The Unique Setting at the Academy of Art University

When it comes to learning about the entertainment world, there are few better places to begin than in California. This state hosts Hollywood and is within a short distance to major entertainment centers where much the film making the United States of America takes place. The Academy of Art University has become a hub for budding industry talent for decades. They offer degrees in different tiers of production while giving students the resources they need to make a name for themselves. As the choice of picking a university becomes harder and harder, a single student choose to write a blog about what they do each day.

The Academy of Art University is located in San Francisco which attracts students from far and wide. Sam Bear arrived at the university after learning about the history of the campus and how it matched his future professional ambitions. He lives an active college life by starting his day much earlier than most students. The first course of the day is production design. This is where students learn about to properly use everything they can find for the stage. A simple item can make a world of different in conveying ideas about the setting. This class is a great chance for each individual to show off what they have learned.

During his afternoon class, Directing Actors Class, Sam Bear has to showcase a different set of skills. This is a course where students work together to refine their acting skills to better convey their characters to an audience. An actor’s thoughts has to be in sync with the audience’s mindset. The Academy of Art University offers students a variety of places where people can gather to work on assignments or for collaborative efforts. There is much to be learned to be from your peers.

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