Gareth Henry: Why You Should Invest in Hedge Funds

Gareth Henry previously worked at Angelo Gordon and Fortress Investments as head of investor relations. He obtained his degree in actuarial mathematics from Heriot-Watt University in Scotland. As a degree holder in actuarial mathematics, he is well-suited when it comes to explaining various complicated strategies applied by hedge fund managers. Currently, hedge funds have become popular, and Gareth Henry has been in the forefront in explaining to investors how they can take advantage of it to diversify their portfolios.

According to Gareth Henry, Hedge funds exist in different sizes and shapes, but the primary component associated with their design is the capability to consider investment approaches like investing in non-traditional assets and going short. Through his knowledge of complex mathematics including his experience, Henry has managed to succeed in his current role as a leader to his organization which provides asset raising and public relations services for asset managers. Learn more about Gareth Henry at

With an extensive network of contacts at sovereign wealth funds and pension funds, Gareth Henry has the opportunity to spend some time learning the perceptions of investors concerning bond, hedge funds, and equity investments. He uses his experience to provide pieces of advice to investors concerning the role of hedge funds when it comes to the diversification of their portfolio.

Hedge funds can perform well at a bear market which proves that they can also perform well when there is a high-interest rate in the economy. In the past, high-interest rates were linked to market crashes and bear markets. This was experienced during the 1987’s brutal drop, the 2000’s tech wreck, and the 2008’s financial crisis. During these periods, Federal Reserve almost campaigned for increased interest rates.

Gareth Henry advises investors to invest in hedge funds so as to have a non-correlated diversification. He believes that investors can benefit from funds because when fixed income investment and equity are struggling, the hedge funds will improve portfolio performance as they are structured in such a manner that they can take advantage of the struggling market environment. Therefore, investors need to invest in hedge funds to have a diversified portfolio and protect their investment.

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