Matt Fleeger’s Impact at Gulf Coast Western in Oil and Gas Exploration

Matt Fleeger is an experienced manager who oversees the operations of Gulf Coast Western. He is the chief operating officer of the company and has been instrumental in its growth. Matt has a sound background in business, and his management skills are tacit proof of his excellence in the roles he has played.

Matt’s Professional Background

Matt Fleeger graduated with a Business Administration degree at Southern Methodist University. The knowledge and skills he acquired were instrumental as he kick-started his career in business. Matt was passionate about entrepreneurship.

His interests to unleash his potential in the business world prompted him to establish Medsolutions Company. The company specialized in the treatment, transportation, and disposal of medical wastes from the health institutions. Through hard work, persistence, and diligence, Matt was able to spearhead the growth of his company. He later sold the company to Stericycle making huge profits.

Matt also established two tanning companies, which included Palm Beach Tan and Mystic Tan. As a serial entrepreneur, he developed Mystic Tan from its humble beginnings to become one of the largest tanning companies in the country.

Matt’s Influence at Gulf Coast Western

Matt’s interests in the oil and gas industry prompted him to join Gulf Coast Western. Having spearheaded the growth of various companies, he was promoted as the chief operating officer of the company.

Gulf Coast Western specializes in the discovery and development of oil and gas reserves in the Gulf Coast region in the United States of America. Matt has been able to create partnerships with other oil and gas companies enabling Gulf Coast Western to expand its operations in various regions.

The company utilizes research and partnership to discover oil and gas wells. Gulf Coast Western has been able to expand in Southwestern Louisiana through partnerships with Orbit Gulf Coast Exploration and Orbit Energy Partners. The association has enabled Gulf Coast Western to acquire property rights and access to numerous drilling locations and working interests in more than ten oil producing wells.

Principles of professionalism are the guiding principles of the company. Under the leadership of Matt Fleeger, the company obtained an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau for its commitment to business ethics.

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Bhanu Choudrie Impacting The Lives Of Thousands

Bhanu Choudhrie is one of the top entrepreneurs, investors, and philanthropists in all of London. He got his start when he got his degree in International Business and Marketing from Boston University, where shortly after he got an amazing internship and was able to learn the real side of business at JP Morgan. Soon after his internship ended, Bhanu Choudhrie went to London in 2000 and opened a family operated private equity firm known as the C&C Alpha Group. After eighteen years he is still running the business and has grown it to be so successful that it has invested in everything from big hotel chains to prestigious restaurants, real estate ventures, and even aviation and aviation schools which has brought them particular success.

One of the biggest feelings of pride that Bhanu Choudhrie has has come to fruition from his private equity firm C&C Alpha Group is the Alpha Aviation Group LTD which he helped get started. This aviation company has been one of the world’s leading providers in training airline pilots, and it has a reputation that really can’t be beaten thanks to the team of experts that work there, the facilities that are modern and have advanced technology, and the training programs that go above and beyond getting future pilots ready to start flying planes. In addition to his passionate work as an entrepreneur and helping things like the aviation industry experience growth, Bhanu Choudhrie is also invested in helping as many people around him as he can. He has been working alongside his mother for a long time as a charity known as the Path to Success.

This is his mother’s charity that she started and he has remained passionate about it. Through this charity, he is able to visit children who have a tough time in life and go to schools for children that are poor. these visits turn to him learning about the needs of people and with the charity that his mother started they are able to help promote better lives, help build businesses, and give schools better resources for all children to get a great education. Bhanu Choudrie has flourished as an entrepreneur and has led the way in creating many investment opportunities for others. Through his work as a philanthropist and an entrepreneur he has touched the lives of thousands of people and continues to find ways to improve society.

Betterworks Technology Creates Transparent, Healthy and Enjoyable Work Environments

Just ask any employee of any company a basic question like, “What’s it like to work there?” and the answers you get will have profound implications about the overall health of that firm.

Every operation has a “company culture.” Certainly, anyone can understand the vast difference between a “hostile” work environment as compared to a workspace that is “a joy to go to every day.”

Building a positive, supportive and comfortable company culture doesn’t “just happen.” The best business owners and managers know that creating a healthy work environment requires direct attention, a strategy and specific policies that ensure high morale and a psychologically healthy, enjoyable workspace.

Managers today are increasingly turning to advanced software for help. Betterworks provides just that. Founded in 2013, Silicon Valley-based Betterworks leverages advanced research in Goal Science that makes it easier to systemize objectives flow while tracking a wide range of key data points that improve that objectives flow.

Betterworks offers powerful software-enabled platforms that deliver continuous performance management solutions for firms that are keen on nurturing a workspace with the qualities of high employee morale, a feeling of safety and trust within their environment and a sense of motivation that focuses everyone on working toward a common vision and goal.

Betterworks’ heavy-duty performance management software is loaded with innovative features designed to foster teamwork excellence and goal-setting performance factors that keep companies moving forward toward positive growth.

Best of all, Betterworks systems are incredibly scalable so that as a company grows, so do HR systems and strategies that keep pace with change.

Yanni Hufnagel- The Great Recruiter

There are not many Jewish individuals in the college basketball ranks, either as a player or a coach. Among this select group of people, one of the names that automatically stands out is the name of Yanni Hufnagel. Yanni Hufnagel is different than most college basketball coaches. Most college coaches were former basketball players themselves, rather that mean they played in the NBA or just the college ranks. Yanni, on the other hand, spent his time playing lacrosse, both in high school and college. Yanni attempted to play basketball, but he was cut from the team. He did not let that stop him and his love for the game of basketball. He began to work as a color commentator for high school games in his town’s local TV station. From this position, he impressed many with his exemplary basketball knowledge.

In a world where making good impressions and networking is key, Yanni Hufnagel excelled in this as well. After college, Yanni took an unpaid intern position with the New Jersey Nets. After this position, he was heavily recommended for his next job as a graduate assistant at the University of Oklahoma. At the University of Oklahoma, Yanni was credited with helping to develop NBA superstar Blake Griffin. After this position, Yanni Hufnagel has yet to look back in his career.

According to, at the conclusion of his master’s program, Yanni was again recommended to a new position, this time as an Assistant Coach at Harvard University. It was at this position that he found his true niche in being a basketball coach, recruiting. Recruiting can be one of the key responsibilities in being an assistant basketball coach. In this role, Yanni Hufnagel excels like few others. At Harvard, he was credited with recruiting and developing NBA phenom Jeremy Lin. At Harvard, he helped a team that cannot even offer full athletic scholarship to a record of 90-30 over the course of four seasons. From this position, Yanni Hufnagel has moved on to accept positions at Vanderbilt, California-Berkley, and the University of Nevada. He has continued to empress with his recruiting prowess at each stop, helping to bring in players such as Jaylen Brown, Wade Baldwin IV, Matthew Fisher-Davis, and Ivan Rabb.

As Yanni Hufnagel continues to empress head coaches around the league, it may only be a matter of time until he takes his own head coaching position.

Mark Holyoake, Founder of Oakvest Holdings

Mark Holyoake started Oakvest Holdings several decades ago. Oakvest Holdings is an individually -owned investment firm dealing with private equities and property investments. Mark has been in the investment industry for a very long time. During that time, he has worked on global financial and real estate investments as well as concentrating on the nutritional industry. Mark attended the University of Reading, where he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Business. After his graduation, Mark Holyoake concentrated on developing a vast portfolio of corporates cover universal real estate and financial market and the nutrition sector in Europe and the UK. Mark Holyoake has skills and expertise in the global seafood industry; he has even managed several seafood firms. Oakvest Holding handles a variety of services such as property purchases, investment in the dietary sector, and establishments in London. Mark got the idea to start Oakvest Holdings at a time when the country was facing economic problems, and the banking system was failing. At the time, International Seafood Holdings had acquired all the shares of Iceland Seafood International. Mark Holyoake saw that these two firms were highly capable and could grow if they were provided with the most appropriate development strategies. Oakvest has tremendously grown since it was developed and has increased its profit margins hugely. Mark Holyoake spends most of his days attending meetings and completing projects. He usually plans his time well to ensure that he completes each task on time. Mark spends his mornings going through paperwork since he concentrates better in the morning. The rest of the day, Mark then attends meetings and contacts clients. Mark believes that to make ideas a reality, one should have the support of his fellow team members. With the right assistance, any executive can become successful. Having a team that has a similar point of view on a project is a sure way of becoming successful.

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Betsy DeVos and Vitality

Actions are invaluable in the modern era. There are so many individuals these days who epitomize nothing more than talk. Betsy DeVos definitely isn’t among them. She’s an example of an individual who consistently puts her money where her mouth is. Many people believe that her husband is in the same exact camp. Dick DeVos is a lot like his tireless wife in that he likes to take on all sorts of tasks at the same time. They’re multitasking wizards who do not like to give up easily on things. They actually don’t ever like to give up on the things that they believe in fully.


Betsy DeVos has been through an existence that’s dynamic, complex and varied so far. She attended college at a Holland, Michigan educational institution called Calvin College. Her name at that time was Elisabeth Prince. Prince was her last name at birth and is a relic of her father, Edgar Prince. Edgar was a prominent businessman who taught his daughter a lot about the value of hard work. Elisabeth Prince was a tireless figure at school at Calvin College. Political activities were constantly on her mind at that time. They remain on her mind to this day as well.


Betsy and her husband are fond of doing things together. They know all about the power of numbers. They set up an effective non-profit group in 1989 called The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. As the organization’s name suggests, it delves into all sorts of family matters. Betsy and Dick make substantial donations to the group with great regularity. It has done so much to advance family-related topics in the United States. Family is and has always been a major motivating factor for the married couple. They’re parents who have given children well-rounded and caring upbringings. They’re parents who want other adults in the United States to be able to do the same thing. They know that education is connected to lifestyles that are fulfilling and varied. That’s why they set aside a lot of time to speaking out about all kinds of educational subjects under the sun. Educational choice means so much to Betsy. Charter schools are everything to her. Educational vouchers are a concept that she values significantly as well.


Working right next to President Donald Trump isn’t something most people are ever able to do. It’s something Betsy does all of the time, however. This Education Secretary for President Trump’s administration never gets exhausted. Burnout isn’t something that she recognizes. She’s the kind of person who shows up at the office with all of the vitality in the world. This makes all the people in her surroundings feel rather energized and revitalized.


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OSI Food Solutions – Expanding Its Global Reach with Customized Food Products

The OSI Group is a name to reckon with in the field of food and meat processing and has been in the industry for nearly a century. The company was founded by Otto Kolschowsky in the year 1909, and after it was taken over by Sheldon Lavin, it achieved even more success and growth. Sheldon Lavin helped the company to integrate new technologies in the field of meat and food processing over the years, and he also boosted the growth and expansion of the company. OSI Food Solutions is known for having a team of renowned and experienced chefs and product developers, who ensure that the customers get the best products that meet their quality and flavor requirements perfectly.

OSI Food Solutions also lead the food industry in custom food development and has some of the best techniques to ensure that the consistency that the clients look for is always provided without fail. OSI Group has many regional and local partners spread across the globe in collaboration with whom the company develops a wide range of food products that meets the local culture and flavor needs. It is one of the secrets of the success of OSI Food Solutions as it aligns its work and business culture to suit the local cultures. The management of the company has spent millions over the years to develop high-end pieces of machinery and research on enhancing the quality and hygiene standards of the products it develops and produces.

OSI Food Solutions considers the employees and their partners a family. It has been able to be successful because of the efforts that they put into it. Instead of looking for employees who just make money for some time and leave, they believe in long term retention of the good people. Thus, they offer attractive salaries to their employees and offer them excellent opportunities to grow within the company. They are provided with all the tools they need to do well in their job, and it is what makes the company so popular, not just among their customers, but also the employees and their partners they work with.

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The Chinese entrepreneur Richard Liu Qiangdong success

There are so many achievements of Richard Liu Qiangdong, but being the founder of is one that he is well known for. The services that the company offers are selling different products to people in China and Asia. Over the past decade, being the CEO of the company he has built it into becoming a multibillion-dollar business. Currently, the company is maintaining a worth of $12 billion. In the retail industry, they make a lot of high revenues yearly. The success of the company is all because of Richard Liu, and he has gained the reputation of being the best entrepreneur in the world. The reason for building the company was so that he would offer consumers convenient shopping experience.

A lot of success received by Richard Liu is because if upbringing. At a young age, he was taught the value of education and working hard. While at the university he learned by himself about computer science. He taught himself all about coding and programming.

After learning computer programming, he opened his first enterprise that was a restaurant. Straight after completing college, Richard Liu Qiangdong got his first employment. The experience that he had gained in computer programming was the reason for his first job. The first job that he got was at a leading company in Asia. He worked at Japan Life, where he offered his services being the director of computers. The position was an excellent chance for him to showcase his technical expertise and the abilities to be a leader.

In the 1990s, that’s when Richard Liu Qiangdong to become an entrepreneur and found his company that offered optic products. In the beginning, the business was so successful, but after a while, the business closed. The reason why the business is that that it was too able to create a customer base online. He didn’t give up, after that he decided to start another company, and that when he founded Within the next few years just because of the leadership of Richard Liu Qiangdong the company had raised to become a top retailer in China.

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Hyland’s Teething Tablets: Put A Smile On Your Baby’s Face

The early developing years of an infant or a baby can be very sensitive and very delicate. In the first few months, or the first years of a baby is the season where most of their body parts are taking form and it is the season where babies are most sensitive. One key body part that grows during these months are a babies teeth, and this will cause a tingling sensation on the baby’s gums which will encourage the baby to gnaw or teeth on objects to satisfy the tingling sensation. Teething is a naturally occurring event, but then when baby’s gnaw or teeth on objects, they can tend to get bruises or worse, get infections from the objects that they are teething on. And for a baby who is very delicate and sensitive, even the weakest bacteria can cause a baby harm.

Which is why parents or guardians should opt to make the baby consume oral relief tablets for the tingling sensation to be gone – and one of the best oral pain relief tablets in the market is hyland’s teething tablets.

Hyland’s Baby Oral Relief Tablets are well loved by moms and dads everywhere – and it is because of it’s very safe and gentle formula that will cause no irritation to the baby’s system. Hyland’s teething tablets also do not contain any harsh chemicals like benzocaine, parabens, dyes and belladonna: which are sure to cause harm to a baby. Hyland’s Baby Oral Pain Relief tablets are only made from highest quality ingredients and every ingredient is natural-active. These Baby Oral Pain Relief tablets provides a soothing sensation for their sore and swollen gums and it alleviates pain and discomfort. The Hyland’s teething tablets are also small and soft making it very easy to consume and swallow for the baby. Hyland’s Baby Oral Relief Tablet is sure to put a smile on your baby.

The Hyland’s company is a family owned business that is well recognized and well renowned in their industry. They have always been one of the top choices for mom’s caring for their babies worldwide.

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Michael Nierenberg Strategies That Work

Michael Nierenberg is the CEO of New Residential Investment, he is a very successful man and by following some of his strategies, you to can be successful. One of the most strategical advice given by Michael Nierenberg, is to have co-investors in your projects, by doing this you will not need to be putting all of your money into one project, this simply helps you out cash wise. Another great strategy is to scale the platform for your mortgage, by doing this you are changing the size of your team and making it more possible to get more work done sufficiently. Not only is this great for your company, but also great for all people involved in your team, Michael Nierenberg explains how it allows for workers to be more sufficient and effective in each department. Michael Nierenberg is a man who knows what he is doing, and by following some of his strategies, you will find that they make sense and will help you out in the long run.

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