Maarten De Jeu

Versatile is the best adjective to describe Maarten De Jeu. From having in-depth insights on
managing diverse teams to acknowledging the salience of multilingualism, Maarten de Jeu knows
how important adaptability is in the age of globalization.
Given his solid background on humanities and business, De Jeu has managed to take the best from
both worlds and creating SVM Advisory, a firm specialised in providing businesses with all-round
guidance in the global context. During his tenure there he has focused on fostering stakeholder
relationships in order to successfully establish long-term strategies to advance upper level
transactions between different organizations and businesses.
Additionally, De Jeu collaborated in the creation of SpeakUp, a technology oriented startup that has
as the center of its scope, the goal to advise clients in topics regarding compliance with industry
standards as well as ethics in business.
It all began in the early 2000’s when De Jeu obtained his degree in Public Administration from
Leiden University, then subsequently in 2005 when he completed his Executive MBA at Oxford
University. During his years at Oxford, he accumulated a number of specializations in Finance and
graduated with honors.
From the late 1990’s until the second half of the first decade of the new millennium, De Jeu worked
at TVDK Management Consultants; Initially as an analyst, later on rising to the higher-ups of the
organization as a senior associate. There he worked with high-profile customers, including two of
the most well-known financial institutions in the Netherlands: ABN AMRO and ING. Other important
clients include Heinz.
Before creating SVM Advisory he worked at AVIVA plc, a company that has branches around the
globe including London in the United Kingdom and Chicago in the United States. He first worked in
the London branch, then transferred to the Chicago headquarters on a more senior position. AVIVA
specializes in strategy and corporate development. Learn more:
Maarten De Jeu is a polyglot. He can effectively communicate in French, Dutch and German. He
dedicates a significant amount of his time off, pursuing one of his biggest passions: playing tennis.
De Jeu originally a Dutchman, is now established in the Chicago Metropolitan Area, where he likes
to give back; As a result, he supports a number of charities and social initiatives in diverse areas
including science and international relations.

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