Iskandar Safa Excels in His Business and Philanthropic Activities


Iskandar Safa is a renowned businessman from Lebanon. Born in 1955, Safa has built a successful career in the international business field. He is particularly recognized widely for co-founding and guiding Privinvest Group to prosperity. The company has a strong presence not only in Europe, but also in the Middle East specializing in commercial vessels, naval shipbuilding, as well as superyachts. Additionally, Safa’s company has spread out its wings to include operations in the real estate, media, as well as hospitality sectors.

Starting off, Iskandar Safa recognized the role education plays in the success of a person and embarked on a journey to build a strong educational background. He went to the American University of Beirut for his bachelor of science in Civil Engineering. He later earned his MBA from INSEAD, a leading higher learning institution based in France.

After solidifying his educational background, the entrepreneur stepped into the job market like any recent college graduate would do. He started off with job opportunities in the United States before moving to Saudi Arabia. After working under someone for a long while, he decided with nobody above him in the hierarchy of corporate leadership. He partnered with his like-minded brother Akram to start Privinvest Group, a company that has become highly successful in the naval shipbuilding industry and beyond. See This Page for related information.

In 1992, Privinvest made a major milestone when it acquired Mecaniques de Normandie, a struggling shipyard. Iskandar Safa leveraged his acumen in business leadership to help the company get out of its financial woes and become one of the largest shipbuilding companies with more than 400 employees.

Beyond his business interests and abilities, the entrepreneur also involves himself in philanthropy. He has supported the reconstruction of Notre-Dame after it was brought down by a fire disaster. Iskandar Safa demonstrated that he is still faithful to his faith and he values France as his home. Read This Article for additional information.


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