Luke Lazarus: How to Become a Successful Serial Entrepreneur

Are you planning to set up a business? Think about it first – nine out of ten startups fail five years after it was established. However, if you are really into it, you might end up being in the ten percent – those who managed to get through all of the obstacles and became successful in the end.

This is how Luke Lazarus became a successful entrepreneur – he did not care about failing, and all he was thinking about is how to develop strategies that can make his businesses succeed.

Luke Lazarus is classified as a serial entrepreneur – one who keeps on building new businesses and focusing on those that took off. Being a serial entrepreneur requires a lot of hard work and determination because it is not easy to manage multiple businesses at once.

Luke Lazarus has always wanted to become a businessman when he was still a child. When he was in college, he took up an MBA degree at a local business school in Melbourne. He studied hard to graduate on time and started his career in building his wealth.

He initially set up four different businesses, and through closely managing its performance, his businesses started to take off. Meanwhile, he was already talking to venture capitalists, offering them his businesses.

He was able to sell all four startups, and he earned millions of dollars in the process. Luke Lazarus would continue this cycle until his wealth explodes. This setting helped him build his wealth, and he became financially independent when he reached 35 years old.

Later on, Luke Lazarus decided to quit his career of being a serial entrepreneur and focused on becoming a business consultant instead. He knows that serving the people will make him feel more accomplished, and he started to give out helpful strategies for those who are struggling with how to keep their business intact.

Many struggling company owners in Australia experienced transformation after Luke Lazarus helped them build effective strategies on how to manage their business. Those who have worked with him in the past are stating how direct to the point the young Australian business consultant is – he will speak whatever is inside his mind and would give out realistic opinion.

Luke Lazarus does not sugarcoat the situation if it became really bad. Despite his brutal realism when dealing with clients, many are appreciating his action, saying that being realistic is sometimes a necessity in the world of business.

Luke Lazarus also shared the importance of business presentations when serial entrepreneurs are looking for a venture capitalist who could become a potential partner. He said that companies should invest in an immersive and interesting presentation.

It will help them get noticed by an investor who is looking for a company that he could buy. Luke Lazarus also added that serial entrepreneurs should never surrender easily – even if they already spoke with twenty people and rejecting their offer.

Most of the time, a hard-working serial entrepreneur would have higher chances of becoming successful if they are familiar with their strategies and ready to face uncertainties.

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