Mark Holyoake Discusses Sound Entrepreneurial Strategies

Mark Holyoake has recently been in the news for his work with Iceland Seafood International (ISI). As a former member of the board, Holyoake stepped down in order to pursue larger investment projects. Having high-level experience as an investor of both real estate and private equity, Mark Holyoake has seen and done pretty much everything in the field. With a career dating back to the early ’90s, Holyoake has plenty to offer entrepreneurs and investors seeking to follow in his steps. In today’s discussion, readers will learn what makes Holyoake tick while also benefitting from his personal routine.

While you may not associate the work that Holyoake does with socializing, it is actually the foundation of his success. Holyoake prides himself on being outgoing and sociable. These traits allow him to connect with customers, clients, and potential references with relative ease. As you navigate conversations, Holyoake argues, you’ll be able to come to mutual solutions that inform your wider view of the business world. It should surprise nobody that Mark also associates his success with Oakvest Holdings with his sociability. Holyoake prides himself on putting together dynamic, intelligent, and professional teams. In order to find success through his work, Holyoake has learned to trust his team with important responsibilities, thus freeing up his time and energy to handle other issues as they arise.

Despite Holyoake’s success in the investment world, he has still seen his own fair share of struggles. As an entrepreneur, Holyoake admits that there have been times where he has lost out on an investment before and he probably will struggle again. With that being said, Holyoake likes to live by the words of Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba. Ma argues that one should never give up because, eventually, tomorrow will bring to you the sunshine that you have earned.

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