What Makes Isabel dos Santos Stand Out

Isabel dos Santos, a gem from African soil, has proven that anything is possible with the right attitude. She has earned the title the “richest woman in Africa” due to her outstanding abilities to amass wealth. She is from Angola and has a keen eye for business and entrepreneurship in various industries. Her success is backed with a rich educational background that saw her attend St Paul’s Girls School in London and later the University of London. Isabel dos Santos holds a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering Science and Management, which has helped her figure out the dynamics of the educated lot.

In a world that looked down upon women, especially those of African descent, Isabel fights to break the glass ceiling. She is an ambassador for women fighting for equal education and working opportunities for both men and women with similar qualifications.

Being a successful entrepreneur in Angola, Isabel dos Santos has been an inspiration to the young people. She is dedicated to helping young people with interest in entrepreneurship attain what they want to achieve. She sets aside time, resources and efforts to speak and train them to become successful entrepreneurs. She encourages most of her trainees to incorporate technology into their ways of making money. The African gem believes that digital tools are the critical components to bridge the gap of innovation and succeed in business. She demonstrates her efforts through her position as the head on Unitel. Unitel is Angola’s largest company in the telecommunications industry.

As a long-term head of Unitel, Isabel dos Santos has improved the telecommunications infrastructure and tools in Angola. The country enjoys seamless cellular access in both rural and urban settings thanks to the advanced telecommunications infrastructure. Through her efforts, more than 50,000 people have gotten painful employment.

Forbes ranks Isabel Dos Santos the 9th wealthiest billionaire in Africa with a net worth about $3 billion.She is also recognized as one of the top eleven most affluent Africans globally. The prestigious list features only two women; Isabel Dos Santos and Oprah Winfrey. She is indeed an inspiration for most African women.

More information on Dos Santos´life and career at https://www.ukuncut.org.uk/isabel-dos-santos-technology/