Jeremy Goldstein and Fountain House

Jeremy Goldstein will be setting up a gala and charity event in honor of mental illness. Participants will be catered to with a hand picked selection of vintage wine and catered food. The proceeds of this charity event are meant to support the Fountain House. This organization benefits the safekeeping of those suffering from mental illness.


The Fountain House was established in the nineteen forties to support mental illness and the families it affects. It was initially a support group designed to connect people suffering from mental illness. This was a pioneering time for mental health because it had not been fully accepted by the medical establishment yet. Even though it persists as a problem in our nation to this very day, stigmas and cultural norms were preventative to patients seeking treatment in the forties.


Fountain House helps patients recover from their conditions and improves the lives of those family members who support the mentally ill. Jeremy Goldstein has been instrumental to the success of Fountain House. He started working for a law firm in New York after graduating from New York University School of Law. He quickly was able to identify the sources of executive compensation amongst independent consulting firms. Some of these findings led to Jeremy improving business opportunities for the law firm.


He eventually founded the Jeremy Goldstein & Associates LLC. This law firm has been influential in educating clients as well as informing corporations about governance and compensation law. Some of the prominent clients of his law firm today include senior level management, CEOs and compensation initiatives.


Mr. Goldstein has been at the forefront of innovation in the legal field for years. He was in charge of some of the largest corporate sales and transactions in the past decade. One of these was the acquisition of Goodrich by United Technologies. Another instance was Cingular wireless and AT&T on his resume. There are a lot of banking mergers that Goldstein has been a part of as well over the years. These experiences have informed his legal practice and improved the quality of service he can offer to his clients. Mr. Goldstein is an important legal advocate and has been practicing for years. He also is interested in informing the public about corporate governance and executive compensation laws.


Currently, mergers and acquisitions are a focus for Mr. Goldstein as he is the chair of a subcommittee with the American Bar Association and a practicing lawyer. He has a long history of being in compensation law and is ranked as one of the most leading and Innovative lawyers for business this year. Jeremy has been an important team member and contributed to the way that compensation law is practiced around the world. Many of his clients are in the United States and he has represented Fortune 500 companies in ongoing legal proceedings. When he is outside of the courtroom he emphasizes teaching and writing so that the most important aspects of compensation law are documented. He has set an example as an attorney with a sparkling record and a great deal of integrity.


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