Fortress’s Success Potential

Fortress Investment Group shows that they are dynamic enough to adjust to the modern economic landscape. With aspects such as accessibility for investors, their executive staff choices and board retention, as well as their protection of patients and technological expansion they can propel themselves into the next decade and stave off any signs of a recession. Their customers can equally benefit from this dynamism as well. A proper example of this relates to the price tag of individual services that they can receive. Such receivable services include, but are not limited to, lower stock prices. At $8 a share, investors can place their hopes in receiving a piece of solid investment and expand their portfolio at little cost. Since their inception in 1988, Fortress Investment Group has made several consolidation decisions, including South bank’s acquisition in 2017. Nevertheless, the company Continues to make good decisions such as its purchased property in Florida last year. Furthermore, the company has made excellent choices regarding its top executives, Misra to head the investment arm of the group for SoftBank after being head of Fortress. These choices in staff helped in Softbank’s merger with Fortress and signifies their importance in the investment world. Though they merged with SoftBank, Fortress also retains a vast degree of control over its own board of directors and can make its own executive decisions regarding its own investment. With the additional branching into iPass, a new opportunity to expand into Wi-Fi in many areas that would not normally have internet access, and the establishment of funds such as the Patent Troll Fund, Fortress Investment Group shows that they have longevity that they need in order to become a global powerhouse. Since they have solidified the merger with SoftBank, they will now become unbeatable in the investment world as they continue to purchase more properties and expand their reach to help bring the world together through a need of smart property investment.

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