growth in the future. He has his eyes set on the commercial travel industry. As more people use JetSmarter, the price point is going to drop. This will make the private travel industry more accessible to the general public, shifting market share from the commercial giants to companies like JetSmarter.

HCR Wealth Advisors Work To Meet The Needs Of Their Clients

HCR Wealth AdvisorsHCR Wealth Advisors works with clients to create a secure financial future so life’s difficulties are handled easier. Their goal is to combine the retirement plans, investments, and financial goals of their clients into one comprehensive plan that works for the individual client and their life situations. That can include retirement, marriage, divorce, inheritance, loss of a loved one, or any other circumstances that can affect financial health.

HCR Wealth Advisors has the mission of creating life-long financial relationships with its clients. They achieve this by communicating effectively with clients and fostering trust. They also educate their clients about their financial opportunities, both risk and reward, and most of all they strive to provide exemplary customer service. To them, security and confidentiality are a hallmark of the services they provide.

HCR Wealth Advisors provides several services that consist of financial services and wealth management, insurance services, consulting and business services. The financial services and wealth management address all financial services such as financial planning, tax preparation, retirement planning, investments, estate planning portfolio management and many more services.

HCR does its managing somewhat differently than other financial management companies. They are not associated with particular investment products, so they are able to show customers the whole array of products and are not limited to specific products that are associated with their financial house. They also do not receive a commission from mutual fund companies therefore; they are able to give unbiased advice.

They go through a seven-step process with their clients. First, they figure out what the client has and what their future goals are. Secondly, they identify opportunities and determine what financial needs are current and what is needed in the future. Third, they build a plan of investment that is best suited to the client. Fourth, an on-line portal is set-up so clients can review their information in real-time. Fifth, they review the investments and monitor progress to make sure they are on track. Next, they monitor the growth of the portfolio, and last they evaluate the plan and make adjustments as issues in life come up.

HCR Wealth Advisors has the goals of working with clients to plan for a successful financial future. They realize that each client has their own specific needs and they tailor their services to meet those needs.


HCR Wealth Advisors is not associated with this website.

Biotech Entrepreneur Marc Beer Is Building A Strong Legacy

Marc Beer is a tremendously successful entrepreneur that has made a living behind the biotech industry. With more than 25 years of experience in and out of executive positions, Marc has proven his worth to the industry as well as his capacity to lead. 


Today, Marc is heavily focused on his relatively new biotech startup, Renovia, which is particularly focused on research and development towards improving women’s health. Marc has made great efforts to ensure the continued growth of Renovia over the past three years, including bringing in more than 40 million dollars in funding just last year. Learn more:

The support for Renovia has been enormous throughout the Boston community, especially since the number of health companies specifically targeting elusive women’s illnesses is rather low. In this case, pelvic floor disorder. Not only does this disease affect hundreds of millions of women worldwide, but it also goes relatively unnoticed by most of the population. 


Marc has made real headway on behalf of pelvic floor disorder through a digital health system known as Leva, which has already been approved by the FDA. Further research and funding will continue going towards developing Leva become an even more advanced digital health system, which is a relatively new concept in the world of healthcare today. 


In part, the success of Renovia is driven by talented staff and a unique idea with a lot of potential. It is also partly due to Marc Beer’s relentless nature as an entrepreneur and leader. Marc has overcome many failures throughout his career, all of which have helped him discover his true path and what roads he needs to take to help as many people as possible. Giving back to the community is a crucial part of the process for Marc, and it has driven him most of his career. 


Along with his consistency in the biotech industry, Marc Beer has dedicated a great deal of effort to help other companies through his advice and consulting services. As of today, Marc holds a number of positions outside of Renovia, including board chairman positions at Good Start Genetics, LumeNXT, and Minerva Neuroscience.

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