Steve Lesnard Emphasizes the Universal Tenets of Marketing in Today’s Digital Campaigns

Steve Lesnard Emphasizes the Universal Tenets of Marketing in Today’s Digital Campaigns

When considering the benefits of marketing advantages brought by the internet, Steve Lesnard points out some fundamental elements of marketing to keep in mind. Simply cleaving to social and digital platforms can miss the points of interest most important to potential customers: benefits, role and sense of identity.

To illustrate the benefits, Steve Lesnard considers a clear product story a necessity. This means bringing down attributes of the product or service to a simplified expression of the most relevant and innovative parts. As an example, Lesnard cites Apple’s iPod campaign, which eschewed the current industry’s clamor for technical advantage and instead went with the iPod’s innovative core benefit most important to the user: a portable music resource when on the go. Apple’s iPod campaign was centered on “10k songs in your pocket”.

To illustrate a product or service’s role in the user’s life, Steve Lesnard utilizes the customer’s experience, solid examples of the part the product or service would play in daily life. This is where Steve Lesnard believes digital media campaigns should start, with a clear idea of the benefits that are subsequently brought to life with the enhancements of the digital medium. An example of this is Yeti’s use of digital media’s dynamic effects to give an impression of the product serving its purpose in context: in this case, coolers at work keeping drinks at temperature while in the field.

To bring a sense of identity, a campaign needs to rely on customer counterparts or ambassadors, people engaged in customer-relatable activities or lifestyles, while delivering testimonies of their experiences with the product and its direct benefits. This was also a part of Yeti’s campaign, which was founded on outdoor lifestyle ambassadors working with Yeti’s product line.

Steve Lesnard believes the new advantages of digital and social media play a key part in current marketing, but only when aligned with a clear product campaign based on its benefits and the part it plays.