Ted Bauman: The Economically Insightful Editor Of The Bauman Letter

Ted Bauman is an economist who has been working within the financial industry for several years. Bauman was born in the United State but decided to move to South Africa because of the immense amount of development potential that existed within the country. He moved there in the 1980s and decided to start working in the area of economic planning. He believed that his knowledge of this sector could greatly benefit the work being done which is why he decided to set base there. Over the next twenty years, Bauman worked with a number of different industries and a number of different companies who were involved with numerous projects within this sector.

In addition to working with private companies, Ted Bauman worked on various developmental projects with governmental organizations. He particularly worked with European and African governments who wanted to develop their societies and cities. He also worked on several projects with the United Nations to be able to foster a better developmental environment for the growth of a number of different sectors. During this time, he also traveled to various countries and continents to study the manner in which people lived and the process that was experienced across a number of sectors. Ted Bauman developed a keen understanding of the correlation between the policial and economic scenarios within these places and analyzed the consequences that these two sectors could impose onto society as a whole.

Research has been a big part of the work that Bauman has done through the years and is one of the reasons why he has been able to establish himself so well within this industry. He has published several of research works and articles that he has written in notable magazines throughout the world. He has been featured in publications such as Small Enterprise Development, Environment and Urbanization and The Journal of Microfinance.

Currently, Ted Bauman is the author of his own publication that he releases under the brand of Banyan Hill Publishing. The publication is known as The Bauman Letter and is a publication that is meant to educate audiences across the world about economic development.

Ted Bauman’s social Media: twitter.com/TedBaumanGuru