The Century Old Gump’s Store To Be Re-Developed And Re-Launched


Since 1861, Gumps in San Francisco, California, has been well known as having the most exquisite luxury brands in the United States. Founded by Solomon Gump and family, the store has been acquired, and will reopen in the fall under a new leadership.


Originally noted for the beautiful, exotic jewelry and gifts, the store’s new owners plan to continue with the ambiance of the store as it re-launches it and the online offerings that have benefited millions of clients over the last 150 years. The new Gumps website, which retains the company’s former logo, also promises a re-opening in the fall of 2019. The site also offers email signup and links to Instagram and Twitter pages. However, the company will keep with the tradition of being a family owned company.


The new owners are a couple who began investing in the company in 2007. Once the new launch takes place, the newest owners will be their children, Anne, Jack, and Christopher Chachas who will hold the majority interest in the company. This includes leadership in the Gump’s brand in Europe as well as in North America.


For well over a century, Gump’s was known for their fine collection of pearls, jewelry, and jades from Asia, exquisite furnishings and home wares, and eloquent tabletop crystal and china. Unique gifts have been purchased from the store by by residents, and tourists to the San Francisco area. In the redevelopment of the store, the new owners plan to stay with the rich Gump family history, and continue to maintain the distinguished reputation that surrounds it. See This Page for more information.


The new Gump’s is scheduled to reopen in the Fall of 2019. The exact date will be announced on the Gumps website. Gump’s also has a location in New York City, New York that is also a part of the North American network under the new leadership. Clients can expect the same fine service as before with much more available to them. The digital market will be a vital part of the company. Additional reference can be read on This Link.


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