How Cancer Treatment Centers of America of America Use Public Figures to Increase Awareness

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) has Dr. Maurie Markman explain precision treatment of cancer. It involves providing medicine that fits the treatment of a patient. Visit to know more about CTCA.

The precision medicine will go as far as the molecular level type of observation to determine the type of the cancer, and they would use it to determine what specific medicine to use. There will be cases when precision medicine will call for medicine that has been overlooked or not available at that time. It will try to find any abnormalities that could be comprised by the medicine and eradicate cancer cells. Markman suggest that prospective patients should ask questions to determine if precision medicine is the right treatment for them. He suggests that people should go to CTCA’s website to find out as much information as possible about precision medicine.


CTCA is joined by the Arizona Diamondbacks President Derrick Hall to get men to go physical examination. Hall tells his story of how he was diagnosed with prostate cancer and he was treated. He is a survivor of prostate cancer. It is one of the reasons why he is an advocate for men to go for screenings and not fear the doctors. The campaign involved men wearing hospital gowns. Halls reveals the campaign via local interview. He explains other celebrities are willing to share the story of how they overcome such illness. Hall reveals how over 30,000 men succumb to prostate cancer. By going to the doctor, it would be helpful for early detection. Visit Modern Healthcare to know more about CTCA.