How Oren Frank Created A Text-Based Therapy Giant

For the past several years, Oren Frank has served as the CEO of TalkSpace, a company that he co-founded in 2012 alongside his wife, Roni. Before establishing the firm, the Franks had been struck by how positive their experience was with a marriage therapist, with this leading to the couple learning more about the overall industry. This subsequently led to Roni Frank, at that point a software developer, to start studying psychology. Visit to learn more about Oren Frank.

Alongside this, Oren Frank began to learn more and more about the niche. It was during this time that he was struck by how expensive the process of seeing a therapist could be, which often made it unaffordable for many people. As a result, this led to many people who wanted and needed help being unable to receive it, or not being able to get adequate treatment.

This led to the couple looking for ways to try to minimize this problem for as many people as possible, which subsequently led to the idea behind TalkSpace. With Roni Frank’s experience in software development and Oren’s eye for business, the pair soon go to work building an app that would allow people who needed therapeutic help to receive it at an affordable price.

Over the course of a few months, the two were able to create a text-based therapy app that could connect users with licensed therapists that could help them with their needs. While the firm was expanding its userbase through a variety of marketing and sales strategies, it was also busy finding licensed and experienced therapists to connect with the increasing number of customers.

Since then, TalkSpace has continued to expand, with the firm boasting that it’s connected over one million people from across the world with licensed therapists. Much of this growth was driven by the innovation behind the text-based messaging app, although Oren Frank’s previous experience as a marketing and advertising professional proved to be a significant aide.

Before establishing TalkSpace, Oren Frank had worked with a variety of international firms, such as McCann Erickson WorldWide, among several others. While working in the niche, he gained a positive reputation as a progressive creative strategist. Connect: