Serge Belamant Succeeds in Registering Net1 Technologies in NASDAQ

 Serge Belamant can be considered to be one of the most daring individuals, especially when it comes to innovative technologies in the IT sector. He was able to start his own company, Net1 Technologies and push it the levels where not many people expected. Getting huge contracts to create payment options for global companies such as Visa is not an easy undertaking. This company went further to buy other companies in South Africa and establish itself as the ultimate financial solution in the southern country.

Being an innovative and ambitious person, Serge Belamant was not content with the South African financial market. He decided to take his company in other markets around the world. Initially, he started by introducing his services in Burundi, Namibia, Botswana, and Ghana and later moved to Iraq and Russia. His reputation made it easy for him to move from one country to the other and establish his operations with ease. See more of Serge Belamant at

Moreover, Serge Belamant undertook one of the most ambitious undertakings that not so many companies around the world have tried; registering his company on the NASDAQ in New York. Most of the companies that are registered in the New York Stock Exchange are some of the best-performing companies around the world. Registering Net1 Technologies meant that the company was highly viewed by investors and people who have veto powers in the New York financial market.

Serge Belamant assumed the official position of the Chairperson of the company. In this position, he was supposed to oversee the operations of the company both at home and in other parts of the world. Besides holding a successful company that was trading in the most lucrative markets in various parts of the globe, Serge was still working towards his dream innovation, blockchain technology.

In 2012, Net1 Technology was contracted by the government of South Africa to pay more than 10 million beneficiaries their statutory grants. This led to the development of a new technology that was used in transferring grants. This technology worked for more than seven years without recording a single error, which is unheard of in a world where financial systems fail or record errors regularly.

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