The Path to Success for Sean Tissue


People may be familiar with Mr. Sean Tissue, the Chief Executive Officer of Centureon Investments, yet little is known about his path to success.  That is, until now.  This brief blog will talk about that.

Lifelong Entrepreneur

Although his ventures have varied over the years, one thing has remained true.  That thing is – his passion for being an entrepreneur.  Sean is not content to concentrate on one aspect alone; he prefers to wear many hats.  He loves making important decisions and watching the beneficiaries across a myriad of industries flourish due to his wisdom.  He says that keeps him on his toes.

Sean Tissue’s Studies Pay Off

Sean knew he wanted to own a lot of properties but lacked the financial means to do so.  He studied how to buy up contracts on specific properties, then turn around and sell them to other investors for a substantial profit.  He became quite adept at this, starting with simple projects and eventually moving onto new construction deals and also to multi-family units.  Today he runs a virtual empire. 

Information About Centureon Investments

Sean Tissue would likely say his crowning achievement is being the CEO of Centureon Investments.  With this company he is able to focus his entrepreneurial spirit on the real estate industry.  As was just discussed, Mr. Tissue loves to own property.   His pride and joy are now a well-known giant in the real estate world.  Folks can expect to hear much more about this young man for years to come.  


What Can Prospective Real Estate Investors Learn from Him?

Perhaps the most critical lesson to take away from this is not to spend too much money on any one property, especially in the beginning.  There is a way to use other people’s money (OPM) to someone’s advantage.  Learn the ropes of doing this correctly BEFORE starting your first investment project.  It is entirely feasible to use Centureon Investments as a starting point for your education.  If Sean Tissue did it, so can you!  Good luck!