Jeremy Goldstein – A Lawyer Who Believes in Close Relationships

Jeremy Goldstein is a lawyer blessed with many interests and capabilities. It is this wide variety of inclinations that have led him to achieve a illustrious career in corporate mergers and acquisitions. His eclectic talents give him the kind of insight that CEOs the world over have learned to rely on. And aside from working full time at this very detailed niche within corporate law, he also finds the time to participate as a board member and mentor of his favorite charities.


Jeremy Goldstein is most remembered for his work on some of the biggest acquisitions in this century. He had a singnificant hand in the purchase of Sears, South African Breweries and Alltel. He even participated in the merger of Time Warner by AT&T. Although he says the most significant of these projects was a merger made by J.P. Morgan Chase.


Major Corporations Seek His Help

Many corporations are more than eager to work with Goldstein because of his intense organizational and legal skills. Jeremy Goldstein’s area of expertise is in corporate finance, Commercial Banking and managerial governance. He brings to the corporate table this experience which helped him complete mergers and acquisitions in the finest of detail. Without his experience, companies often find themselves at a loss and sometimes even fail to bring the deal together.


Jeremy Goldstein’s decades of experience in acquisitions have helped him master every corporate challenge he has faced. The years of practice in different facets of the law allow him t navigate through these complex contracts easily and follow through to their completion, while taking every legal measure into account.


Acquisitions can often involve hundreds of billions of dollars worth of assets, so it’s vital that all parties ensure that the final contracts reflect the best intentions of the negotiated agreement and include all aspects such as assets, communities, employees, associations and more. An attorney well versed in every aspect of an acquisition is critical to the process because he has the expertise necessary to see to every aspect of the negotiation and the legal contracts.

When Goldstein takes on a new client, he meets the board of directors and CEOs face-to-face. He always wants to ensure that both parties are able to reach an adequate agreement quickly and works on relationships to help complete the deal as fast as possible. Otherwise, when negotiations take too long, a corporate leader can sideline and decide to pull out of the negotiation. As a result Goldstein offers tremendous value to helping CEOs reach an agreement without making a common mistake that leads to a future loss.


In addition to helping negotiate mergers and acquisitions, Jeremy Goldstein also specializes in offering CEOs focused consulting services. A CEO can often struggle to make a decision when the company is going through a significant change. This is when a CEO might turn to Jeremy Goldstein and use his advice to help refocus on making the right decisions. Goldstein helps CEOs make the decision, purchase necessary assets and complete a project or expand a facility. Jeremy Goldstein’s services help avoid lawsuits, improve productivity, acquire assets and merge with associates.

His Personal Approach

In Goldstein’s view, most attorneys make transactions excessively formal. Law offices take on clients through referrals or public marketing channels. Goldstein, believes that a client relationship is essential and should be informal. There should be a friendly working relationship because this can help uncover critical issues that could cause the downfall of a business. He believes in strong informal relationships as they can help the attorney-Business CEO work together as friends. Goldstein ensures this relationship by opening up his personal life to his business partnerships. He says, “ my clients are people and not robots. They like to have a good life just like anybody else and they trust a friend over someone who is just out to make money.” This is the strategy that allows Goldstein to nurture his client relationships and create lasting friendships and trust to bring tremendous value to both parties.


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