Why Many Financial Firms Don’t See Growth in Revenue According To GoBuySide

Many financial firms are struggling to hire professionals within their field due to having low expert recruiters. This leads to firms bring the cost to increase due to the financial firm’s recruiters not having enough expertise to identify a candidates skill set, which makes the hiring cost more expensive.

Not only does this make the hiring process more expensive, but it makes the financial firm have fewer accesses to top-tier talents, which can work beyond their expectations. In addition, many financial firms such as investment firms do not reduce hiring time for open positions. This leads to the firm’s revenue to decrease, and an increase in recruiting debt that can impact their reputation with its clients. In continuation, many financial firms are not niched specific, which leads to the recruitment of wrong talents.

For example, many investment firms recruit private equity talents in an attempt to increase profits, however, it leads to recruitment cost, and in the long run a drop in revenue due to unfilled positions. GoBuySide, a recruitment platform that uses state of the art modern technology in New York City, reduces the cost of recruitment by using strategies base on the financial client. For instance, for niche based investment firms, GoBuySide uses niche base hiring to find a top-tier talent that exceeds investment, and equity management.

Furthermore, Work at home jobs are increasing, and many firms are struggling with recruiting professionals to fill in open job positions. This has been shown by a twenty-four percent increase in job decentralization in two thousand fifteen. GoBuySide uses a strategy of location base hiring in New York City to find exceeding talent in other firms, that performed beyond expectation, without a firms supervision. This reduces hiring cost, and the time leading to an increase in revenue by filling in open job positions for financial firms.

Founded by Arjun Kapur, a business graduate from Standford and John Hopkins University, GoBuySide has been trusted by over 400 clients in 16 cities worldwide.

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