Gareth Henry Establishes Heriot-Watt Bursary & Mentoring Program

Gareth Henry has achieved a significant amount of success since graduating from Heriot-Watt University in 2001; he’s also mentioned on several occasions how integral the university was in helping him build the foundation of his success. Because of that, he’s always done what he could to help support the college. Now, Heriot-Watt has announced that it has established a bursary and mentoring program alongside Gareth Henry to help a number of graduate students.

According to an announcement, Mr. Henry will be mentoring and coaching the beneficiaries of the bursary on a regular basis; this coaching will focus on enhancing the students’ long-term career opportunities while also helping them to grow as people. As Gareth Henry has said, he will be helping the students as needed to help them build a proper foundation for their career growth; he also noted that he would be able to give them career advice, as well as help in how to get a job. The bursary will be focused on those studying the Actuarial Sciences, which is what Mr. Henry studied during his time with Heriot-Watt.

Gareth Henry is based in New York and has held a variety of senior management roles in investor relations with a few established companies. Since graduating from college, he’s spoken about how important the Actuarial Maths course at Heriot-Watt is to his day to day work, as well as his overall career. This is one of the key reasons why he’s focused on this and the other Actuarial Sciences for his bursary with the college.

He’s also spoken a variety of times about program’s scholastic processes, and quantitative modeling lessons will be vital in the industry in the future, which is another reason why he believes in the course and helping more students graduate from the course. Some of the areas that Mr. Henry has said that many of the programs processes and lessons will be important in include the likes of machine learning, technology, and Artificial Intelligence. Gareth Henry has also said that these kinds of philosophies will also be important in the likes of robo-advisory and quantitative investing in the investment world.

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The Multi-talented Ashley Lightspeed

Ashley Lightspeed is part of the investing team at Lightspeed Venture Partners. For an individual still early in their career, she has an impressive portfolio and accomplishments. She has been integral in the development of top companies in the last few decades. Ashley Lightspeed is captivated by product development and is instrumental in the company.

She was impressed by her father’s design work and watched him draft images. She used to sit with her father to learn architectural work. Although she drifted away from architecture, she is still actively involved in the field. She has brought unique ideas and creative trends to Lightspeed Venture, enabling it to achieve set goals. Furthermore, she gives insights which have diversified the company’s operations. See article at

Ashely Lightspeed attended Duke University. After graduation, she worked with Bain & Company, a consulting firm. She learned how to use sophisticated tools to create solutions. Since it was her first job after school, Ashely was ready to learn. She had a mentor who taught her how to navigate the industry. She advises young people to have mentors and be ready to learn.

Ashley Lightspeed moved to a tech startup called Thumbtack. She connected with local clients and professionals who shaped her career. She built a wedding platform for the company, transforming it into an online giant for hiring events services. She left Thumbtack and joined Lightspeed after graduating from Stanford Business School. She wanted to work with a company that focused on the future. After hearing about Lightspeed Venture, she was impressed and decided to join.

She is happy to work with early startups and seeing them grow into big businesses. When she left Thumbtack to study at Stanford, Ashley felt something was missing. She loved her job and wanted to continue working. She worked for the Thumbtack part-time until she joined Lightspeed Venture Partners. Read more:

Serge Belamant: Inspirational Orignial Blockchain Entrepreneur

Serge Belamant, inspirational blockchain entrepreneur, has been involved in the blockchain industry for over 20 years. Many people believe blockchain technologies are new phenomenons. The truth is blockchain technologies can be traced back to Serge Belamant in the 80’s and 90’s. Blockchain technology is defined by a list of tech records that pertain to cryptography. Cryptography is defined by the art and trade of solving encrypted codes. Codes are important parts of any blockchain system. Visit

Without the proper codes enlisted, blockchain technologies will not work. Serge Belamant understood this delicate system of codes. Belamant spent his childhood years in France. Around the age of fourteen, Serge moved to South Africa. Belamant’s change of location exposed him to a world of new endeavors. From mathematics to commuter science processes, Serge Belamant began learning about the most important financial blockchain encryptions.

When an individual excels in a certain trade or industry, they must pursue it. Business communications are a common college major at universities today. Young entrepreneurs need to be exposed to a range of topics in order to truly choose their passion. Belamant immediately took a liking towards computer science and other intense mental processing systems. The schools in South Africa taught Belamant the important of pursuing creative endeavors. While in the South African high school, he began competing in chess competitions. He even went on to represent South Africa during a major 1972 national chess match.

Serge Belamant began working with an engineering company at the age of 22. The most important aspect of engineering is the basic principal of systems. Engineering involves more than one aspect. For example, engineering involves mathematics as well as science. Science and physics are major players in the field of engineering. Engineers and computer science masters share some of the same technology in their everyday work. Belamant developed a creative, innovative and unique system to detect proprietary water levels in dams. This type of analytical system was known as crypto-systems. The purpose of Belamant’s testing was to determine the water levels needed in wells in order to prevent a severe community drought.

Read  more on Continues To Expand High Fashion Availability In China is a massive Chinese e-commerce firm that had USD $55.7 billion in net revenue in 2017. They have more than 500 warehouses in China and can get ordered items into customer’s hands in just one or two days. They have over 300 million active customers and sell everything from high-end fashion to electronics to fresh food., or Jingdong, recently signed a partnership with the British Fashion Council (BFC) This agreement, which lasts for three years, will be supported by the designers and events of both London Fashion Week Men’s and London Fashion Week. The partnership makes Jingdong the exclusive provider of London Fashion Week clothing and accessories in China.

Jingdong already has existing partnerships with the BFC/GQ Menswear Designer Fund and BFC/Vogue Designer Fashion Fund. These agreements were crafted in order to benefit designers, key figures, and global brands as well as These partnerships make it possible to offer British and other international brands to China’s ever more sophisticated consumers. The partnerships will also increase the availability of Chinese brands in the world of fashion around the globe.

The CEO of the BFC, Caroline Rush, stated that has become one of her organization’s trusted partners. She entered into the partnership with Jingdong because she wanted to elevate the visibility of emerging designers and to facilitate their ability to collaborate with other designers in both China and the United Kingdom.

The partnership also strengthens intellectual property rights in China. Additionally, it will facilitate cultural interactions and how talent can be integrated. All of these are very important components of the fashion industry, Caroline Rush went on to add.

JD Fashion, a subsidiary of, hosted three of BFC/Vogue Designer Fashion Fund designers at a show in Shanghai in March 2018. These designers were introduced to an audience made up of industry influencers, retailers, and reporters. The three featured designers were Rejina Pyo, Huishan Zhang, and Le Kilt. At a later event, Jingdong featured two other designers in this partnership who were Xuzhi Chen and Xiao Li along with Huishan Zhang for the second time.

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PSI Pay Is Showing The World How To Be Modern With Their Money

There are many different styles of digital wallets around the world. In Europe, the digital wallet holds so much in it that some might want to use it in place of a traditional bank. It allows them to carry cash balances and connect their debit cards to it. Digital wallets don’t pay interest, but they are a more convenient way to keep track of one’s money than a bank. Some digital wallets do have lower fees for those who choose to put a lot of money in the wallet, though. And, PSI Pay has the government’s approval in Europe, helping people to trust it as their digital wallet service.

PSI Pay is growing each year as more people become interested in digital wallets and spending their money in this convenient way. Not every physical retail store accepts digital payments yet, but many online stores do. And, it is expected that stores will change in the next few years and will start taking more forms of digital payments. The American digital wallet has many options for payments, including Walmart Pay. And, the Americans who use the wallet more than anyone else are those who are both wealthy and young.

PSI Pay digital wallet has become popular since it first introduced its modern methods of payments. It is helping change the world of money and the way that people view it. It is making things more convenient on all of those who use its services. PSI Pay allows people to put all of the payment cards that they use together, without having to carry the physical cards with them. And, it offers a wearable ring that people can put on to make the payments all the more convenient. It is changing the way that everyone views money as it introduces them to a modern form of payment.


The RealReal caters to the savvy shopper

Buying secondhand luxury goods has been the thing of today. Shoppers have become aware of having the option of wearing clothing and other items from the biggest designers while saving their coins. Being savvy is the thing to be. Resale of luxury items is also helping to extend the lifecycle of products that could end up in landfills.

It is reported that 1 in 3 women shopped secondhand in the year of 2017 with resale claiming 20 billion dollars. Those numbers should only increase in the years to come. 2017 reported that thrifters housed 24% of used merchandise in their closets. It may have seemed cheap, unconventional, belittling, outdated or even disgusting to buy secondhand items years ago but now there are so many great options of great quality secondhand designer goods such as Gucci, Balenciaga, Fendi and more that gives you confidence and security.

Unbeknownst to most, the fashion industry is the second most polluting industry in the world. That’s a huge deal! Fast fashion, which is fashion trends that fades or goes out of style quickly is contributing to the negative effects of waste. People tend to throw out items that are out of style. Secondhand resale lowers waste and pollution.

So, how do you get your hands on some of the best resale? The RealReal has your back. The RealReal is a designer fashion consignment app that features secondhand luxury goods. started small with CEO Julie Wainwright building the platform out of her home by working in her kitchen and visiting consignor’s homes via a U-Haul truck. The RealReal focuses on sustainability, authenticity and the continued lifecycle of luxury items. The RealReal also has two store locations; one in New York City, which opened in November 2017 and the other in West Hollywood in July of 2018.

The Influence of Deirdre Baggot in Healthcare Business

Since she obtained her bachelors, masters, and postgraduate degrees, Deidre Baggot was instrumental in the healthcare business. For instance, she handled the payment of various investments while strategizing how their delivery in Colorado. As for her education, she studied at the famous Illinois University that is in the Southern area of Edwardsville.

Hence, the institution helped her to accomplish her dreams of securing a nursing degree. Besides, she graduated from Loyola University situated in Illinois. While at the institution, she studied business in the master’s level. Find out more about Baggot at Resumonk

Her career

Deidre attributed her career to being at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. In 1997, she became the resource coordinator for the hospital. Moreover, Baggot was a nurse where she administered the activities of the hospital quickly. Deirdre was diligent to the organization such that she helped various individuals to recuperate for six years at the facility.

However, she moved to Michigan to study the health system at the famous Ann Arbor. While at the institution, she was in charge of the business organization and the management of the administration. During her tenure at the health facility, the admionistration appreciated for the impact she made at the organization.

Through the safety lessons she offered to the individuals, the organization gave her the six-sigma certification. Since her success was fruitful, Deirdre Baggot went to Denver in 2006 to administer the vascular and cardiac institute. As a subsidiary of health, she managed 450 people.

Through her experience, she handled various areas such as marketing, business, recruitment, development, payment of several contracts among the employees, and acquisition of products.

Even though her experience in the organization was only four years, she recruited individuals that were fruitful to the organization. Besides, she added eleven more clinics that helped the patients to get quick treatment. Additionally, she added other activities that were relevant to the health facility.


Deirdre Baggot used all the available experience she used the facility to improve her work. For example, while at GE healthcare partners in California, she used her experience to focus on the payment of the workers. Thus, her annual revenues increased to 6.6 million dollars.

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Wes Edens the hidden Mogul

Unless you have been living under a rock, or perhaps you’re just not much of a sports fan. Wes Edens co-owner of the bucks recently made the decision to get rid of Jason Kidd as head coach.

In a local news interview, he discussed his reasoning for the decision, stating that when you want to go to the next level of anything you have to make adjustments and get rid of what is not working. For him Jason Kidd just couldn’t cut it. That’s not the only winning decision Wes Edens has made. Wes Edens and the Greater Milwaukee Foundation pledged 200 million to build a new basketball stadium all in efforts to keep the team located within the city’s limits. The stadium was completed in fall of 2018.

He is also noted for helping his players make smart investments with their money and encourages intelligent financial decisions. He made sure of this stating that “I want to help guys out to understand financially how to be in a better place,” he said. “I know when I was 22 (years old), I made a lot of bad decisions.”

Wes Edens is known for creating New Fortress Energy. This is a company that is known to have built and invested in more economical and environment friendly railroads. They also partnered with “Virgin Trains USA” developing a private rail system.

Wes Edens also has used his hand in the railroad system to partnered with different medical facilities to provide healthcare to some of the poorest parts of the country. While doing all of this he still hires locals onboard as staff members and trains them as well. It is also noted that he gave away over 3,000 toys while hosting Christmas events in various cities throughout Jamaica and building a more energy efficient infrastructure across the country.

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Vijay Eswaran over the Board Business Ventures

Vijay Eswaran is a wealth of knowledge which he has used to grow an admirable global empire. After graduating from the London School of Economics (United Kingdom) with a degree in Socio-Economics and later an MBA from the Southern Illinois University in the United States, his career had already been set forth for him. He first worked with top companies in finance before he began his entrepreneurial ventures.

He memoirs the struggles he went through before the business became profitable. Vijay Eswaran had no funding nor connection that would propel his dream into a reality. It was the first hurdle he faced, but his wife came strongly to support the vision. Sooner or later he was glad as investors began partnering with him and the business started realizing profits and growth. Although it was an enduring time for the company, it was worth as he learned to face things head on and besides, success comes with challenges.

Vijay Eswaran is a leader who believes in service above self. He is of the school of thought that you should serve diligently before you get to yourself. It keeps you focused on your goal, humble and determined to be better and better. It is a value he has ingrained into his team and helped to grow the company it’s among the top 40 companies globally based on performance.

About Vijay Eswaran

He is the QNET and QI Group Executive Chairman. It is a conglomerate company with diverse scope in media, hospitality, education, corporate investments, telecommunication among many others. It runs on a multi-level marketing model that is blended with an e-commerce platform to sway with the technology side.

Vijay Eswaran is of Malaysian origin, born to a teacher and Ministry of Labor Official in 1960. He is married to Umayal Eswaran and with kids. He is a philanthropist, businessman, author and highly sought after conference speaker.

Why Is Community Banking So Popular

Professional banking is one of life’s great functions for many people. Banking allow people to store their assets as well as to grow their wealth. Though there are common fees that are associated with banking, it’s much safer overall than to keep your hard earned cash hidden at home. Community Banking has been around for many years just as National Banking. These smaller financial institutions now host many of today’s most innovative services and they are now in direct competition to their larger counterparts. Every year in November, the Texas Bankers Association hosts it’s annual Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference. This conference is any and all things about community banking and it’s a great place for industry insiders to meet up and discuss the future.


This year, President and CEO of NexBank Capital attended the event as he was chosen to serve as a panelist. John Holt well represented the Dallas, Texas based bank as he discussed many topics on competing by innovation. Of course the event was a hit as bank leaders, advisers, and consultants shared their perspectives on the industry as well as discussed any issues that may be hindering success. Panelists and participants got a chance to talk about new innovations as well as organic branching and growth. NexBank Capital is one of the nation’s leading community banking institutions as it hosts a wide variety of services such as online banking, warehouse lending, commercial lending, public funds, mobile banking, treasury management, agency services, credit services and more.


This financial institution was reported to having over $4.0 Billion in assets last year and with such advanced features, this number will surely rise in the coming years. John Holt and NexBank are changing the game by setting new trends and by changing the status quo.