Doctor Sameer Jejurikar Highly Praised By His Patients

Doctor Sameer Jejurikar is a plastic surgery professional – based in Texas, Dallas. He mainly specializes in various cosmetic surgeries including breast, eyes and the body. He has worked in the cosmetic surgery field for a considerable length of time, and he, therefore, possesses the skills, knowledge and experience that are required in this particular field. The patients see him as a Savior because he is highly and properly trained to solve any of their problems that require plastic surgery. It is said that Sameer Jejurikar does not practice is a profession because of money but because he has a passion for it. He is well certified and legally allowed to carry out his various procedures on his patients.

There are various hospitals based in Dallas that Dr Sameer Jejurikar visits more often to attend to patients. Some of these hospitals include the Pine Creek Medical Center. Dr Sameer Jejurikar pursued his bachelor’s degree from the famous University of Michigan. He does his job with passion, and for that, most of the patients have given positive views about him. So far, he has received an excellent overall Patient Experience Rating. This is an exercise that is practised in the United States that helps various patients to give feedback about their experience with a certain Doctor. The rating is usually based on three factors, the Doctor’s ability to respond to the patient’s questions, how clear the doctor issues instructions to the patients and how thorough the Doctor examines the patient to diagnose and establish what exactly the patient is suffering from.

Dr Sameer Jejurikar has therefore been ranked as one of the top doctors according to the patient’s views. He, therefore, received the Compassionate Doctor Certificate in the year 2012 just to crown his good job.