How Ara Chackerian is Committed to Reducing Suicide Across the Globe

Some decades ago, suicide used to be seen as an evil thing from a cursed family. Today things are different and its no longer discussed indoors. It is in the public domain that something needs to be done to change the status quo. People from all levels of life are committing suicide. Ara Chackerian has discovered that if something is not done, the world might continue losing very important people and is calling upon everyone to end the stigma. It is a mental disease that must be addressed and treated.

Ara Chackerian is from San Francisco, California and is the person behind some innovations in the healthcare industry. He has given out the example of a celeb and how people feel when such a person commits suicide. People have worked hard to live like them but they end up dying. Depression is a mental disease and Ara believes that when people speak out, people can work on ways they can help each other. There is nothing shameful when one admits that he/she is suffering from depression. It can affect anyone.

Ara Chackerian co-founded TMS Health Solutions. The company applies technology so come up with ways they can diagnose health issues. The company treats anxiety and depression using TMS therapy. Ara Chackerian is also the executive director of ASC Capital Holdings Ltd. The company helps startups in the health industry. This is something he started while he was studying a degree in Marketing at the University of Florida. This helped him gain proper marketing skills that would enable him to penetrate the market easily.

Ara Chackerian is also an editor who writes articles regarding mental health disorders and possible treatment methods. He has always focused his attention on advising the world that depression is normal and even mentors can suffer from it. It should not lead to suicide like it is doing to most people. Ara has also been able to apply his marketing skills towards developing a culture of helping people. He is also known for his kindness and as a philanthropist, the guy has managed to help so many people access better treatment from across the entire country.